Saturday, May 23, 2009


I now officially own some space on the expansive world wide web. I know I'm pretty late, but I guess it's better late than never. It is currently under construction, Sub13 Enterprises technical director Mclean, is getting all the pieces in place now so that it will be a fully functional website. I'm pretty excited as this will give me and opportunity to incorporate all my athletic stuff with my business ventures as well.

Check it out at


Coach said...

Looks great! Great time for you to have a website. By the way our team won its 3rd consecutive AAAA team title last Saturday. Great state meet.

David Oliver said...

Congrats Coach, tell the kids I said way to go

Aunt Celest said...

Look Good! Please keep us posted.
Your really taken me into 21st century. The computer and I have
learned to be friends because of you. I guess me and the web will become friends too (LOL). Please tell coach congrats to his team.
My mother is in the hospital under
going surgery. Please include her
in your prayer. Thanks You

LaLa said...

You bad, go D! Can't wait to see what develops.

LaLa said...

I only know you through this blog Aunt Celest, but I'll definitely keep your Mom in my prayers. Big hugs!

QT said...

Through God ALL things are possible...easy to forget in our day to day journey.

With that, Aunt Celest, I'm with LaLa, we're all God's children, may He watch closely over your mother and bring her through her surgery safely.

David...your ambition and consistency in achieving your goals (vs those who just talk about it) is inspiring to all, congratulations on your new site, may it take you to even greater heights.

My 13 yr old godchild, a fellow Taurus (5/5), just got accepted to a high school for the gifted in Houston that is next to impossible for our young men to get accepted into, all praise be to God and to Kameron for making it happen! He is inspired by positive role models such as you. He is reaching new heights with his traveling basketball team and loves to run, so now he is going to start training with the track team!! This is one of those, who would've thunk it moments because this kid moves so slow the family always said he should be an However, when it's something HE really wants, he surpasses all you have inspired yet another young person to push the worldly given limits and look to God and the positive role models around him to set goals and pursue them and be all that he can be.

So on his behalf, thank you.

One last thing to be thankful for...the Lakers ;)

shantibelle804 said...

you doing big thangs! lol =)

Anonymous said...

kewl deal brotha...will definitely check back to see progress...