Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Fella Update

I had to go outside and get to the bottom of what was going on. I didn't want to be pushed to calling in the authorities, so I went out to do my own reconnaissance mission.

Under the guise of listening to Rosetta Stone (foreign language unknown), was why he was sitting in the car allegedly. I tried to coax him out of the car, it didn't seem to work.

But around 2:45pm, he was spotted exiting the vehicle, we let out a collective sigh of relief.

After a stand-off of over two hours, Crisis averted.

When questioned by Young Hearns "is everything OK?" Joel retorted "I don't have any idea of what you're talking about."

Might he be disconnected from reality? That is not normal behavior.


Coach said...

very bizarre

Lady1082 said...

Poor baby, David are you being a bully towards Joel lol?? Do you all normally walk around your yard and driveway with no shirts on?? If so where do you live so I can move across the street j/k lol

McLean Cromer said...

I see you all had on the 4700 uniform on today...I think yall missing a doo rag. Lmao!

shantibelle804 said...

oh. i hope ain't nothing seriously wrong with him.

ejheat said...

Some crazy stuff going on in and out of your D.O. house these days! I think I am going to have to get the now 38 over the hill gray haired Sheriff EJHEAT from the mean streets of Western Polk County to get you guys in order! Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do!

As I start my investigation on what is happening to my special "Goofy" Joel, I got a feeling D.O. has been blowing too many Lawrence Welk bubbles and Kenta was playing that Lawrence Welk accordion too much. It was driving Joel Goofy! He needed to get in his car to be with his sweet Rosetta and learn some Spanish curse words to yell at his dear team 4700 roomates that are driving him goofy. At least Joel did not have half his body on and off his car seat!

Sheriff EJHEAT wonders if team 4700 owns any shirts or do they like to just show off their bare chested bodies for all their Osceola County neighbors to see. Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do! Sheriff EJHEAT got some goofy shirts for team 4700 that have pictures of team 4700 with half their bare chested bodies on and off their rollaway beds. The next question is where is Aub in these D.O. pictures and what is he up to! Sheriff EJHEAT does know that D.O. calls Aub, the Gorilla named Travis. Aub must be beating his bare chest somewhere. So many unanswered questions that Sheriff EJHEAT needs answered. Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do! That is the bottom line because me and Sheriff Coach E said so!!!!


Jalana said...

some weird ish...

well, i had to get my c.s.i. too. did some photo analysis. he did appear to have a book or folder of some sorts. so i guess it was legit. i approve of the cautious way you approached him, very non-threatening. good job.

and i bet the neighbors came over to express 'their concern'. bet they run their tails over there every chance they have! don't blame 'em, i would do the same. would have been able to see me in frame 1.. "joel,joel baby you ok? you need cpr, can you breathe in there' david are you tramutized, you need a hug?"

Words of a young womans Reflection said...

I know this is late, but I personally think the "little fella" just needed some space. Sometimes when you are sharing a living quarters with others you need sometime alone.So, what better to get that time than to sit in your car for a while. I think he just needed sometime to gather his thoughts without being around others. I don't think that he was disconnected from reality, but yet just disconnected from the whole housemate thing for awhile. Basically he just needed time away, and when he's ready he will come around talk about it.
Neshia :)

QT said...

Hol' up, wait a minute, where's the Little Fella at?

As the great Bernie Mac would say...."him downstairs".

Maybe he needed some extra special attention cuz him feelins was hurt, so what better way to get it then to do something outlandish and have pictures taken of him, people coming to check on him, etc. Sounds like a well executed plan to me cuz him downstairs got some free advertising and extra special attention on Blogger!!!

In the end, since he wanted some attention and that is exactly what he got, then I must ask...who won that race? Hafta say the Little Fella got crowned on this one, laughin all the way to the bank talkin bout "King Me".

Miss Earth Maryland said...

LMAO!!! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

umm...what? I don't know about the little fella, but if the big fella ever needs any assistance he should holla at me!