Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doha Preview

Well I'm back in the spot that really got it all started last season with me joining the exclusive Sub-13 club.

The travel here was long, but it was uninterrupted and my luggage made it, so all is well on that end. It was a 21 hour venture and a seven hour time difference from my home in Florida.

I had a pretty good training session this afternoon and I'm feeling ready to run tomorrow evening.

It is hot as ever out here, this place ranks second on the hottest places I've ever been, right behind the World Championships in Osaka in 2007. You'd think living in Florida would get me slightly accustom to the heat, but nothing prepares you for this type of weather. You wake up at 9:30 and it's already touching 90+ outside!

The race should be a good one tomorrow. Along with Joel and myself, you have a couple of sub 13.30 performers on the season in Antwon Hicks and Dexter Faulk entered in as well. An old training partner Andy Turner from Great Britain will be running too.

Well I will hit an update after the meet if I get a chance, I am flying out right after competition to get back home. I'm about to hit dinner up and hit the bed, I'm feeling tapped.


Lady1082 said...

Good Luck with your meet and keep us posted. Did you or anyone else on the plane have on a mask?? Just wondering, my cousin just flew out to Las Vegas and she was amazed that almost everyone on the flight had on masks because of the swine flu...

Have a safe trip back home.

ejheat said...

This is your day in Doha David! Go out there, be relaxed, have fun, and just do your best. I believe in you!

Please read my personal inspirational e-mail I sent to your yahoo e-mail address! Your inspiration on my life saved my life on Thursday! It's all in my motivational message to you! The world will see today how great of a 110m hurdler you are, David, and that you are a bright shining light in this world! Also, I'm glad God answered my prayers and got you and your luggage there safely! I'll be doing the same for your trip home!

Oh yeah, I got that EJHEAT Doha Championship rollaway bed on layaway with the name David Oliver written all over it ready to give the King his much deserved rest after this race. Because your 2008personal best time was in Doha, this will be an airbrushed King David EJHEAT specially designed hurdling rollaway bed with an airbrushed 110m hurdler track picture of you with half your body on and off the bed blowing those Lawrence Welk celebration bubbles! LOL!!!! You can win it again in 2009, and maybe match or break that personal best time! Lets, DO,DO,DO it!!!!

I am sure you loved my personal best EJHEAT rollaway bed in your hotel room. I am sure you were tapped out with half your body on and off that bed! LOL!

Seriously, no matter what happens today on that Doha track, you are always my champion!!!! That is the bottom line because me and motivational Coach E said so!!!!


Leon Snyder's Comeback!! said...

Dave!!!! Good Luck in Doha- I am sure you will fine - Just do you!! I just started my blog today with my comeback into the world of Track. Check it out!! Go Get that 12.85 Kasper

Ms. Ro said...

Hope your meet went well...hit me up when you get back to the O so I can come check out the new spot...

Crizzie Criz! said...

David, I saw you race in Doha last year and I saw you race in Doha this year. Your performance wasn't as good as last time, but it's just the start of the season. keep at it. All the best.

Coach said...

Your time was pretty good. Are you pleased?