Tuesday, December 8, 2009

C Lo...

I wish I could say that taking ice baths were unnecessary, but I'd definitely be lying to you. It does hurt though, but like they say, no pain no gain (which is a bunch of b.s. I train smarter not harder lol).

I don't enjoy doing them, but it's important to get that lactic and other toxins squeezed out of your system, plus I feel refreshed after doing them. You get use to them after a while really, but don't neglect hitting the hot baths in there too, I love doing those.

As far as coming through Dallas, I never come there, if the Mayweather v Pacquio fight is there, then I'll be in town for sure, don't want to miss that (depending on when they fight, might be in Europe or something)

EnquirengMinds Part II

LOL, "sit in the lobby and swap lies" is kind of funny. I call it that just in fun, I don't think anybody really sits in there and tells a bunch of lies, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I don't have a clear idea of what I truly think I will be doing after my track career is over, but I want to move to Ft. Lauderdale and join the fire department there as well as get on as a high school coach. I tell everybody that asks me that and they always think I'm playing for some reason. This past weekend, Lolo Jones was giving me a hard time about it.

I wanted to be a fireman when I was younger and thankfully running track has placed me in a position financially that I won't have to hurt for money when I retire, so I can live out what I saw myself doing as a kid. Plus it is a great job and you're in a position to help others out and doing a civil duty is a pretty cool idea.

I want to coach in high school so I can pass on the knowledge I have as far as getting the kids in to college first and foremost. I think that is very important and I wish someone would have been there to show me the ropes about what it took to get a college scholarship. I took a lot of that on myself. I remember taking a book out of the library, getting the address to every college I thought about attending and wrote letters to all of them. I had first period off my senior year, so I'd sit in the library for the period with my homeboy Kelvin and type up and print off letters. Man, I don't know how much money I spent on stamps that year!

Thanks for asking!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You've been a loyal reader of the blog for a minute, so as you can imagine, my day to day activities consist of me doing absolutely nothing! Outside of the traveling for the season, I try to do the bare minimum LOL.

Here's a sample day:

Wake up at some time between 10 and 11
Take my morning supplements, hit my protein shake
Watch ESPN First Take, while on the computer
Respond back to emails
Go get my massages or chiropractic depending on the day
Hit practice at 4
Watch more TV and internet
Go to sleep

Typical day, every day, gotta love it!!

Here's a typical day on the road:

Wake up for breakfast depending on the place, some spots it's not even worth trying to make it to breakfast to eat runny eggs.
Watch Slingbox
Go to lunch
Sign autographs for the crowd outside the hotel
Hit the track for practice
Sign autographs for the crowd waiting outside the hotel again
Shower and get a massage
Sit in the lobby and swap lies with people til dinner
Take an ice bath
Watch Slingbox til I go to sleep

Pretty fascinating isn't it...

I don't have much coming up as far as social events. I've got to go to Indianapolis for the USATF convention. I have to do a photoshoot and talk to kids as apart of the Win With Integrity Program. Should be fun! I'll update some pictures and stuff from the events.