Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doha Wrap-Up

Well the 21+ hour trip out to Doha was a success. I was able to go out and produce a World Leading time of 13.09 (+1.0w). It definitely wasn't without incident. A blister about the size of a 50 cent piece on the bottom of my left foot busted during the warm-up and my foot felt like it was being held over an open flame! I was pretty shook at first but I just said to hell with it. Hopefully it will hurry up and heal, I tell you, if it ain't one thing it's another.

The race was a decent one, after my personal post race analysis, I gave myself a B+. I felt that I should have been able to run between 13.05-13.10. The pro's were my lead leg looked very efficient, and my quickness in between was there as well too, which is a good sign because we haven't emphasized the speed work as much this year compared to last. The glaring weakness in the race to me was my trail leg just wasn't synced up within my technique.

I went out and got the win regardless and won a very nice trophy in the process.

After the race, I continued my race to the airport. We finished up the race around 8:30 and I have a flight to catch at 10:55. I showered up at the stadium, went out and collected my trophy, hopped in a car and rolled to the airport. I got to the gate with about 30 minutes to spare.

I'm glad I had that flight, it took about 24 hours to get back, so I have all day Sunday to rest up. My first thought when I landed was "Damn, Joel is just now getting ready to fly out of Doha".

I'm seriously tapped. Now it's time to get back in the lab and fix my race issues and my body!


Treasure said...

First of all...EWWWWWWW!!! @ the blister situation. It sounds so graphic and just nasty, lol...But sorry you had to endure the pain...Second Congrats on the world leading time/ race and the nice trophy. Even you didn't fall into your personal best, you're still great!
Anyway, go ahead and rest those bunions/ blisters, lol...Hope you're having a great weekend.

Aunt Celest said...

I don't know how you could race
with a blister like that. It sounds so painful. Each time you landed on that foot the pain had to be unbearable. How you could block out the pain is remarkable. Congrats on the world leading time. Can you send us a picture of your trophy. I think the orange looks good on you. Get some rest,you need it.

ejheat said...

Congrats on the win and the world leading time! It sounds like you had a decent race, but at the same time have much to work on!

I will have to keep your EJHEAT airbrushed rollaway bed on EJHEAT layaway until you match your personal best time again! Sorry to hear you had that blister! The blister obviously did not help, but I am glad you said the hell with it and that horrible burning pain, and did your best! Be glad it was not kidney stones. The worst pain a man can have! You could not run with kidney stones! I have had kidney stones several times including my last kidney stone attack back in December that took 6 long agonizing, extremely painful hours to pass! The bottom line is that I was thankful and grateful that it passed so that I did not have to have surgery!

After my motivational and inspirational words to you through all I have been through over the past week with my messed up dystonia body, and all the other crap that I have been through, a blister of any size should never stop you from your 110m hurdling race. I am going to keep finding ways to motivate you David! I got to get on you at times because I know you can be the best 110m hurdler this world have ever witnessed!

Remember how fortunite you are to have good enough health to be a track star while many people like me and others have had a disease take away our ability to do some of the physical things we used to do! I am having a real problem these days with people in our society taking things for granted with their health, and everything else these days, and not being thankful and grateful for what they have! It can all be taken away in an instant! I am very thankful and grateful for what I have! I can tell you this David, I believe that you are thankful and grateful for what you have, and I know that this can be a big motivational tool for you to be the best 110m hurdler ever! I know more than anybody will ever know that if it aint one thing it is another! I live it everyday! Thank God I have the faith in God that I have along with prayer. It is a must to survive these days in this lost and dying world we live in today! I will end my sermon for today, but I just need to remind people who may read these comments to be thankful and grateful for what you have in your life!

I am going to have to get out my EJHEAT THANKFUL and GRATEFUL rollaway beds that are so comfortable for everyone because they are owned and operated by GOD with LOVE, LAUGHTER, and COMPASSION instead of double devil mattress hate and horrible compression! That is the bottom line because me and Rev. Coach E said so!!!!


LaLa said...

That last pic is poster worthy David. You're doing great and you have such a good attitude.