Monday, May 25, 2009

Magic/Cavs Game 3

I went and scored some tickets to the game last night for me and my technical director Mclean. It was a late birthday present to him, to get to check out his team in the playoffs.

It was a good game, a lot of celebs were in town, Lil Wayne, Usher, Tiger Woods just to name a few.

I went to game 6 of the Celtics series and the atmosphere of this game was WAY different to that one. I don't know if everyone was relegated to the fact and conceded defeat to the Celtics in six or what.
Lebron can consitantly knock down that underhand halfcourt shot during the warmups too. He had a good game, but isn't getting very much help. The rest of the team might as well have come up and sat next to us.

Hack-A-Howard didn't work for the Cavs, he really balled out at the free throw line. He only missed five of his 16 attempts. Lebron missed four clutch free throws, he should have hooked up with Dwight Howard during pregame and worked on some shots with him.Mclean and those thundersticks have me with a slight head/earache this morning after pounding those things right next to me for three consecutive hours. I think those need to be outlawed at sporting events along with alcohol sales after halftime because people get way to beligerant aroud the start of the fourth quarter.

We had a ball. The Magic are up 2-1, I think they will win the series in six games. My Nuggets better start playing well and catch up in their series. My dream matchup of Nuggets/Magic is hanging on by a thread.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I now officially own some space on the expansive world wide web. I know I'm pretty late, but I guess it's better late than never. It is currently under construction, Sub13 Enterprises technical director Mclean, is getting all the pieces in place now so that it will be a fully functional website. I'm pretty excited as this will give me and opportunity to incorporate all my athletic stuff with my business ventures as well.

Check it out at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Harold

Big birthday shout out to Harold, my moms husband, not to mention one of the most solid individuals I know. I always appreciate someone who takes care of business.

Boy Bren has her hands full with all of the Taurus men in her world! Her sons, husband and grandchild. Talk about needing to have some patience.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Happy Birthday to my younger brother Lee, who is turning 25 today. He's still out in Vegas, working and getting ready for the LSAT.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomness, The Basketball Version

So, I decided this evening to go to the Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics game tonight to waste some time. Everybody who knows me knows I am a die hard Nuggets fan and because they already sealed the deal, I needed someting to do. I was going to take my friend, McLean (the guy who makes the headers for the blog) with me but the tickets fell through at the last minute. Nevertheless, he was determined to make sure I wasnt lonely at the game. We both have Blackberry and anybody who knows me, Blackberry Messenger is my second voice! LOL So, for your reading pleasure here is the entire conversation between me and him, during the game. Remember, I am at the game and he is at home...watching it. ENJOY!

D.O.™: What you getting in to tonight

McLean: Nothing gonna watch the game why what's good?

D.O.™: I might have ticket action

D.O.™: I'm gonna go my sports info director from school is in town and have the connectMcLean: Dang.

D.O.™: somebody not going so you want to rollMcLean: Yes.

McLean: Hell yes!

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: I'm heading down to the stadium now to see what's up

D.O.™: I will hit you when I get down there

McLean: So you want me to meet you down there? What time?

D.O.™: I gotta see what's good with the tix first

McLean: Ok.

D.O.™: I will hit you as soon as I find out

McLean: I gotta make a stop for Ash right quick

D.O.™: Ok just got down here about to see what's up with the tix

McLean: Ok.

D.O.™: No tix action they gave it away

D.O.™: Sorry, playa

McLean: That's cool good looks though.

McLean: I'm sure they can hear me yell from the house! Lol!

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: I hope they lose

McLean: Lol

McLean: Naw its going 7

McLean: You still there?

McLean: I know it is hype!

D.O.™: Yeah

D.O.™: Its ok

D.O.™: Nobody is even here

McLean: You on the floor?

D.O.™: Magic fans are weak

McLean: Lol.

D.O.™: Why is reddick starting

D.O.™: A post man with no moves is terrible

McLean: I don't know.

Courtney lee is horrible.

McLean: Is hurt I mean.

McLean: He has two. Dunk and baby hook.

D.O.™: Van gundy sucks

McLean: Lol. This is also true.

D.O.™: No one tip back off a rebound

McLean: They expect dwight to do it all.

McLean: As far as rebound.

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: They need 24 and 24 from him to win

McLean: He on his way.

D.O.™: If the magic aren't up big by half they will probably lose

McLean: True.

McLean: Oh lord look at the block!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Reddick can't create his own shot.

D.O.™: Nope

McLean: Michkeal is the killer.

D.O.™: He's ok

D.O.™: I'd start him over reddick and move hedo to the 2

McLean: True.

McLean: They trying to come bk.

D.O.™: Yeah

D.O.™: This is easily the worst stadium in the nba too

McLean: Yeah. Its about 20 yrs old where you sitting at?

D.O.™: 129

D.O.™: 19

McLean: Oh you down pretty low.

McLean: Aub and them with you?

McLean: Chauncey Billups is gonna get yall to the finals.

D.O.™: No

D.O.™: They went to brazil

McLean: They letting scalbrine beat them.

D.O.™: Oh well there is always next season

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: This chick called the cops cuz people were shouting back and forth

D.O.™: Dumb....

McLean: What

McLean: Lmao!

McLean: Boston fans and orlando one?

D.O.™: Orlacdo

McLean: Lol. Crazy!

D.O.™: She typifies the team

D.O.™: Weak

McLean: Ha!

McLean: So you calling me weak dog? Lmao!

McLean: Let's go!!!!

McLean: I hate that paul pierce move!!!

D.O.™: Lol you not weak just the team all they want to do is shoot three

McLean: Yeah true.

D.O.™: Paul is a beast

McLean: Gotta get away from doing that all the time.

McLean: Halftime baby! Lol

McLean: This is a good game though.

D.O.™: Usually Orlando is winning

McLean: Yeah but they in it.

D.O.™: Yeah

McLean: The new stadium is gonna have better seating though.

McLean: Just think before you texted me, I was gonna text you to see what was good. I was gonna drop by. Lol

D.O.™: Lol you gotta come see the shadow boxes

McLean: Yeah I know. I know that they are hot as all get out!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Espn halftime show sucks.

McLean: Aint got nothing on TNT

D.O.™: Both of them are killing this weak half time show

D.O.™: Some guy playing the piano

McLean: Lmao!

McLean: They could have set up 5 hurdles and let you do your thing.

McLean: Hit them with those clip steps.

D.O.™: Lol hell no

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: For how many chips

McLean: Maybe 3500??

McLean: And 2 free car washes and a autogrph pic of dwight howard. Lol

D.O.™: Cash I'm there

McLean: lol. Shoot for 3500 I will race you. Ha!

D.O.™: Keep the rest of it

McLean: What no pic?? That was the Drew Rosenhaus sealer.

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: Nobody gonna pay for that ass kicking

McLean: Lmao! You cut me deep. Lol.

D.O.™: Lmao

McLean: I don't even think I could be taught to hurdle.

McLean: That shit is crazy. You are flying literally.

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Yall some real athletes.

McLean: Is that pic of liu xiang still hangin up in there?

McLean: In the concourse.

D.O.™: No

D.O.™: Or I haven't seen it

McLean: Oh.

McLean: Tell me why kevin garnett got an hp computer comercial.

McLean: Talkin bout he going to china.

McLean: For a business meeting

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Well let's see who gets it done in the 2nd half!

McLean: They already cheating how you not call the foul?

McLean: Then call it on ray?

D.O.™: lol

McLean: Jesus christ!

McLean: We missing jumpers! Even AUB could hit some of them!

McLean: See what I am talking bout!

McLean: Hooks.

McLean: And everything.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: That's all they want to do

D.O.™: Shoot the j

McLean: Like dave chapelle shoot the j.

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: That was the most hilarious sketch ever!

McLean: We missing free throws!

McLean: Free!

D.O.™: Four in a row

McLean: They hesitate to pass it in

McLean: This game is over.

McLean: Unless they do something now.

D.O.™: Not yet

McLean: No points this quarter.

McLean: Why was there no fouls called

McLean: There goes the micheal jordan of turkey!

D.O.™: A piss poor version

McLean: You need to be a film critic when you retire. Lol

McLean: You tell it like it is!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Where are the fouls!!!

D.O.™: This is a very sloppy brand of ball both teams are playing

McLean: I mean a jump ball??

McLean: That was a walk!

McLean: Perkins vs alston?

McLean: Come on man.

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Alley oop!!!

McLean: You said howard needed 24 and 24.

McLean: 22 pts. And 17 rebounds.

D.O.™: YepD.O.™: On the way

D.O.™: This game hasn't been well played at all

McLean: Nope nasty sloppy game.

McLean: Finesse is not in the building.

D.O.™: Nuggets would be up 20 on both these teams by now

McLean: Oh really. :>

D.O.™: yep

McLean: You made me go there with the smiley. Lmao!

D.O.™: Easy too

McLean: I didn't wanna do it.

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Huslte pts keeping us in.

McLean: Free throws keeping us out.

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: Less than 50 percent

D.O.™: Ray allen not doing shit

D.O.™: Or it would be over

McLean: Sure aint.

McLean: I know.

McLean: Lemme get that T

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: And a double technical.

McLean: I will take it.

McLean: We gonna make it to the penalty.

McLean: They got three fouls.

McLean: Tied up.

D.O.™: I wonder what the turnovers are looking like

McLean: 5000 to 9563

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: I know

McLean: Lewis is secretly killing.

D.O.™: Yeah

McLean: Have you seen these lebron and kobe puppets commercials?

D.O.™: yeah pretty stupid

McLean: Them things are hilarious!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Lebron wit all that baby powder.

D.O.™: Yeah that part is funny

D.O.™: I don't get the rest of the commercial

McLean: Beef and brocchli baby!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: shoot all this texting its almost like I am there!

D.O.™: lol

McLean: Perkins is done.

McLean: Howard finna eat scalabrine up!

D.O.™: Almost

McLean: Lewis is a silent assasin!

D.O.™: When he wants to be

McLean: That's why he silent. Lol

D.O.™: Paul getting hot

McLean: Whateva!

D.O.™: Seven in a row

McLean: I know.

D.O.™: You can see it coming every game around this time

McLean: The Orlando Tragic shows up and subs in.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Its rowdy as hell in here

McLean: What. Lol

D.O.™: Its about 30 percent celtics fans in here

D.O.™: Maybe more

McLean: Yeah. You can hear it on tv.

McLean: All them old retirees from up north.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: They young

McLean: Lol

McLean: Hedo couldn't hit the side of the barn.

McLean: If he was inside of it.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Dwight can't either from the line

McLean: Jesus christ!

McLean: Skip to my lou!!!

D.O.™: Hack a howard

McLean: Yep. You win the grand prize! Lol

McLean: Whew.

McLean: Man your shoulder would be hurting if I was there. Be cause I would have been leaning on you to keep from fainting. Lol

D.O.™: Lmao

D.O.™: That's the dagger

McLean: Yep!!!!

McLean: Been missing all game. Then BOOM!!!

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: I can only imagine how this series would have been with kg playing

McLean: People would have been in the hospital

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: It would have been a two on two game after game 4

D.O.™: When game seven

McLean: Sunday I think.

D.O.™: Oh ok

McLean: Game over!!!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: I told you. You better leave to beat traffic.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Yeah

By far the longest post I have ever posted! Hey, hoped you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Congrats Peter Groff

Another Denver native is moving his way up the ladder of success. Peter Groff was recently selected by President Obama to head up his initiatives for the U.S. Secretary of Education. Groff also made history by becoming the first African American to serve as Colorado Senate President.

I know Mr Groff through several different outlets, mainly through my accountant Mark. This is pretty historic for not only Peter's friends and family but his extended friends and family as well. Congratulations again!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oliver 13.09 Race Video

Oliver- 13.09
Hicks- 13.24
Turner- 13.31
Brown- 13.37
Faulk- 13.51
Wignall- 13.53
Kh.A. Al-Molad- 13.73
Hadj Lajib- 13.90

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I have three lovely mother's in my family that I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to. This is easily one of the most important holidays we celebrate during the calendar year. You all are really appreciated. I love you guys!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doha Wrap-Up

Well the 21+ hour trip out to Doha was a success. I was able to go out and produce a World Leading time of 13.09 (+1.0w). It definitely wasn't without incident. A blister about the size of a 50 cent piece on the bottom of my left foot busted during the warm-up and my foot felt like it was being held over an open flame! I was pretty shook at first but I just said to hell with it. Hopefully it will hurry up and heal, I tell you, if it ain't one thing it's another.

The race was a decent one, after my personal post race analysis, I gave myself a B+. I felt that I should have been able to run between 13.05-13.10. The pro's were my lead leg looked very efficient, and my quickness in between was there as well too, which is a good sign because we haven't emphasized the speed work as much this year compared to last. The glaring weakness in the race to me was my trail leg just wasn't synced up within my technique.

I went out and got the win regardless and won a very nice trophy in the process.

After the race, I continued my race to the airport. We finished up the race around 8:30 and I have a flight to catch at 10:55. I showered up at the stadium, went out and collected my trophy, hopped in a car and rolled to the airport. I got to the gate with about 30 minutes to spare.

I'm glad I had that flight, it took about 24 hours to get back, so I have all day Sunday to rest up. My first thought when I landed was "Damn, Joel is just now getting ready to fly out of Doha".

I'm seriously tapped. Now it's time to get back in the lab and fix my race issues and my body!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doha Preview

Well I'm back in the spot that really got it all started last season with me joining the exclusive Sub-13 club.

The travel here was long, but it was uninterrupted and my luggage made it, so all is well on that end. It was a 21 hour venture and a seven hour time difference from my home in Florida.

I had a pretty good training session this afternoon and I'm feeling ready to run tomorrow evening.

It is hot as ever out here, this place ranks second on the hottest places I've ever been, right behind the World Championships in Osaka in 2007. You'd think living in Florida would get me slightly accustom to the heat, but nothing prepares you for this type of weather. You wake up at 9:30 and it's already touching 90+ outside!

The race should be a good one tomorrow. Along with Joel and myself, you have a couple of sub 13.30 performers on the season in Antwon Hicks and Dexter Faulk entered in as well. An old training partner Andy Turner from Great Britain will be running too.

Well I will hit an update after the meet if I get a chance, I am flying out right after competition to get back home. I'm about to hit dinner up and hit the bed, I'm feeling tapped.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doha Action

I'm about to shake the spot on my way to Doha, Qatar for my next competition. The flight out here is a very long one, not quite as long as the one I took to Sydney earlier this year, but it will take about 21 hours to get from point A to point B. I don't mind at all either. I look forward to this competition every year. This will be my major competition of the year and officially kick the 2009 season off. Every meet from now on will be big time. I will update the action when I get there.

Happy Birthday Mari!!

My lovely nephew is celebrating his 4th birthday today! Man he's growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday Khamari!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fight Night 944 Style

Clearly the Pac-Man-Hatton fight was a dud. But we had a great time hanging out all day, kicking it, BBQ'in and conversing.

I started out the day with my customary trip to Home Depot, I decided to get my front yard in some symbalance of order. My house had been sitting on the market for around 500 days, so you know the yard needed some work.

It's coming along decently.


Gregory Sedoc, the 110 hurdler from the Netherlands, has been down training with us for the past month. It's been a great experience for him. He came through and helped with some of the preparation. (Yeah we were clowning him for wearing a 50 Cent T-Shirt, but he's foreign so I guess he can get a pass).

The fellas all came over later that night. We had burgers, kabobs, filet mignon, steak, potatoe salad and baked beans.

We anticipated a great fight, Aub Hearns was the only guy who though Hatton would win, I guess he was watching too much 24/7 on HBO to think that.

The fight stunk, I'm going to send a letter and see if somebody can reinburse me my $60 back for buying that fight. But this was a perfect way to spend an off weekend Saturday. We had a blast.