Thursday, January 28, 2010

Glasgow Arrival/ Celtic F.C. Match

Flying in to Glasgow or the U.K. period for that matter is the easiest flight I ever take! I had a quick layover in Newark, then six hours over the Atlantic. Not bad at all, especially compared to those flights to Doha, China, Australia, Greece etc.

The downside to that trip is that it's impossible to get good sleep on the flight, you might get a couple hours at best.

I was excited about the trip, not only am I getting ready for my first competition of 2010, but the organizers got together with the Celtic football club and flew me in for some press engagements as well as being named the guest of honor by the club, so I was going to take in my first European football match!

Upon my arrival at Celtic Park, they presented me with my own personalized Celtic jersey. I was super crunk about that! I took a tour of the stadium and met with fellow American Dominic Cervi who is a goal keeper on the team. He also represented team USA in the Beijing Olympics.

We had a few photo ops and I had a couple of interviews to do.

The game was played very well by the home team, but they ended up falling 2-1 as the road Hibernian side scored the winning goal in extra time. The stadium was devastated. Soccer matches in person are a great event to attend, the stadium rocks for the ENTIRE game, I had never experienced anything of that nature before.

After the game I had to make a McDonalds run for sure! I was pretty tired and definitely got a great night of sleep. Brooks and Novelene arrived from the States today, I had a good workout at the facility and I'm feeling ready to get things underway.

The competition is on Saturday, I will have a meet update Friday or early Saturday.


Ms.Mia said...

Hey,You. So Glad your back. You know I missed you!!! Dont you ever stay gone this long again..LOL Glad your getting back into the swing of things with the new season, cant wait to see your posts about your travels. Love the green and white scarf on you. REEEEALLY NIIIICE... Be safe. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Very cool. You have to check out my team while you're across the pond, Chelsea football club in London. Good luck in the competition!

ejheat said...

Another 1st time great experience for you being at the Celtic Football Club soccer game live. I love the uniform they had for you and the green and white scarf on you is a classic D.O. look. I love it! Coach E just might get that scarf to add to his wardrobe. It sure would be quite the outfit with his diaper and baton! Coach E keeps yelling GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! He's had way too much of his trifecta of viagra, cialas, and enzyte! Just think, both teams combined scored a hat trick of 3 GOALLLLLLLLLS while Coach E insists he is gonna score a hat trick of 3 GOALLLLLLLLLLLS by himself on hockey skates as he shoots and scores with his miracle on ice. He really will create some buzz in his uniform with that red, white, and blue diaper along with his red, white, and blue baton as his equipment. Speaking of buzzing, did you hear that buzz noise in the stadium that you only hear at soccer games sounding like flies or bees buzzing? I know I've heard that distinct soccer sound when I've watched those Eurpoean soccer games on tv before. Those crowds are something else only unique to world soccer events and it must have really been quite a sight for you in person. I would have loved to have been there with you as you know how I like to experience anything new when it comes to sports. Your blog father has spoken!!!!

It's time for you to get serious now at your final practice today before your 1st big indoor event of the year, and Coach E is already yelling, "get your OOM-PA-PA moving Oliver!" How did you like the new feature of the baton smacker on your EJHEAT rollaway bed? Coach E's enzyte Bob smile is getting bigger and bigger (Kind of like that Grinch smile) I know that Coach E will stink, stank, stunk, when he hits the ice in his diaper, and when Coach E smacks that hockey puck with his baton, he will break some glass instead of shooting and scoring for his GOALLLLLLS! It will be shattered Winter Olympic dreams for Coach E. Well, Coach E can always dream about that miracle on ice! Even if Coach E's dreams are shattered, he will still have his enzyte Bob smile on his face as believes the baton smacker will keep you focused day and night even with half your body on and off the bed while your sleeping so that you do kick some major OOM-PA-PA on that indoor track over those hurdles starting this Saturday in Glasgow! Both me and Coach E will be yelling GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL if you win the championship because that really is your 1st hurdle to get over this indoor season on your way to your ultimate world championship indoor goal in Doha! That's the bottom line because GOALLLLLLLL me and GOALLLLLLLLLLL Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

back at last