Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project Update

Your boy has been getting his Bob Villa on at the new spot! I have put up curtain rods, shelving and cut and hemmed some curtains. Nobody is riding with the fact that I was actually making those curtains like that. Bren, Joyce, nobody. The woman at Bank of America even started laughing at me when I said that. I just chalk it up to hating. I'm shocked too, my own mom and gramma! LOL.

It definitely hasn't been without any hiccups. I have drilled several holes in the wrong spot, but you know, it's trial and error, plus I have some much paint left over from the paint job that I can easily make a repair or two. You can't really tell that anything is messed up.

Hanging those shelves were the hardest part, laser leveling all those screw points and holding the heavy things up to screw in, but it's all in a days work.

I think the last and probably the hardest project I have left will be project clean up, I know that's going to be hell.


Joice said...

Bob The Builder you are not


ejheat said...

I am certainly enjoying project update! Looks like those home ec classes came in handy Bob Villa! You hemming and hanging curtains. I wish there was video of this! Are you sure the curtains were not hung half on the wall and half off the wall? Good thing you have pictures to prove how great of a job Bob Villa is doing hanging curtains!

When your all done with this home project work, you can just rollaway into my EJHEAT Bob Villa new rollaway bed beautifully hemmed with spankin new curtains surrounding the bed for peace and quiet, and have half your body on and off the bed. You know that your boy EJHEAT is goin to be joking with you, my boy D.O., about hanging curtains and rollaway beds!

Electric Ave. in your new house with all that drilling. Guess what, "Electric Ave." is on the radio right now as I type this. Have to stop for a minute and do my dystonic dance! Where are those 6th grade desks and girls when you need them?
Oh yeah, I'm in a silly mood early this morning!

So you drilled some holes in the wrong place. I'm sure you won't have a Humpty Dumpty event and all your walls come tumbling down! Just continue to use all that extra paint you have and become Pablo Picasso Villa and everything will be picture perfect!

I'm waiting to see those Lawrence Welk bubbles blowing around Bob Villa. Oh baby, I'm in a bubbly mood early this morning!

I am still bouncing up and down after that awesome Tribute to Queen concert at the Lakeland Center last night! I had such a great time and met new friends. God really does work in mysterious ways! This guy I met from the Phillipines and lives in Sebring, who was at the concert, actually new what dystonia was! Unbelievable! I finally found another person who heard of dystonia. I now can go to my 2nd hand for my people who heard of dystonia count. Of course, you are on my 1st hand for a person who new what dystonia was! I enjoyed talking to him and the woman he was with. We went down memory lane with real good old music! He knew all the words to the songs and was dancing quite a bit! Hopefully we will stay in touch! I can not wait until the Depeche Mode concert in Tampa in September! So many great bands coming to the Tampa Bay area this year. I can not afford the money to go to all of them. When Depeche Mode comes, it is going to be super awesome!

I once again became part of a show at the Lakeland Center. First, Vickey Lawrence and now Gary Mullen who does an unbelievable job with all these awesome Queen songs decided to make my hat part of his show. He wanted to wear my Florida Marlins floppy hat which I call my magic hat. He really caught me off guard just like Vickey Lawrence did in January! He put my hat on and wore it for about a minute before he gave it back to me. I was so caught up in the moment that I never took a picture! I wish I had took a picture of this. Since he did this, I wonder if my EJHEAT crystal ball is going to have my Marlins win the World Series. Only time will tell! Anything is possible with the right-center field magic of the Marlins. They came up here on March 22 for a rare blue moon trip to Lakeland to play the Tigers. Then did something that is almost unheard of in Spring Training. The Marlins pitchers threw a combined 3 pitcher no hitter! I think I told you this back when it happened. So that mixed with last night makes me think that maybe the Marlins are destined to win the World Series this year! Oh yeah, my boy Brett Carrol who signed 1 of my other magic hats on March 22, had a great game saving catch for the Marlins on the final out Wednesday to sweep the Washington Nationals! It would go in line with my Steelers winning the Super Bowl in Tampa, PSU winning 1st NIT championship and winning game in Gainesville on my bithday, my Pens winning both games I was at vs Lightning this year in the paper forum including clinching playoff spot in Tampa this past Tuesday, and even my Buccos beating Braves at Disney on my birthday! I am on complete sports spoil alert for my teams right now! So many ironic and unbelievable coincidences! I got Gary Mullen's autograph after the show on his concert DVD that I bought, and we talked about the magic hat and he said the reaction on my face was priceless! His band The Works is fantasic! I could go on and on about all of this! Oh Yeah, for the encore they came back out to "We Will Rock You" and ended the show with "We Are The Champions" How perfect for me! Brought back so many great memories including the day you and I met in Gainesville at your Jan indoor meet and so many sports championship memories including you, David, and gave me goosebumps
all over my body! I think I had goosebumps half on and off my body!

You done a real good job on
project King David's new castle, and your cleanup will be icing on the cake for a job well done!

I guess your quad injury must be doing somewhat better if you are climbing all those ladders and doing all this stuff. God is good my special friend!That is the bottom line because me and concert Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

First of all, nothing sexier than a half naked man on a ladder drilling holes into a wall. You killin it!

Secondly, LMAO, you not lyin' about the balancing act and the weight of those wood shelves and the curtain rod! Looks nice on the box and in the store until you get home and open up that heavy box of wood and screws and try to figure out if you got everything in the first place!

I love Home Depot. I am sure they watch a lot of people go through the same thing, customers come for days or weeks on end consistently and then fall off once they are done with turning their house into a home.

Love what's happens post clean up though; sit back, eat some good food, and watch TV as you laugh when you look at the time and replay what it took to get that stand together and those dog gone shelves and curtains up, LOL! None the less, you appreciate your home even more.

Not surprised you have such nice tastes, considering how you treat yourself, your mom, what you wear, your success as an athlete, etc. People typically carry themselves the same all round, congrats on your new spot.

Now play Luther's "A House is Not a Home" for whoever hemmed those curtains for you!

Carla Ino said...

OMG you are causing me shudders of deja vu. I'm STILL getting my home together, after living here four months. I giggled at your last post re: Home Depot, because I find myself up in there ALL of the time. At least you got the curtains hung, I haven't even gotten that far.

BTW, it looks like we have the same bedroom dresser. I knew you had good taste,sir! :)

Congrats on the new crib and keep us posted -- maybe you can share some design ideas!

shantibelle804 said...

wow there's a lot of holes in the wall.
OK i'm done. the crib is starting to look quite lovely mr. oliver! ^_^
let's hope project clean up will be successful.

Coach said...

Please be careful on that ladder!

LaLa said...

Definitely multi-talented! Movin on up I see! Wall color is nice D.

Ms.Mia said...

Looking back at your pics I noticed the Angel Orbs. You know that's what those little circles in pictures mean. You have Angels all around you. Even in your curtains...LOL