Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Little Fella Has Lost It

Around 12:45pm Eastern Standard Time, Joel John Brown aka The Little Fella was seen strolling out of the house barefooted and bare chested. He hasn't been seen since. I take a look out of the window around 1:50pm and to my surprise, he has been holed up in his car just sitting there in the driveway with the car started up.

I don't know what's going on, but this has drawn some concern from myself along with Young Hearns. I believe it may be because Aub wouldn't send him the Trey Songz album on Skype. Hearns is blaming me for my abrasive personality combined with the fact that Ohio State got put out in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Maybe the pressure of the upcoming season is getting to him or he might be suffering from "Kenta Withdrawal Syndrome".

The neighbors have come over to express concern as well.

I am a few minutes away from calling the Osceola County Sheriffs Office. Aub wants to call the Florida Department of Youth and Family Services. Hopefully it won't have to go that far.

Please keep the little fella in your thoughts and prayers.


LaLa said...

Does Joel know your messin with him on your blog. Maybe he just needs some quiet time....

Danny said...

I think the little fella needs a hug! LOL!