Monday, April 6, 2009

Project TV Stand

I set out on a task for today to put together this TV stand I bought from Best Buy. I had a feeling that this wouldn't be an easy task, but it had to get done at some point and time.

I started this project around 11am. I was hoping that I wouldn't mess anything up and that it would turn out exactly how it looked in the picture and at the store. I don't have a good track record with this type of stuff, I'd much rather just pay somebody to do it properly. I figured this is my first house, so I'm going to do all the projects on my own.

I finally completed this thing at 6:30pm.

I wasn't working on it the entire time, I made a run to Home Depot to get a ladder, the smoke detector batteries were dead and they kept making this annoying loud beeping sound that was driving me insane. The ceilings are really high so I had to pick up a ladder. I think I have been going to the Home Depot at least three times a week. I also made a run to Wal-Mart and to Burger King and I had a meeting at my house as well.

I think I put in five man hours of labor on this thing. If it falls apart I am going to be sick!!


Ms.Mia said...

Man you should of called me. I Love doing projects like that. I'm pretty handy when it comes to putting stuff together. I put my dresser and my headboard together own my own. No man needed...LOL
I could of flow down to help you...LOL

Lady1082 said...

YAYYY!! Congrats on the purchase of your first house. I remember a while ago you were wondering when the closing on the house was going to happen. Congrats on putting the TV stand up lol. I am loving those hardwood floors. Have you purchased furniture and decor for your house yet???

I hope everything works out for you with your new "big" purchase and good luck!!

shantibelle804 said...

well umm... see my dad and uncles are good with that type of stuff. but uhhh... WAY TO GO DAVID! cause ummm the TV would've sat on the floor or on a table forever.

ejheat said...

The TV stand looks great and it will NOT fall apart! It looks perfect for your new home! I know how much having your own home means to you! I am so happy for you! I have been praying about all this, and for you so much, David, because I care about you so much! I hope your quad injury is doing better! I'll keep praying holding those pictures of you and me!

I can tell you that God answers prayers from some of the great things that have happened to me that I have been praying about. Also, I've been saying special prayers for my brother, his wife, and their children and believe me God has been answering my prayers for them during their difficult times that they have been going through! It is so awesome seeing God answer prayers. My faith in God and prayer are so important to me! God gave me this outlet on your blog, David, that I have told you so many times has been such therapy for me and a lifesaver! You know I will forever be greatful to you, and loyal to you forever!

Now to that loud smoke alarm beeps. That annoying beep could be a lifesaver for you now that you got batteries for your smoke alarm. As annoying as that noise is, smoke alarms save lives when there is a real fire at somebodies home. I have seen and heard way too many times where people did not have working batteries in their smoke alarms and there was a fire, and they or their family members did not get out alive. This is so sad! Too many peoples lives could be saved if people have working smoke alarms! I have to keep it real and tell it like it is! No sugarcoating!

You and I have something to link us together again. I see that I came in 3rd place in the group NCAA bball bracket and won the bronze medal. You and me now have bronze medals to link us together! Oh yeah, Your bronze medal is and will always be real big time, and mine is real little time and not too big of a deal! That being said, I will have to do my bronze medal dance which is my dystonia dance to "Electric Ave." Watch out 6th grade 1982-83 school desks here I come! I looked good dancing on those desks with the girls back in the day!

Everything I said about the basketball tournament did happen like I said in my previous comments before the tournament started. I guess I just got lucky, and really had know idea what I was talking about before the tournament started! Yeah, I'm being sarcastic again! Of course, I knew what I was talking about! I did beat you, David! You keep listening to me, David, and you will see that I know a little bit of what I am talking about. I will always tell it like it is, and NOT sugarcoat! You did end up in the middle of the pack but should have listened to me when I said that Pitt and Memphis would choke! I always base things on past history and try to learn from past history. People today just keep repeating history!
I try my best to not repeat bad history, and repeat good history. I am not really that smart. It's my faith in God, and seing things God's way, not my way, that really helps me!

I look forward to see what your next project is for your home, and have confidence in yourself like you have when you hurdle on the track that you will do it right and the best. I believe in you, David! You keep rejuvenating me, and keep me going on always and forever! Project TV stand was a success in King David's Castle for sure! That is the bottom line because me and tell it like it is Coach E said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

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McLean Cromer said...

You sound like me when we moved to Winter Park...when the people at Home Depot know you by your first have been there too much! LOL!

Claude said...

Wasnt as hard as it first appeared to be, was it? I used to be intimidated by projects like that, but I reasoned there were a lot of folks with a lot less on the ball than me putting these things together, so it couldnt be that hard. Just pay attention to the directions and have the right tools. Anyway, how's the leg? tested it any since the race? In a kind of related matter, I Hope to see your "Bisons" this Saturday at Charlottesville. They have the basis of a fairly good team this year. Will report back on my personal observations of the results.


Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on your blog, but I follow it pretty consistently. Interesting stuff you discuss. Additionally, I use to be a DIE HARD track fan (and competitor), but sadly, recent events the last couple of years in the sport have sucked some "track life" outta me, BUT its encouraging to see you and some of my friends who compete professionally, keeping it up and doing well. *thumbs up.* Anyhow, that is neither here or there, LOL - my comments:

1) Earlier post - so yeah, I guess I am gullible or something, but when I initially starting reading the post about your boy in the car, I straight up thought like something was wrong for real - I was about to go into prayer mode, LOL! *shrugs*

2) Man I HAD to comment on this-the smoke alarm beeping. DUDE I HATE THOSE THINGS! (well, not really, since it only beeps when the battery needs replacing or there is a fire- and its supposed to be a help and not hinderance, ha)- but yeah - at my sister's crib at one point, that thing would go off...constantly...what made it so bad is that its not TOO loud where you can't concentrate, but its loud and frequent enough where its NAGGING! Your torn between ignoring or attacking it, while simultaneously trying to watch tv or take a nap! lol. I almost ripped it out the ceiling in frustration cuz we didn't have the proper batteries, and I was too lazy to run to the store. lol. The battery was eventually replaced though.

3) Good job on the Project TV Stand. Like you I am not good at that stuff either - EVEN with the directions at times. Mmmm - what can I say.

God Bless.

Andre Rafik said...

how u gon buy a house and not say anything about it?

Miss Earth Maryland said...

Nice floors!... I'll be getting the eco-friendly version of wood flooring (bamboo) installed in my house pretty soon! Oh yeah... good job on the TV stand.