Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five Nations Meet Recap

I went out in my first race of the season, ran a good race and more importantly, brought Team USA our first win of the day and five points.

I ran 7.58, which is my fastest season opener of my career, clear training has me on the right path. My previous best was 7.60 from 2008. It's always big to me to come out and have a good race to start the season off, it's important because I use these early meets as reinforcement of what I have been doing in practice. You don't want to start out preforming bad because then self doubt creeps in pertaining to what you have been doing for the last few months.

I didn't run particularly well from the start, my blocks weren't the greatest, but my hurdling felt like I never missed a beat. It felt great to knock a little of that race rust off, I hadn't had a race at 100% since May 2009. My quickness in between the hurdles will improve the more I get out there and work on it in a race. All in all, I am very happy with my performance.

My training partner Novlene Williams-Mills led the Commonwealth Select team to a victory in the 400m. She hadn't run an indoor 400 since around 2006 I believe. She had a great performance and things are looking great for her for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, Team USA lost the title to the Great Britain team by two points. Maybe we'll get the win next year.

Scotland showed your boy so much love out here! They had a full page article on me in the paper yesterday. You know I cut it out and will take that home with me!

Unfortunately, I have to bid Glasgow adieu...I'm heading up to Gothenburg, Sweden in the morning to get ready for my next competition. Things started out well and now I have to keep them going on the same path!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Glasgow Arrival/ Celtic F.C. Match

Flying in to Glasgow or the U.K. period for that matter is the easiest flight I ever take! I had a quick layover in Newark, then six hours over the Atlantic. Not bad at all, especially compared to those flights to Doha, China, Australia, Greece etc.

The downside to that trip is that it's impossible to get good sleep on the flight, you might get a couple hours at best.

I was excited about the trip, not only am I getting ready for my first competition of 2010, but the organizers got together with the Celtic football club and flew me in for some press engagements as well as being named the guest of honor by the club, so I was going to take in my first European football match!

Upon my arrival at Celtic Park, they presented me with my own personalized Celtic jersey. I was super crunk about that! I took a tour of the stadium and met with fellow American Dominic Cervi who is a goal keeper on the team. He also represented team USA in the Beijing Olympics.

We had a few photo ops and I had a couple of interviews to do.

The game was played very well by the home team, but they ended up falling 2-1 as the road Hibernian side scored the winning goal in extra time. The stadium was devastated. Soccer matches in person are a great event to attend, the stadium rocks for the ENTIRE game, I had never experienced anything of that nature before.

After the game I had to make a McDonalds run for sure! I was pretty tired and definitely got a great night of sleep. Brooks and Novelene arrived from the States today, I had a good workout at the facility and I'm feeling ready to get things underway.

The competition is on Saturday, I will have a meet update Friday or early Saturday.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

First off let me apologize for being gone for so long, hopefully you guys missed me a little! LOL.

There was really no reason for me going so long without writing on my blog, maybe I was suffering from writers block or I didn't have anything of interest to write about. Who knows, but I promise it won't happen again!

I am getting ready to head over to Europe for the indoor season in the next few hours, I am really excited to get back into the competition season, seeing that I had been in and out of competition sporadically during the '09 season.

I am opening up in Glasgow, representing the USA in a five nations match meet this Saturday. From there I will have stops in Gothenburg, Sweden, Stuttgart, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.

I will face off with Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Dayron Robles in a couple of meets, that should be pretty exciting.

Training has been going great, I had an injury free fall of training and I'm feeling great!

I will keep everyone updated with what's going on.

Here's a rundown of what I have been doing the last six weeks or so:

I went to Indianapolis for the USA Track and Field convention, had a blast out there. I did a photo shoot with World Champions Sanya Richards and Kerron Clement, Olympic silver medalist Hyleas Fountain and America's best shot putter Michelle Carter.

I got up with former teammate and current Colts safety Antoine Bethea, while out there as well, we had some good times. I also caught the game they played against the Titans. Go get another one of those rings down in Miami!!

I had a photoshoot down in Orlando for Essence Magazine, shot my Michael Cairns, which was a lot of fun, I love taking pictures!

You know I had to go home and see the family for Christmas! I love going back to Denver, that's really the only time of the year that everyone gets together
New Years was poppin' as well, kicking it with my brother and a few of my close friends. I loved the time we spent, but I need to go back an try to get some of the money I lost back!!! One thing I learned is that Lance is clearly the luckiest person I know, my brother isn't far behind him! Bet on whatever they bet on, I know for next time.

You know, other than that, nothing much has been going on aside from the normal training, chilling and doing nothing in my life!

Some great news I got yesterday is that my lovely mother is going back to college to finish up her degree!! I am very happy for her.

I am about to roll to the airport in about an hour, but I will be back updating my blog often, just like in the past. Again I apologize for my absence, I had several people get on me about being gone, but.....I'm baaaaack!!