Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melbourne Post Race Analysis

This may very well have been the toughest conditions I have had to race in during my career.

I won the event with a time of 13.60 (-2.2 wind), Joel ran second in 13.91. I had a very respectable performance given the conditions, cold, very windy and the occasional rain. You know it was bad when Asafa Powell went out and ran 10.28 LOL!

I am very pleased with the race, I didn't run in to the same issues I had in the first run in Sydney and my technique was right on in many areas and I ran a pretty clean race. Things are looking good for this season and these series of meets gave me something to build upon for the next six weeks until I run the open hurdles again.

I'm off tomorrow for very long travel back home to Orlando. I'm pretty excited to go home, I'm in dire need of a haircut!

Home stretch grandstand, the fans were great
Hooker clowning around during the event
Me and Gary chilling, literally
Xavier coming in with the win in the 200. He dropped 20.96 into a -2.8 headwind. Joel came through in third place in 21.45.
The Disney group has accomplished what we set out to do, the number one goal was to come home uninjured and to see where our fitness levels were for the outdoor season. We have seen that we are right on pace for where we need to be.


ejheat said...

Congrats on another great win in those terrible weather conditions. I am so proud of you. That time seems pretty good to me in those conditions. I am glad your technique for this race was better than in Sydney. It looks like you can go into the Australian night with your warm championship roll away bed. I think I should have got you an igloo roll away bed for this race. You look like a giant eskimo all bundled up in that coat. The picture of you hurdling in this race is amazing. You looked so focused and determined to win no matter what conditions you were dealing with in this cold, damp, and blustery Australian night.

I am just glad they are getting the much needed rain they need there to put out all those horrible fires. I am extremely concerned about this very dangerous fire situation we have here in Florida. Wildfires are breaking out daily, and with no rain for days ahead this situation is really getting scary. So far most fires have been in rural areas, and not threatened most homes or businesses, and only a few people have voluntarily evacuated homes. As the weather gets warmer things will only get worse. It was 31 degrees in my backyard Tuesday morning for yet another morning below freezing. I have never been this concerned about the wildfire situation in the 12 years I have been in Florida. I have seen and been near wildfires in the past, especially 1998,2000,2001. I hope and pray for some significant rain soon, and jost hope and pray for the best, and for people to get their heads out of the sand and realize how bad this situation could become if people are not careful.

I certainly love this beautiful sunny weather and being out in at baseball games or other outdoor events, but I also know that we DESPERATELY need rain. By the way, you will be greeted by 80+ temps when you get back to Orlando. Please have a SAFE trip back. Enjoy that haircut when you get back, but I hope you keep the facial hair growing like mine.

Also, congrats to Xavier on his win, and to Joel on his performances. Team 4700 is making me proud. You guys prize is the following:
WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! I am going to call you guys my X,Y and Z connection. Of course, X is Xavier, Y is Joel, and Z is you, David, for all those Z's you get with half your body on and off my championship roll away KING size bed for my main man King David. That is the botton line because me and the happy Coach E said so!!!!


Lady1082 said...

ejheat is truly your #1 fan LMAO.

Its been a min. since I have posted. Just wanted to say that I am happy that you accomplished everything you set out to do in Australia.

Do you plan on participating in the Penn Relays??

Hope you have a safe and comfortable trip back to Orlando.


shantibelle804 said...

well go head eric! LOL
but i'm a louder fan than him though. =P


LaLa said...

You are a beast on the track!! I'm really happy for you.