Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Happy Birthday to my younger brother Lee, who is turning 25 today. He's still out in Vegas, working and getting ready for the LSAT.


McLean Cromer said...

Lee beat me to 25 by one day!!! Happy Birthday, Lee!

Reality said...


Tell Lee I said, "Happy Belated Birthday". It's a pleasure to know so many May babies are related to you. My birthdate is May 7th, my daughter shares a May birthdate, and I see McLean is a May baby too. Your nephew is a May baby and your best friend was a May baby. No wonder you have so much joy in your life :-) In my opinion, May babies mind their business and patiently handle their responsibilities. I'm sure your Mother is proud of her offsprings. Well the LSAT for Lee? Lee Oliver, Esquire . . . that's catchy!

Your fan from the ATL,
Reality :-)

Aunt Celest said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Lee!Good luck on your test. Thanks
for sharing some updated pictures and information on Lee. He's really grown since the last picture of him you shared with us.
Thanks for the update, and keep us
posted on anything new with Lee.

QT said...

He doesn't look like a baby to me! He looks a lil bit bigga D.O. ;) Dunno, maybe it's the angle of the pic...gotta have someone fair like your mom do the shoes off, heel to heel, low haircut, chin up

Happy Birf-day Bruh-der Lee...very best wishes on the LSAT. Ya'lls mom must be so proud, a lawyer to be and an olympian, how many moms can say that!

Btw, another really good thing happened on Sunday and reason to celebrate...LAKERS WON BABY!

Erin Michell said...

HAPPY Belated 25th Bday Lee.....hope it was a good one!!!!

Tamika said...

Wow! I'm preparing for the lsat also...good blessings last name :)