Sunday, April 19, 2009

IFFG Results

The competition in Greensboro went pretty good to me. We had two races, about 45 minutes apart, the first round went off at 11, I ran a fairly decent 13.56 into a 1.6 headwind. I got out there and tried to technique my way through the race and use it as a warm-up. I ended up with the fastest prelim time. The final race went off and I was pretty clear of the field at the second hurdle and went on to the win in 13.30. Richard Phillips, a Beijing finalist, was second in 13.70.

It wasn't the most impressive race on my end, but Brooks' only complaint was that I need to start racing with some adrenaline instead of just going through the motions. I am happy that I came out of the races with zero symptoms in my quad area or any other injury for that matter.

The meet was enjoyable off the track as well. I got to catch up with my old sports information director from Howard Ro Noble (who unfortunately traded us in for S.C. State). Coaches from the high schools that attended the meet also approached me on several occasions thanking me for coming and talking to them during the coaches clinic I came up for earlier in the year.
Our flight left to come back to the house at 7am, I've been up between 4:30-6:30am for the past three days, I'm going to tap out super hard tonight, I might not wake up until practice time tomorrow!


QT said...

Congrats once again...I feel your pouty face on the Nike gear, they could have done better with the design, the color is cool, and as always you make anything look good and more importantly they are lucky to have you wear it and rock it at lightning

ejheat said...

Congrats on winning your last preseason outdoor race before the real season gets started! I do agree with Brooks. You need to get that adrenaline flowing and quit going through the motions. I think your thinking too much about technique, and injuries, and all that bufoonery too much instead of just going out there and doing what you do best! You have a goal to be the best hurdler in the world, and break the world record with the name David Oliver next to the 110m hurdles outdoor world record! I know you can do this, but you have to go out there and do it without thinking about doing it! Don't think have fun! You got the best legs in the world to hurdle, you are an incredible athlete, and it is only a matter of time before you are officially the king of 110m hurdles! Again, don't think just have fun regardless of the Nike color or design, or kind of uniform you where. You know I am not going to sugercoat, and that I will tell it like it is! Yeah, I am getting on you a bit today because I care about you so much, and you mean so much to my life! I do believe in positive reinforement, and I really believe in you David! There is just something special in the air tonight on a very difficult day for me as you know about my older hero and idol, Rick, and my high school band director who got called to be with God on this day 10 and 2 years ago respectively. I can tell you that these angels of mine in heaven were looking out for me today in my love of music because today I got an e-mail from an internet contest that I entered on a Lakeland radio station I listen to for tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert in Tampa at the Paper Forum on Wed evening. I won and I am going with my free ticket to the concert and I am so excited about this! Fleetwood Mac is in Orlando right now in concert at Amway! Hey David, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow!"

Now to my comical side and joking time with you, David. You know David, if you don't stop going through the motions, I am going to get my EJHEAT rocket rollaway bed out for you! Wow, that bed will be hurdling over 10 outdoors for sure in record time, and I will be the record holder with half my body on and off my EJHEAT rollaway rocket bed! I got you there. You probably were thinking I was going to say you would be on that bed with half your body on and off the bed. Got ya! I am sure after these early mornings when you got back to your new home and bedroom that you tapped out with half your body on and off your King David size bed!

One last thing, look for my special e-mail. I got to get some more energy to type it. I typed a long e-mail today to Rick's mom, Sally, and she already replied back to me. Sally is so awesome, and she is reading your blog! Sally said you are quite an athlete, and she loved your curtains. She wants you to hang her new curtains at her house someday. Her husband does not want her hanging curtains...LOL. She might comment to you sometime. She said she is having a hard time figuring out how to sign up and get an account to comment. I hope I can explain it good enough to her to just follow the directions so that she can comment to you! Sally is such a special friend to me! That is the bottom line because me and don't stop thinking about tomorrow Coach E said so!!!!


magic1luv said...

Great job (like usual:)) How do you plan on celebrating your upcoming birthday?

Coach said...

love the new background