Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Train Gang" On Track Again

We've got action starting tomorrow morning up in Gainesville for the Florida Relays. We drove up the Turnpike and I-75 this afternoon.

Here I will be running the open 110s and I will run the pop off leg of the shuttle hurdle relay with Joel, Aub and Eric Mitchum. We're aiming to run faster than 53.31, which is the world record time we ran last year at Penn Relays.

I'm pretty excited for the opportunity to run the shuttles which is a very fun event to run. As far as the open race goes, I'm looking to run fast and win. We are all in the first heat, lanes 6 (D.O.), 7 (Yo-El) and 8 (Hearns). Last year I ran 13.10 wind aided and I have the meet record at 13.26 from 2007.

This is the meet that generally kicks the season off in to full gear, so I will make the best of it, plus last time I was here, I was hit with a felonious false start. Payback.


Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Good luck to you and your team-mates.

Aunt Celest

ejheat said...

It is possible that I may come up on Saturday. I looked up the times of your events. I can not come up for Friday's events. My parents are leaving tomorrow for their long driving trip back home to the Burg. I need a day of rest tomorrow. I am so exhausted from everything I have been doing with my parents. They wish they could stay longer. They have been here for quite a while. We all can not believe where the time went. Where does tome go? It goes so fast! We had so much fun visiting so many family and friends. So much laughter, love, and great fun!

I certainly would love to see all you guys in the hurdle relay and break that world record. Oh yeah,1 of your other battery hurdling mates named ,Eric, has a great name! If I come up there Saturday, then I want to spend a little time with you again. That drive is a hop, skip, and jump for you guys, and for most people. That drive for me is murder because of my dystonia condition. I just do not know if I want to do it again. I am so concerned about my back cramping up again on me like it did on the trip back to Lakeland last time. If you promise me that you will spend some quality time with me after the meet, then I might just come up Saturday morning! I would like to formally meet Joel, Aub, and that other Eric, too. I wish you would come down to Lakeland and visit me someday, or me come up to Orlando and spend some time with you guys. The drive to Orlando is much easier for me than the drive to Gainesville. I really do want to see you compete outdoors for the 1st time. I know you will do better than indoors in January with no false starts this time! I am sure you guys can break the world record from your previous race. I expect championships! Now that Penn State finally won a baketball championship, I'm getting real spoiled! This NIT championship is not exactly the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, but I will take it seeing another 1 of my teams win a championship, especially since PSU had to go into Gainesville and win that basketball game on my birthday! I will always remember this NIT PSU championship. I guess I will have to get their championship rollaway beds ready. I hope I can find a rollaway bed big enough for that big beast Cornley! It would be pretty interesting with half his big body on and off my championship rollaway beds! Of course, if I do come up Saturday, I will be wearing my same PSU jersey and Steeler hat that I had on in January in Gainesville. What an incredible bit of irony that 2 championships would happen for my teams wearing that gear. Actually, PSU just recently won a national championship in Fencing as well. Very cool stuff indeed! I will see how I feel tomorrow, and also see if my friend can drive me there on Saturday. If he can not, then I will just have to think about it. I really want to see you compete again live and in person! It certainly would mean so much to me! That is the bottom line because me and Championship Coach E said so!!!!


CeeCee said...

Good luck, David!

QT said...

Hope ya'll leave there like the Don's of the track this weekend! Best of blessings for a safe and win filled trip. Look forward to pics, videos, funny stories, etc.

Andre Rafik said...

what the people wanna know is, whats up with the lil fella, is he aight?