Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mari!!

My lovely nephew is celebrating his 4th birthday today! Man he's growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday Khamari!


Words of a young womans Reflection said...

Ahh! What a handsome young man! He almost has his uncle D.O beat in the looks department. I give him a 4 more years and he will have the girls calling. You are right though, time does fly, and before you know it he will be graduating from high school. Hope he had a wonderful and eventful birthday, and i'm wishing him many, many, many, more to come.
Peace, Love, and Blessings
Neshia-(Your biggest fan in Atlanta)

ejheat said...

This is such an adorable picture of you and Mari! I hope he had a good birthday! These kids get big, and grow up so fast these days! My 2 nieces and 2 nephews are certainly growing up fast. I can't believe that my niece, Olivia, will be 11 on June 24. She is such a sweetheart, and is growing up in her Uncle Eric footsteps, and playing the sax because of me. I'm so proud of her! I get so emotional about this since I can't play my sax and clarinet anymore because of my dystonia. I get chills and goosebumps just thinking about her playing the sax! She is going to play for me for the 1st time when I see her in July. I'm so excited about this! Speaking of dystonia, today and yesterday are dystonia advocacy day in DC! I wish I could be there! I will be there with all my fellow dystonia friends in spirit! I am very excited to find out from my dystonia friends how they made out with Congress! I got a very special and personal inspirational message for you, David, coming to your yahoo e-mail address. So, please look out for that between now and Friday! That is the bottom line because me and dystonia advocacy Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

awe him a ka-yootie pie! happy bday heartbreaker junior :)

shantibelle804 said...

awwww. happy birthday to mari! i bet he got spoiled rotten. lol

Aunt Celest said...

It's easy to see that he's the apple of his Uncle eye. What a handsome young man he is. Happy Belated Birthday!