Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

First off let me apologize for being gone for so long, hopefully you guys missed me a little! LOL.

There was really no reason for me going so long without writing on my blog, maybe I was suffering from writers block or I didn't have anything of interest to write about. Who knows, but I promise it won't happen again!

I am getting ready to head over to Europe for the indoor season in the next few hours, I am really excited to get back into the competition season, seeing that I had been in and out of competition sporadically during the '09 season.

I am opening up in Glasgow, representing the USA in a five nations match meet this Saturday. From there I will have stops in Gothenburg, Sweden, Stuttgart, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.

I will face off with Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Dayron Robles in a couple of meets, that should be pretty exciting.

Training has been going great, I had an injury free fall of training and I'm feeling great!

I will keep everyone updated with what's going on.

Here's a rundown of what I have been doing the last six weeks or so:

I went to Indianapolis for the USA Track and Field convention, had a blast out there. I did a photo shoot with World Champions Sanya Richards and Kerron Clement, Olympic silver medalist Hyleas Fountain and America's best shot putter Michelle Carter.

I got up with former teammate and current Colts safety Antoine Bethea, while out there as well, we had some good times. I also caught the game they played against the Titans. Go get another one of those rings down in Miami!!

I had a photoshoot down in Orlando for Essence Magazine, shot my Michael Cairns, which was a lot of fun, I love taking pictures!

You know I had to go home and see the family for Christmas! I love going back to Denver, that's really the only time of the year that everyone gets together
New Years was poppin' as well, kicking it with my brother and a few of my close friends. I loved the time we spent, but I need to go back an try to get some of the money I lost back!!! One thing I learned is that Lance is clearly the luckiest person I know, my brother isn't far behind him! Bet on whatever they bet on, I know for next time.

You know, other than that, nothing much has been going on aside from the normal training, chilling and doing nothing in my life!

Some great news I got yesterday is that my lovely mother is going back to college to finish up her degree!! I am very happy for her.

I am about to roll to the airport in about an hour, but I will be back updating my blog often, just like in the past. Again I apologize for my absence, I had several people get on me about being gone, but.....I'm baaaaack!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. I like the pics. Are you coming to dallas for all star?

ejheat said...

So glad I'm back commenting on your blog again! Of course, I want to let everyone know that I was 1 of the people getting on you about your blog absense! Amazing pictures and I noticed how as you and your brother get older you guys look more like each other. It's the same with me and my brother, too! You are so photogenic, David, as you love the camera and the camera loves you! But as I always say to you, it's inner beauty that's more important! This is good for everyone to remember! You got both!Great news to hear about your mom. Good for her and God Bless her! I got your European King size VIP rollaway beds ready for your Sobefit Essence body with half your body on and off the bed equipped with a new 2010 added feature of a OOM-PA-PA baton smacker with the bed to keep you in line and staying humble while making sure you move your hercules hurdling body and legs over those hurdles in record time winning championships! Yes, it's Coach E tested and approved! Speaking of Coach E, he has been busy training for the USA Winter Olympics Hockey Team. For those of you new people on here, and my returning David Oliver Blog Family, my EJHEAT humor time is back1 So, get ready, get set, go! Coach E is getting his skates sharp and getting ready by bulking up with the legal trifecta substances of viagra, cialas, and, enzyte! Coach E believes he will be the miracle on ice for the hockey team when he shoots and scores, and gets his hat trick and shows off his enzyte Bob smile to the entire world with the winning shoot and score goal! A miracle on ice for sure! He will celebrate in his read, white, and blue diaper with his red, white, and blue baton doing my dystonic dance celebration with OOM-PA-PA hip swivel twist and shout! Oh, what a sight! Can you here and see it now? Instead of a coke and a smile, it will be a Coach E and a smile! Of course, after all this celebrating, Coach E will have to ride into the Vancouver sunset on my Gold EJHEAT hat trick shaped rock and roll shoots and scores miracle rollaway bed! As Mike Lang, the voice of my defending Stanley Cup Pittsburgh Penguins would say "Elvis has just left the building," or as I would say, "Coach E in his diaper with his baton has just left the building!" As you would say David, Coach E is so "outta pocket!"
Elvis, I mean David, whatever, you need to enter these European track buildings and just leave these buildings with championships! Elvis, I mean David, whatever, you can do my dystonic dance celebration with OOM-PA-PA hip swivel twist and shout! Celebrate good times! Tee-Hee and Hoopty Doo! Watch out Elvis, I mean, Robles, whatever, here comes Oliver! Your blog father has spoken!!!!
On a serious note, I want to thank everyone for all their prayers, and for the e-mails I have received from my David Oliver Blog Family! (ejheat@aol.com) I have been going through more tough times from my dystonia condition, and other health related problems! David knows 1st hand the tough times I've been going through physically and emotionally from all these health problems I've been going through! Thank you, David, for being a special friend during these tough times for me! Me and Oliver have our differences at times and have our disagreements and debates especially when it comes to sports, but it's all good my special friend! Of course, I wanted my boy and friend, Rhodes, to get that ring, but there is a good chance that your boy and friend, Bethea, is gonna get another ring! Just remember, my teams keep winning championships while your teams keep winning nothing! I think your teams need a miracle on ice, I mean miracle on hardwood, or miracle on gridiron, whatever! By the way, to you and everyone, my Pittsburgh Steelers are still the defending Super Bowl Champions until Feb 7, and will remain the only 6 time Super Bowl Champions in the NFL! That's the bottom line because your #1 fan I'm back me and he shoots and scores Coach E said so !!!!


McLean Cromer said...

Finally the King is back!!!!!

Be Blessed said...

Welcome back. True, you have been M.I.A. for weeks; but most of your hiatus was spent catching up with family and friends, which is always good......so apology accepted ;) LOL j/k. Good luck during the indoor season!

QT said...

Was going thru blog withdraw! Thanks for sharing, sounds like a lot of fun times and now back to work (which also happens to be fun)!

LaLa said...

SIGH...nice pics. :))

Aunt Celest said...

Glad your back!! Thanks for the pictures. Your mother is so pretty. I can't believe how grown up Lee is. You have such a nice family. Congrats to your mother for going back to school. I know your so proud of her. She's a remarkable person. Who has done an outstanding job with her family.