Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doha Action

I'm about to shake the spot on my way to Doha, Qatar for my next competition. The flight out here is a very long one, not quite as long as the one I took to Sydney earlier this year, but it will take about 21 hours to get from point A to point B. I don't mind at all either. I look forward to this competition every year. This will be my major competition of the year and officially kick the 2009 season off. Every meet from now on will be big time. I will update the action when I get there.


ejheat said...

I said a special prayer for your safe travel to Doha! How exciting for you to return to the sight of your personal best outdoor time! How about a 12.95 or better time again in Doha! I know you can do it David! I always believe in you! It is time to show the world that you are the best 110m hurdler alive! I look forward to your updates when you get there, and any pictures and video of your upcoming races. I wish I could be there, but as always I will be there with you in spirit! More goosebumps and chills for me just thinking about you getting the opportunity to start the official outdoor season off with a bang!

It is time for me to get those personal best time EJHEAT rollaway beds ready for you. After these 21 hours of idiot and stupid people at the airports, security lines, and sitting on the plane for all those hours, I got my EJHEAT personal best rollaway bed ready for you at your hotel so you can tap out with half your body on and off the bed...LOL That is the bottom line because me and personal best dystonia advocacy Coach E said so!!!!


McLean Cromer said...

So I guess it is time for Two Edge Productions to gear for another year of productions.LOL!

Illumiscape Productions said...

Good luck in Doha!!!

I can't believe the heat of the season is here for you. We just formed our crew for Final Project at Full Sail and we were talking about you and your upcoming season - and now that it's officially starting! we're all pulling for you back here and wishing you the best of luck!!