Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Coach!

It was actually yesterday the 28th, but my days on stuff are still messed up a bit, but anyway......

I had a chance to talk to Brooks on the phone and wish him happy birthday this morning before I headed out to Melbourne. I honestly have no idea how old he is for real, I have always heard conflicting reports.

This man is directly responsible for the all of the accomplishments and successes I have had in the sport of track and field. Who knows what I would be doing right now if it wasn't for that chance meeting at the Olympic Trials in 2004. I'm sure I wouldn't be the #1 hurdler in the U.S. or an Olympic Medalist.

Happy birthday again Brooks! Thanks for everything.


ejheat said...

I hope Coach Brooks Johnson had a wonderful birthday. Guess what David, It is still Coach Brooks birthday in Hawaii as I type this message. Aloha!!!! That chance meeting, David, was part of God's plan for your life. I have to thank Coach Brooks because he continues to help make you the #1 hurdler in the world. Indirectly Coach Brooks has had an effect on my life because of what you have meant to my life, David. Think of the positive effect Coach Brooks has had on so many young mens' lives in track and field. This is all part of God's wonderful plan for us all. God Bless You Coach Brooks Johnson.

David, you did get to honor Coach Brooks with your hat on his birthday. I have added on to my Hercules hat man comment, and now call you, David, the Hercules Hurdler Hat man for you on this first day of March for most of us, but still Feb 28 and Coach Brooks birthday in Hawaii.

By the way David, I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. I can tell you that I will be 38 on March 24. There are no conflicting reports on how old I am going to be in a few weeks.
This is the bottom line because me and the birthday singing Coach E said so!!!! Aloha!!!!


sunday q said...

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Claude said...

Man, I cant believe Brooks has been around as long as he has. I remember going over to St. Albans High School in DC in the early
1970s to watch Brooks coach the Sports International Track Team. Sports Internation at the time was one of the premier post graduate track clubs in the country. Brooks was a no-nonsense guy even back then. The Sports International team was composed many olympians who competed in the 1968 and 1972 games. They did it Brooks way or the highway. You're in good hands with Brooks. I know you're working hard because he does not book any insubordination of any kind. He's been good for you and your career.