Sunday, September 13, 2009

SoBeFIT Magazine

I had the pleasure of being contacted by SoBe Fit Magazine, a publication run out of Miami, expressing their interest in doing an interview/photo shoot with me.

I had a pretty lengthy phone interview with one of the writers, Sebastian del Marmol, it was pretty enlightening to him, he wasn't so aware of all the nuances that went in to the event.

I had a pretty good time with the shoot, it was inclimate weather out at Disney with the rain, so we had to move to another location.

The final pics that made the magazine are here:
Clearly I didn't need any type of photoshop work like most of these people you see gracing magazines do! LOL.

You can check out the entire article via their website by clicking HERE

I need to find my way into GQ Magazine some how, then my life will be complete!


theComplex said...

Great article and spread, David. And you look fantastic, as to be expected, lol.

QT said...

Hard work pays off and it shows too...maybe Diddy and Jay Z can start a high end mens undergarment line and you can be their model for all aspects of clothing...and then you can start a gentlemens magazine with their backing and your brand and include topics like mens fashion, sports, travel, music, and be on your own cover every month like Oprah ;)

Reality said...


Reality from the ATL :-)

Brianna said...

that's a pretty darn good article for someone who doesn't know much about track!

Ms.Mia said...

I'm really not suppose to be speaking to you right now. You know I'm still upset,.... but I cant help but to say, I'm proud of you. This is a good look for you. Congratualions.....Still rolling my eyes..., but again Congratulations Chipmunk. LOL

ejheat said...

Coach E looks great for his age and he is so be fit! Wait a minute, that isn't Coach E, that is you David Oliver! I see you stole his tight 1980's Coach E spandex shorts, and now I know why Coach E has been running around in his diapers! Well, at least he still has his baton as he runs around in his diapers! Take those shorts off and give them back to Coach E! He wants his shorts back! Wait just a minute, those are the current Nike spandex shorts! Coach E wears the old Adidas 1980's spandex shorts! I guess Coach E will have to get with the program and change to Nike spandex shorts! Hell know says Coach E, as he is about to smack my EJHEAT OOM-PA-PA with his Adidas Baton for saying this! Coach E says he doesn't need photoshop either for his SoBe FIT photoshoot, and he says he is sexier than you at his age! That David Oliver is just trying to be like Coach E he says! Someday this 27 year old kid, David Oliver, just might be as great as Coach E at the 110m hurdles, and win gold in the Olympics, and be as sexy as Coach E hurdling over those hurdles! Coach E will always say he is the sexiest hercules hurdling hero there is, there was, and there ever will be! David Oliver can only follow in my footsteps says Coach E! Well David, Coach E says you got a lot of work to do on the track, and you better quit sitting around watching tv and your losing sports teams, and get your OOM-PA-PA moving kiddo! Coach E means busines as he is singing the "I'm Too Sexy" song while he means business! Coach E is 1 tough cookie, I'll to you! What am I going to do with this guy, he actually thinks he is better looking than you! What a photoshop dreamer Coach E is, and wow, to be like Coach E, I guess I will have to get you some EJHEAT diapers for your next photoshoot! Now, that will get you some time for photoshop on the EJHEAT So Be Hot Diaper Magazine that really stinks and not hot at all!

I do remember you saying that doing all these model moves drove you crazy that day, was very exhausting, and you could never do this all the time! So, how the hell do you expect to be in GQ! The only way your going to be in GQ is if me and Coach E are in GQ with you! Wow, Coach E in 1980's Adidas spandex shorts and a diaper along with me, a dystonia body EJHEAT in GQ! Now, that will sell magazines! Eat your heart out David Oliver, and come on down me and Coach E, your the next contestants on the supermodel is right! Laughing my dystonia OOM-PA-PA off!!!!

Well, seriously David, this is a great article, and you do look great in all these photos! I guess it's photoshop time for your man EJHEAT! I look damn good as the sexiest hurcules hurdling hero alive jumping over those hurdles using your hercules hurdling body! Your blog father has spoken! That is the bottom line because I'm too sexy me and I'm too sexy Coach E said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

Damn. I got to get that magazine

Aunt Celest said...

Great article and spread. You should be on the list of most
beautiful men in the world. I think you should have your own line of clothes and sports wear.
I totally agree with QT, Diddy or
Jay Z or somebody should be contacting you. Better yet, have your agent give them a call. You never know what can happen. Another alternative would be to contact KaraSaun. She took second
on Project Run Way a couple of seasons ago, but she really should
of came in first. Second isn't a bad thing because she is doing very well now, and designing clothes for many actor/actress/famous people. She's a very nice person just like you, and she hasn't let her
fame go to her head or change her. Once you do that and appear on Oprah show you'll be good for the go. Stay healthly, strong, and blessed.

LaLa said...

Note to self: Stop drooling. :)

stephtrackfan said...

Hi David, These pics are so hot.. love the sliver nike spandex shorts.. they are way better looking then any of those baggy short richard simmions track shorts.. if its not tight it aint right.. so keep up the good work in track and in the spandex.. you really do look 100000 times better in them!