Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomness, The Basketball Version

So, I decided this evening to go to the Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics game tonight to waste some time. Everybody who knows me knows I am a die hard Nuggets fan and because they already sealed the deal, I needed someting to do. I was going to take my friend, McLean (the guy who makes the headers for the blog) with me but the tickets fell through at the last minute. Nevertheless, he was determined to make sure I wasnt lonely at the game. We both have Blackberry and anybody who knows me, Blackberry Messenger is my second voice! LOL So, for your reading pleasure here is the entire conversation between me and him, during the game. Remember, I am at the game and he is at home...watching it. ENJOY!

D.O.™: What you getting in to tonight

McLean: Nothing gonna watch the game why what's good?

D.O.™: I might have ticket action

D.O.™: I'm gonna go my sports info director from school is in town and have the connectMcLean: Dang.

D.O.™: somebody not going so you want to rollMcLean: Yes.

McLean: Hell yes!

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: I'm heading down to the stadium now to see what's up

D.O.™: I will hit you when I get down there

McLean: So you want me to meet you down there? What time?

D.O.™: I gotta see what's good with the tix first

McLean: Ok.

D.O.™: I will hit you as soon as I find out

McLean: I gotta make a stop for Ash right quick

D.O.™: Ok just got down here about to see what's up with the tix

McLean: Ok.

D.O.™: No tix action they gave it away

D.O.™: Sorry, playa

McLean: That's cool good looks though.

McLean: I'm sure they can hear me yell from the house! Lol!

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: I hope they lose

McLean: Lol

McLean: Naw its going 7

McLean: You still there?

McLean: I know it is hype!

D.O.™: Yeah

D.O.™: Its ok

D.O.™: Nobody is even here

McLean: You on the floor?

D.O.™: Magic fans are weak

McLean: Lol.

D.O.™: Why is reddick starting

D.O.™: A post man with no moves is terrible

McLean: I don't know.

Courtney lee is horrible.

McLean: Is hurt I mean.

McLean: He has two. Dunk and baby hook.

D.O.™: Van gundy sucks

McLean: Lol. This is also true.

D.O.™: No one tip back off a rebound

McLean: They expect dwight to do it all.

McLean: As far as rebound.

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: They need 24 and 24 from him to win

McLean: He on his way.

D.O.™: If the magic aren't up big by half they will probably lose

McLean: True.

McLean: Oh lord look at the block!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Reddick can't create his own shot.

D.O.™: Nope

McLean: Michkeal is the killer.

D.O.™: He's ok

D.O.™: I'd start him over reddick and move hedo to the 2

McLean: True.

McLean: They trying to come bk.

D.O.™: Yeah

D.O.™: This is easily the worst stadium in the nba too

McLean: Yeah. Its about 20 yrs old where you sitting at?

D.O.™: 129

D.O.™: 19

McLean: Oh you down pretty low.

McLean: Aub and them with you?

McLean: Chauncey Billups is gonna get yall to the finals.

D.O.™: No

D.O.™: They went to brazil

McLean: They letting scalbrine beat them.

D.O.™: Oh well there is always next season

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: This chick called the cops cuz people were shouting back and forth

D.O.™: Dumb....

McLean: What

McLean: Lmao!

McLean: Boston fans and orlando one?

D.O.™: Orlacdo

McLean: Lol. Crazy!

D.O.™: She typifies the team

D.O.™: Weak

McLean: Ha!

McLean: So you calling me weak dog? Lmao!

McLean: Let's go!!!!

McLean: I hate that paul pierce move!!!

D.O.™: Lol you not weak just the team all they want to do is shoot three

McLean: Yeah true.

D.O.™: Paul is a beast

McLean: Gotta get away from doing that all the time.

McLean: Halftime baby! Lol

McLean: This is a good game though.

D.O.™: Usually Orlando is winning

McLean: Yeah but they in it.

D.O.™: Yeah

McLean: The new stadium is gonna have better seating though.

McLean: Just think before you texted me, I was gonna text you to see what was good. I was gonna drop by. Lol

D.O.™: Lol you gotta come see the shadow boxes

McLean: Yeah I know. I know that they are hot as all get out!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Espn halftime show sucks.

McLean: Aint got nothing on TNT

D.O.™: Both of them are killing this weak half time show

D.O.™: Some guy playing the piano

McLean: Lmao!

McLean: They could have set up 5 hurdles and let you do your thing.

McLean: Hit them with those clip steps.

D.O.™: Lol hell no

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: For how many chips

McLean: Maybe 3500??

McLean: And 2 free car washes and a autogrph pic of dwight howard. Lol

D.O.™: Cash I'm there

McLean: lol. Shoot for 3500 I will race you. Ha!

D.O.™: Keep the rest of it

McLean: What no pic?? That was the Drew Rosenhaus sealer.

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: Nobody gonna pay for that ass kicking

McLean: Lmao! You cut me deep. Lol.

D.O.™: Lmao

McLean: I don't even think I could be taught to hurdle.

McLean: That shit is crazy. You are flying literally.

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: Yall some real athletes.

McLean: Is that pic of liu xiang still hangin up in there?

McLean: In the concourse.

D.O.™: No

D.O.™: Or I haven't seen it

McLean: Oh.

McLean: Tell me why kevin garnett got an hp computer comercial.

McLean: Talkin bout he going to china.

McLean: For a business meeting

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Well let's see who gets it done in the 2nd half!

McLean: They already cheating how you not call the foul?

McLean: Then call it on ray?

D.O.™: lol

McLean: Jesus christ!

McLean: We missing jumpers! Even AUB could hit some of them!

McLean: See what I am talking bout!

McLean: Hooks.

McLean: And everything.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: That's all they want to do

D.O.™: Shoot the j

McLean: Like dave chapelle shoot the j.

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: That was the most hilarious sketch ever!

McLean: We missing free throws!

McLean: Free!

D.O.™: Four in a row

McLean: They hesitate to pass it in

McLean: This game is over.

McLean: Unless they do something now.

D.O.™: Not yet

McLean: No points this quarter.

McLean: Why was there no fouls called

McLean: There goes the micheal jordan of turkey!

D.O.™: A piss poor version

McLean: You need to be a film critic when you retire. Lol

McLean: You tell it like it is!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Where are the fouls!!!

D.O.™: This is a very sloppy brand of ball both teams are playing

McLean: I mean a jump ball??

McLean: That was a walk!

McLean: Perkins vs alston?

McLean: Come on man.

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Alley oop!!!

McLean: You said howard needed 24 and 24.

McLean: 22 pts. And 17 rebounds.

D.O.™: YepD.O.™: On the way

D.O.™: This game hasn't been well played at all

McLean: Nope nasty sloppy game.

McLean: Finesse is not in the building.

D.O.™: Nuggets would be up 20 on both these teams by now

McLean: Oh really. :>

D.O.™: yep

McLean: You made me go there with the smiley. Lmao!

D.O.™: Easy too

McLean: I didn't wanna do it.

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Huslte pts keeping us in.

McLean: Free throws keeping us out.

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: Less than 50 percent

D.O.™: Ray allen not doing shit

D.O.™: Or it would be over

McLean: Sure aint.

McLean: I know.

McLean: Lemme get that T

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: And a double technical.

McLean: I will take it.

McLean: We gonna make it to the penalty.

McLean: They got three fouls.

McLean: Tied up.

D.O.™: I wonder what the turnovers are looking like

McLean: 5000 to 9563

McLean: Lol

D.O.™: I know

McLean: Lewis is secretly killing.

D.O.™: Yeah

McLean: Have you seen these lebron and kobe puppets commercials?

D.O.™: yeah pretty stupid

McLean: Them things are hilarious!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: Lebron wit all that baby powder.

D.O.™: Yeah that part is funny

D.O.™: I don't get the rest of the commercial

McLean: Beef and brocchli baby!

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: shoot all this texting its almost like I am there!

D.O.™: lol

McLean: Perkins is done.

McLean: Howard finna eat scalabrine up!

D.O.™: Almost

McLean: Lewis is a silent assasin!

D.O.™: When he wants to be

McLean: That's why he silent. Lol

D.O.™: Paul getting hot

McLean: Whateva!

D.O.™: Seven in a row

McLean: I know.

D.O.™: You can see it coming every game around this time

McLean: The Orlando Tragic shows up and subs in.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Its rowdy as hell in here

McLean: What. Lol

D.O.™: Its about 30 percent celtics fans in here

D.O.™: Maybe more

McLean: Yeah. You can hear it on tv.

McLean: All them old retirees from up north.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: They young

McLean: Lol

McLean: Hedo couldn't hit the side of the barn.

McLean: If he was inside of it.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Dwight can't either from the line

McLean: Jesus christ!

McLean: Skip to my lou!!!

D.O.™: Hack a howard

McLean: Yep. You win the grand prize! Lol

McLean: Whew.

McLean: Man your shoulder would be hurting if I was there. Be cause I would have been leaning on you to keep from fainting. Lol

D.O.™: Lmao

D.O.™: That's the dagger

McLean: Yep!!!!

McLean: Been missing all game. Then BOOM!!!

D.O.™: Yep

D.O.™: I can only imagine how this series would have been with kg playing

McLean: People would have been in the hospital

D.O.™: Lol

McLean: It would have been a two on two game after game 4

D.O.™: When game seven

McLean: Sunday I think.

D.O.™: Oh ok

McLean: Game over!!!

D.O.™: Yep

McLean: I told you. You better leave to beat traffic.

D.O.™: Lol

D.O.™: Yeah

By far the longest post I have ever posted! Hey, hoped you enjoyed it!


ejheat said...

Good stuff, I enjoyed it! Now I am really going to tell like it is! No sugercoating! First of all, That game was horrible to watch! I flipped around to other stuff at times. Horrible basketball! The Magic were fortunate to win that game! I still see such a soft team in the Magic! It will take them to actually be a bunch of tough guys to win in Boston on Sunday! I do have to say that Courtney Lee is the toughest player on the team! He is being tough after that sinus injury and surgery after Dwight elbows him in that Philly game! Van Gundy coaches lake an idiot way too many times, and the team reacts being stiff instead of relaxed! I am glad McLean corrected himself on C Lee being horrible because C Lee had a hell of a rookie season, and very good in the playoffs before the injury! Reddick is pathetic and so soft! Hedo doesn't have a clue at times! Just puts it up for a long 3 with a hope and a prayer that it goes in way too many times!

Now, I got to get on you David! You were wrong when you said Magic would be tapped out in game 6, and it was very evident how much you wanted to see the Magic lose! I'm glad they won just for you David! I can hear McLean laughing at you now David! I will have to get McLean 1 of my EJHEAT Magic Rollaway Beds! I am sure he will be tapped out like magic with half his body on and off the magic rollaway bed! LOL!

Listening to the heavy rain and watching the lightning flash through the Lakeland sky was so much more interesting to watch than that game this evening! Great to see this rain for the drought situation! Of course, like always it is feast or famine in this part of the world! We got slammed here with 4.57 inches of rain in my backyard rain gauge this evening on top of the 2.37 inches of rain we had on Tuesday in my rain gauge! More rain from 2 seabreeze lightning storms than I had in my rain gauge for the entire year up to May 11! We have great drainage in this neighborhood and hardly ever floods! There has been some flash flooding in other areas of Western Polk County this evening and in Tampa yesterday and 2 tornadoes! In Lakeland on Tuesday and another in Tampa yesterday! All this was so much more exciting than that basketball game tonight. Thank God I did not have to deal with the flooding and tornadoes. Always to close for comfort! Thank you God for looking out for me! When I lived in Orlando, my apartment complex which was off South Semoran near the airport used to flood way too much. That apt complex had such horrible drainage and was a lightning magnet! Had water in my car etc. Too many problems! So glad to be over here in Lakeland with a great drainage system that somebody actually was smart enough to build! Wish I could meet the people who put in this smart drainage system. Most places in many areas in this country have had way too many stupid idiots put in their water drainage systems! Also, 2 beautiful rainbows. The 1 today was a rainbow before the storm! A double rainbow on Tuesday evening after the storm! Beautiful watching nature at work! Not enough people take the time these days to enjoy all the natural beauty that God has surrounded us with! People take so much for granted these days! It really pisses me off how so many people are so selfish these days and always want more and be greedy! Oh yeah, sounds alot like many pro athletes these days! So Sad! Of course, I had my thankful and grateful sermon on my last post on here!

Lightning very frequent to excessive on Tuesday, and knocked my power out for about an hour. Very rare for our power to go out here with underground cables here! It was not that big a deal! I am very thankful that we have undergroung cables in this mobile home park! I went through 3 hurricanes in 2004 and only lost power when Mean Jeanne made a direct hit coming slowly through Lakeland! So much lightning on Tuesday that it hit main transmission lines! The problem was the power came back on in time to watch the Magic game, and see them blow that big lead in Boston on Tuesday night!

I have to get on you D.0. because you said the Magic need to be up big at halftime to win! What have you been watching? The Magic are not good with big leads! That has been the problem during the entire playoffs! They do better when they come back from behind! Who knows what kind of score they will have in Boston on Sunday night at halftime and if they will have a big lead! Maybe they can win if they get a big lead! Who knows! The bottom line is if they play like tough real men instead of soft pathetic men then they will win game 7! If they play soft, Boston will win!

I constantly get on NBA players because so many of them are so SOFT! They complain and bitch so much about everything! I want to use my knockout dystonic punch on them at times! LOL! They need to play like real tough guys who play hockey! Hockey players are the toughest guys in all of pro team sports! Baseball MLB players are the most soft followed by NBA players! The best sport to watch live is hockey! Awesome action! The problem with hockey is that it is the worst tv team sport to watch! Although, the Pens-Caps game 6 in Pittsburgh on Monday was awesome to watch going into overtime with incredible back and forth action even for tv! Must have been awesome at the Igloo in Pittsburgh for that game even though Caps won in overtime! Pens won series! Let's Go Pens! They need to join my 6 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers with a championship this year! My Buccos suck in baseball as usual, but 2 out 3 championships this year in the Burgh certainly would be real damn cool!

Oh yeah, my Pittsburgh Penguins beat up on those sorry ass Washington Caps in game 7 in D.C.! Now on to play Carolina! Bad night for Boston! Lost in overtime game 7 on their home ice to Carolina! Take that Boston! You guys suck! Red Sox lost, Celtics lost, Bruins lost! Small market power in Carolina vs Pittsburgh! Let's Go Pens! I would much rather see the Pens win a championship than the Magic! Pens lost in Stanley Cup last year to Redwings. It could possibly be a rematch! I hope so and I hope Pens win! Whatever happens happens! Life goes on! It is only sports and never really a matter of life and death! So many more important things we need to really be worried about in this lost and dying world that we live in today! Everyone needs to remember that sports is entertainment to help us get away and escape from our daily life problems! If they don't win a championship, I am still having an incredible year in sports for my teams that I root for! Better than most people for my sports teams except for the pathetic 16 going on 17 consecutive losing seasons soft Buccos! I am going to have an EJHEAT rollaway soft Buccos bed parade for these losers with half their sorry ass bodies on and off these rollaway beds! Throw some tomatoes and poop at them during this parade because they stink!This would be 1 hell of a stinkin parade! LMAO I think!

Saw my Pens beat the Lightning twice in Tampa this year when Let's Go Pen's chants took over the Paper Forum with so many Pens fans there in that beautiful arena! Pittsburgh sports fans are everywhere! Run into them all the time! I love the St. Pete Times Forum! Hopefully the new arenas in Pittsburgh and Orlando that are coming will be like the Paper Forum! The Igloo in Pittsburgh makes Amway Arena look spectacular! Mellon Arena is horrible and 1 of the oldest hockey arenas in the NHL!

Now, if Houston does not have the miracle of all miracles in L.A., then it is going to be time for the soft series! Kobe and the Lakers are so soft! They better get tougher if they want to win a ring this year! Hey D.O., Melo is so soft on your Nuggets! That little girl slap the other day that he missed to one of those incredibly soft Dallas players in Dallas was so pathetic! Chauncy needs to show him how to be a real man! I still would like the Nuggets to beat those L.A. Losers! I don't see Nuggets winning it all unless they would get to the finals and play Cleveland! Talk a about a choke sports city! The Cleveland Chokers on sports!

The NHL players would just have a field day with these soft NBA players! These NBA players would be on their asses so fast that they would not know what hit them being hit up against the glass on ice with skates on! They would be knocked down on their asses on the bball court too, even though the NHL guys would be shooting bricks and not score too much! They would just be tougher and tough out a win over these NBA players! Put MLB and NBA players 2 on 1 vs NHL players, and NHL players would still kick their asses!

With all the crap I go through with my dystonia condition, I am so much tougher than so many of these overpaid, whining, crybaby, MLB and NBA players!

I going to get my EJHEAT SOFT rollaway beds out for so many of these pathetic, crybaby, whining NBA and MLB players! They can go Goo Goo Ga Ga with half their bodies on and off my EJHEAT SOFT rollaway beds! I will even supply them with a whining crybaby soft towel! Give me a few minutes with some of these NBA and MLB guys! I would have them crawling under my EJHEAT rock rollaway beds! My EJHEAT WHINING CRYBABY LOSER SOFT ROCK rollaway beds are available for any NBA and MLB players anytime! They are just a free throw away! Not good for Dwight! I just thought about how many NBA players I would have to rock and roll out of the arena! Talk about a pick and roll! LMAO! I think I just scored an EJHEAT slam dunk tonight! GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! I might have dystonia, but I am a damn tough guy for everything I have gone through and do go through everyday of my life!Dystonic Power! Man did it feel good getting all this off my chest! Thanks again David! You are a real tough guy pro athlete! You better be tough for your next meet and forget about those blisters!Thanks for sharing this great texting back and forth between you and McClean! This is classic! I loved it! Do it again for something else in the future! I think this is my longest comments to you on your blog ever! I had to keep up with you David! I would love to hear what you think of my comments sometime! You got my e-mail address! It would be good to hear what you have to say about my comments! Please get back to me sometime, anytime! That is the bottom line because me and tell it like it is real tough guy dystonic Coach E said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post...Wasn't the greatest game so I c how u can spend the time on the blackberry. Game 7 will b a lot better.

Good luck to those Nuggests!!!

QT said...

and the gold medal for the worlds longest blog comment goes to....dunt dun nah nah.....ejheat! lol ejheat

all I gotta say is the Lakers betta bring it home in style cuz this may be the last chance they get...Chauncey Billups will definitely be all up in they behind. That dude is str8 sick wit it.

Anonymous said...

yo D.O., man my bad, I responded to the WRONG screen moved and I mistakenly clicked on the wrong post - I MEANT to post here (which I will now), and not under the other topic - I know you can delete it, but still yet, my bad for not being more attentive...THIS is the post I wanted to comment on...

First off, I think it’s hilarious (in a good way) that you put that entire transcript on here…yet I read ALL of it, lol – so now, for some reason, I feel the need to respond to what I read, lol

Pt #1 – when asked if ya boyz were with you, you respond: "No – they went to Brazil." Let’s have a moment of reflective silence on that for a moment…….*silence over* - now, lolol, this is a GREAT example of living a blessed life. If one of my friends asked me where one of more of my boyz was at , or why they weren’t with me at the moment, if they in fact weren’t with me, MORE THAN LIKELY, my response would be something like, “No. They at WAL-MART…or No – they at the BARBER SHOP…OR at the most, No – they outta town" (like in the US still) – not out the country! LOL – must – be – nice!

Pt # 2 – Calling the police because of shouting? At a professional BASKETBALL GAME? Unacceptable response to normal activity at a game…no calling police unless you hear some shouting AND some gunshots!

Pt # 3 – Someone was playing the piano at halftime? Please tell me it was not solely instrumental (he being the ONLY musician at that)…this aint the Kennedy Center

Pt # 4 – LOL @ setting up 5 hurdles for you to do ya thing…


Miss Mooney said...

I love BB messenger as much as they next guy but gesh!!(Lol) I'm sure he felt like he was right there in the moment and you were awesome for keeping him company :) Random BB messenger me sometimes!:) 207BD0A2

Anonymous said...

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