Thursday, April 30, 2009

Randomness, If That's Even A Word, I'm Not Sure

First and foremost, did anyone catch how my Nuggets down right destroyed the Hornets in the first round of the playoffs? That was the first time we had won a playoff series since I was in the sixth grade I think. Thanks to another Denver hometown hero Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony has really grown as a ball player. I'm calling us for a title run, even though that series was probably the least competitive playoff series in the history of the NBA. Next up, the Dallas Mavericks, a team we swept 4-0 during the regular season.

I meant to comment on the Penn Relays earlier in the week. My training partners who ran at the meet really handled their business. Xavier Carter split 44 seconds on his leg of the distance medley, the fastest 400 leg out of all the DMR 400 runners, which included world indoor champion Tyler Christopher from Canada and X's former LSU teammate, Kellie Willie. He's looking to be right on track.

Kenia Sinclair totally dominated the field in the 800 on Jamaica's sprint medley relay, splitting 1:57 and putting METERS on the competition. The competition included Olympians Maria Savinova from Russia and Hazel Clark from the USA, they just couldn't keep up with Kenia as she led her team to a new World Record in the event.

Novelene Williams-Mills, split 50.2 on the third leg of the 4x4 for her Jamaican team. She put together a great effort, but too bad that effort came up against Allyson Felix, who put down an impressive 49.6. Nov's had a very solid effort, but I don't think anyone could have hung with Felix on that day.

My biggest gripe, if you want to call it that, was with everyone from the announcers to the athletes acting like the Penn Relays was Beijing reincarnated. I'm sorry but winning the 4x1's at Penn Relays in April will not erase the dibacles from Beijing. They are not going to hand out any gold medals for this competition. It's time to move on from Beijing and look forward to getting the job done in the relays in Berlin this summer. 37.92 is far off from 37.10, which I'm sure it will take at least that to get the gold in Berlin. I hope we have a team that will win and take the World Record back.

It looks like some more of these drug cheats have been exposed in our sport. A gold medalist from Beijing in the 1500 meter even got popped. I'm glad they are making strides in getting these people fronted out. They are ruining not only the sport but people's lives. Now the silver medalist who will get elevated to gold, will do so unceremoniously. I'm sure that's not the way he wanted it. I know there are several more people who need to be busted, that will never be caught, but progress is a slow process.

Other than that, nothing much has be going on, just the same old same old. Training is going better than it has since I came back from Australia. I guess since all that off the track stress is finally done with and I can get back to my normal routine of doing absolutely nothing.


Treasure said...

It has been a reaaallly long time since I've read/posted a response on your blog. How the hell are ya? lol...According to your entries you're still looking and doing great, so that's nice to see/ read...Anyway just wanted 2 say that even though the Nuggets are doing well, it doesn't matter 2 much because The Lakers will win the championship (against the Cavs in 6)in the end. HA!

ejheat said...

Congrats to your training partners on their performances at Penn Relays from the info you provided on your awesome blog, David! I did not see any of the Penn Relays. So, I can not comment on what the announcers said or what happened.

I can not wait for you, David, to get back out there on that track and blow your competition away, and show the world that you are the best 110m hurdler alive!

Let's face it, there are always going to be athletes in track and field and all sports that are going to be drug cheats. While they catch some people, there will always be people who will always find a way to beat the system.

I know that everything you accomplish is from good hard work, and doing things the right way!

It will be interesting to see how far the Nuggets go as the competition gets much harder. I would love for them to play the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals and beat the Lakers. I can not stand big market teams in all sports. I love it when big market teams lose in all sports. Big market teams are like big bullies that think they are so great when they ae not! Big market teams have ruined some things in sports as far as I am concerned. Big market teams are usually cowards and soft! I love small market teams, and I am glad that all my teams that I am a fan of are ALL small market teams. It sure would be interesting and a big battle of small market teams if Nuggets played Magic in finals. Then, I would be definately rooting for the Magic. I made the drive up to O-Town. I was at game 5 Magic game. It was awesome. I will be glad when that new arena gets built for 2010. Going to the Paper Forum is so awesome in Tampa while going to Amway Arena is not so great. No room to move in those hallways and to get to the restrooms is a nightmare. I can not stand being that close surrounded by so many people in the hallways. I lived in Orlando for more than 7 years and moved to Lakeland in June 2004. It was awesome and very wonderful seeing Magic beat that stinkin 76's Philly team. Both the Magic and my Pittsburgh Pens Hockey team beat the Philly teams in 6 games in Philly to wrap the series up for both teams. Take that Philly, you big market sports city that is not going to bully the small market sport cities anymore! The interesting thing is that I do not like New York teams because of the big market. But their fans are pretty cool overall. While at Penn State, I had no problems with New York fans and so many problems with those pathetic, obnoxious, Philly fans. Even my friends from Philly were embarrassed by Philly fans. It certainly got ugly at PSU at times between Pittsburgh and Philly fans. It got ugly between Philly fans and any other city like New York fans as well. Small market Pittsburgh has many more sports championships than big market Philly and I love it!

I am still a member of the First United Methodist Church in Downtown O-Town. It still makes me mad that the stinkin Bohemian Hotel is right up against church property. It blocks the beautiful view of church and church property. Very sad! The thing that really bugs me about Downtown O-Town is that they do not know how to move traffic after an event. I sat in traffic forever on Orange Ave. Conversely, in Tampa after events at the Paper Forum, they have a great system to get traffic moving as efficiently as possible on Florida Ave. going through Downtown Tampa. What a difference. Orlando is always behind Tampa on everything.

Finally, I guess everyone should call us the like to do absolutely nothing brothers since I love to do nothing most of the time just like you , David. Just another thing in a long line of things you and I have in common.

Other than that Magic game, I have not gone anywhere else this week. It has been pretty much the same old same old for me too. That is the bottom line because me and do absolutely nothing most of the time Coach E said so!!!!


Coach said...

Carol Lewis and Ato Bolden get on my nerves. I know that their are plenty of other trackminded people who could do the job better than them. Lets leave beijing in beijing.

Aunt Celest said...

I'm with you on your comments regarding The Penn Relays. We have
to do better in Berlin, and the 2012 Olympics. This drugs stuff in track just tears at my heart. I know they will never caught everyone, but I hope the caught most. I was really looking forward
to seeing you, Aub, and Joel at Penns, Oh well, maybe next year.
Good luck to your team.
Aunt Celest

LaLa said...

I like reading your randomness. Moving forward is so important, especially if you want to succeed. You can't focus on what's in front of you if you're always looking behind. As for the cheats, I wish people would learn from others mistakes and have more pride in themselves. You're right, these people affect others lives when they cheat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not looking good for my Mavs. Happy birthday by the way. Hope this next year brings you much happiness!