Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fight Night 944 Style

Clearly the Pac-Man-Hatton fight was a dud. But we had a great time hanging out all day, kicking it, BBQ'in and conversing.

I started out the day with my customary trip to Home Depot, I decided to get my front yard in some symbalance of order. My house had been sitting on the market for around 500 days, so you know the yard needed some work.

It's coming along decently.


Gregory Sedoc, the 110 hurdler from the Netherlands, has been down training with us for the past month. It's been a great experience for him. He came through and helped with some of the preparation. (Yeah we were clowning him for wearing a 50 Cent T-Shirt, but he's foreign so I guess he can get a pass).

The fellas all came over later that night. We had burgers, kabobs, filet mignon, steak, potatoe salad and baked beans.

We anticipated a great fight, Aub Hearns was the only guy who though Hatton would win, I guess he was watching too much 24/7 on HBO to think that.

The fight stunk, I'm going to send a letter and see if somebody can reinburse me my $60 back for buying that fight. But this was a perfect way to spend an off weekend Saturday. We had a blast.


Coach said...

You did a good job on the front. The house looks great!

Carla Ino said...

The crib is coming along nicely! I purposefully bought a townhouse so I can pay the homeowners' association to handle that stuff: Carla and yardwork don't get along very well.

I heard the fight was a waste, but at least it provided a good reason for all the fellas to come together for the day! I have to add a grill to my "to buy" list; looking at yours made me drool a little bit. :) have a great week!

Words of a young womans Reflection said...

I must say your house is beautiful (the little I saw of it), but beautiful none-the-less. I'm truly proud of you, because are a black brother who is handiling his buisness so well. Anyway, out of curiosity, has your family gone out to Orlando to so see your new home? Also, are you going to make Orlando your permenant home? These are just some questions that ran across my mind, just me being nosy. Peace, Love, and Blessings!

ejheat said...

You did a great job on your front yard! It looks good thanks to the Home Depot products and all your hard work. The burned out grass looks like my front and backyard. I think my burned out grass here even looks worse. It really is a desert in my backyard these days. Not much anyone can do about that burned out grass until we get some rain in all of Central Florida. This drought just keeps getting worse. Hopefully, when June comes, we can get that rainy season off to a start with some rain development from the seabreeze fronts and right upper atmospheric conditions to get the seabreeze storm collisions going. Of course, that brings frequent to excessive lightning which can cause more problems. But this drought is much more serious than people realize and we must get this rain soon!!!!

David you are amazing me with all your awesome yardwork, and all your indoor work that you did with project tv stand, and of course most of all, your work hemming and putting up those curtains that Sally loves so much! Great work you did indeed!

Now to that pathetic fight. I certainly did not pay $60 for that fight! That fight was not worth 50 Cent! I saw the highlights or should I say lowlights. I personally think that this fight may have been staged and fixed! Something seems fishy to me! I am OUTRAGED by the money payouts that they both made! I can not justify for 5 minutes of a fight how 2 people can make so much money. A COMPLETE OUTRAGE as far as I am concerned. I have to gather up enough money to go to a sporting event or concert or whatever and hope I feel well enough to go, and these guys make this much money for a few minutes of fighting. This is not right! When I think about how much money the dystonia foundation could use for more research to help find a cure for this awful disease that me and so many other people have to deal with everyday, this makes me sick! So many other diseases could use the money for research too, or money for so many other worthwhile causes in these tough economic times we are living in today! I am so pissed off at this that I am about ready to use my EJHEAT dystonic knockout punch on both these bufoons! Believe me, I would get in the ring with either one of these guys with my dystonia condition and knock them out. I not scared! I would tell them and the boxing commission right to their face exactly how I feel. This dystonic messed up right fist would knock them out for sure. I would take the payout money and give it to the dystonia foundation. I'm sick and tired literally of us all with dystonia going through all this crap while people are making big money and just throwing it right down the drain on the material things of this world! Let me say this, I have know problem with boxing matches, and like to watch the fights. I just get really pissed off at these insane payoff amounts for 5 minutes of a probably staged fight these days. I don't trust these people running boxing these days, and the fact that they are getting away with these outragous money payouts is a crime! The results of this fight will lead to another fight with Mayweather or somebody that will make for an even bigger money payout. I watch wrestling for staged and fixed events. It is time for boxing to come clean and admit they are staging and fixing these events. I know it won't happen anytime soon!

I'm ready to give boxing my EJHEAT dystonic knockout punch! I can here all my dystonia friends cheering me on now with EJHEAT chants! Hatton, Pac, Mayweather, or whomever here comes EJHEAT the The dystonic rollaway bed knockout champion of Lakeland! I'll just knock them out, and throw them out on my EJHEAT rocket rollaway bed!

I'm glad you had a good barbecue with the fellas. Sounds like you all had a good time. All those steaks and great food sound so delicious! Oh yeah, David you are Mr.Barbecue too! You are the Jack of all trades or should I say King David of all trades.

Gregory and his 50 Cent shirt. I guess I will have to get him the EJHEAT Lawrence Welk 50 Cent shirt with King David blowing bubbles with half his body on and off my EJHEAT accordion rollaway bed....LOL

Well that's my 50 Cent worth that I needed to get off my EJHEAT chest! That is the bottom line because me and dystonic knockout punch Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

Front looks good, but uhmmm bushes/flowers/mini trees look the same minus a few weeds and plus some red

With all those pics of ya'll standing over the grill thought you were going to say you put that together too but ya'll couldn't figure out how to get the grill goin! lol

Ok, I'm hatin' because I haven't had one piece of BBQ yet this year! Time to bust out the grill for real :)~

Reality said...

You have a gorgeous home!

Treasure said...

Seems like you all had fun...Yard looks a lot better... You get a gold star for the day. lol