Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Melbourne Update/Pre-Meet

I've been in Melbourne for the past four days, I can say that it's not as much to do here as it is in Sydney. It's been fairly cold and rainy since we've been in town, pretty unusual for them at this time of the year, but they need that rain to help with those fires which are almost completely out according to our massage guy who stays up there in that area.

Travel to Melbourne was pretty easy, only an hour and a half away, but it definitely was far from uneventful. On the way to check-in, Hooker's pole vault poles went through the roof at the airport. You know he got away with that! He runs Australia.
We are at some cool apartment style hotel, two bed/two bath spots. The view from my balcony overlooks Olympic Park. Rod Laver Arena where they host the Australian Open in tennis and where we will be competing at are within view.
I haven't done much here, me, X and Gary went and tore down the Nike Employee store out here, I know good and well I don't have enough space for this stuff, but I'll make something happen, I always do.

Aside from tearing down Nike, I've been tearing down "Hungry Jacks", back at 4700 this would be a death penalty charge for swagger jacking. "Hungry Jacks" aka "Swagger Jacks" is a dead ringer for Burger King. Flame broiled burgers and everything.
Yesterday they had your boy in the paper again during a training session. I love the love!
Last night, we hit Australia's version of the NBA Finals, game one. It was a decent game, it came down the wire, but the home team Dragons pulled it out in the end.
At halftime, they interviewed your boy about the upcoming meet, the Olympics and how their brand of basketball compared to ours. I just told them it's comparable because both sets of athletes are working to the best of their abilities, but honestly, that's where the comparisons end. Both the teams were from Melbourne, so it was a split crowd. They asked me for my pick, I chose the Dragons, I could here a little bit of boos raining down on me from up top.
Competition starts here in about eight hours. Right now it's not looking very good outside. I can't even see the Rod Laver Arena. It's pretty cold out and raining. Maury said there is a hope that it will break within the next few hours, but nonetheless, I'm going to lay it all out there tonight. This will be my last outdoor race for quite a while I believe, so I want to go out on a good note. I want to run faster than I did in Sydney, with similar conditions, that wouldn't have been a problem, but we will see.


magic1luv said...

You're very well spoken; it's nice to watch you defeat the stereotype of the "typical elite athlete". I know you'll go out there and show them why you're the best, so I'll congratulate you now on a fantastic performance; keep up the great work. God Bless.

ejheat said...

It is only a few more hours until your race, and I am thinking about you BIG time David. I hope you read this before your race. But if you are currently preparing for your race then it will be a EJHeat pregame/postgame report. Since this is your last outdoor race for a while, just leave it all on the track, and roll away into the Australian night. My EJHeat championship roll away bed will be there to celebrate your victory for my Big Mac 6 pack King David Hercules Hurdling Hat Man. By the way, great to see another D.O. article in the Australian paper. I think the writer of this article might have been reading my previous comments about your 6 pack Big Mac flexing guns, or more likely he has a brain just like mine that came up with these brilliant words. ABSolutley awesome picture, too. Since you tore down that Nike Store, you can tear down your opponents on this Melbourne Track looking good in all your Nike uniform glory. I know your hungry to get this victory, and a better time than Sydney. I am going to rename Hungry Jacks to be Hungry David's in Australia. Take it to the Limit and spread your Eagles wings and Don't Stop Believin' during this amazing Journey. Two great songs by 2 great groups. These are sweet tunes just like your sweet grace over those hurdles on the track.

I have been on my good day runs for several days now and I have been very busy and extremely tired. I not used to doing all this stuff. I wanted to to write this a couple of hours ago, but I was so tired I just tapped out on my bed. Just a minute David, I don't remember falling asleep. I think I might have had half my body on the bed and half my body off the bed...LOL. I just had to be like you, David. The man that keeps me rolling. It looks like you are growing your facial hair kind of like mine in these pictures I think. You look good with the extra facial hair like mine. Keep that up. That is a good look for both me and you. So cool. I am just taking advantage of all these good days. Of course, as you know, you are such a BIG reason why I love life. I BELIEVE in you ALWAYS David. I will be a LOYAL fan to you during the good and bad times always and forever. You are my INSPIRATION each and every day. Keep laughing my friend, I will continue my best to keep the EJHeat comedy coming as well. God Bless. That is the bottom line because me and the sleeping Coach E said so!!!!


shantibelle804 said...

-drools over the newspaper pic-
-composes myself- okay, i'm good =D

hungry jacks? it looks JUST LIKE BK. but BK is better because it was first. =P

as drake drizzy young moolah baby would say, you the fucking best, you the fucking best.
best there ever is! OY! OY! OY!

-continues to drool over the newspaper-

McLean Cromer said...

Thats whats up!!! Hungry Jacks is gettin' brought on charges!!! Newspapers killing the "Big Mac" story but its all good...

clydette said...

How did you do in the compet. Hows the training session going. I enjoy seeing the pictures you posted on the blog and your progress. Keep up the excellent work, and we at Scotts are pulling & praying for you. See you when you get home

maria turner said...

Hey David,

It Looks like you are enjoying yourself downunder.Have you had a chance to see Ayers Rock or any of the wildlife in Australia?Good luck to you and I wish you the best.

Reality said...


***Shaking head*****

Although I'm a female; I saying you're fine . . . like the men say it to me . . . You FINE !!!!!

*** Shaking head****