Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness!!

The seeds and the brackets have been set! One of my favorite times of the year is now upon us. The outdoor season is starting up officially around the country and the NCAA basketball tournament is kicking off this week.

I have plenty of memories from this tournament, from my favorite NBA player Larry Johnson leading his collegiate team UNLV to the Final Four when I was in fourth grade to last year, while taking an ice bath watching Slingbox, finding out that Stephan Curry from Davidson is a pure assassin.

I have filled out my bracket, I only fill out one per year. I think those people that fill out several brackets are lame.

My two favorite teams are Memphis and Louisville, they have the possibility to meet in the Final Four, so hopefully that will happen.

Hop on Yahoo! Sports and join my group.

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Ms.Mia said...

Actually you know what....

Just go to this link
It wasnt letting me post it on my blog. LOL

Ms.Mia said...

Did you get the link?

Carla Ino said...

I'm so proud of my Michigan Wolverines making it back to the tournament for the first time in 11 years! I filled out my bracket today, which is probably horrifically wrong and will embarrass me terribly. I need to join a "I don't follow college ball, but I did a bracket anyway" pool. Holla at a sista if you come across that. :)

Andre Rafik said...

dont matter how many brackets u fill out, you still aint gettin em all right

McLean Cromer said...


ejheat said...

I did join up in your group. I am not a big fan of this tournament, and I have never done 1 of these before. I thought I had nothing to lose by just guessing because that is what this really is a guessing game. I figure if I lose so what, but it sure would be cool to win over all you track guys. It's a win-win situation for me. I picked Robert Morris to win the whole thing. NOT!!!! I'm just joking. Robert Morris is the pride of Moon Township, PA near the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. I figure they could just fly to the moon and win the whole thing as they would be floating around on cloud 9. I even had my rollaway championship bed ready for them to float around on with half their bodies on and and off the Robert Morris Mooning rollaway championship bed...LMAO. Ok, I am getting silly again.

The only time I really got into college basketball was when I was at Penn State. It was a lot of fun going to games in the student section doing chants like "Ref, you suck" and so many other interesting chants. Penn State sucked so much in basketball over the years that they are just an afterthought in college basketball. Can not wait for college football again. The heck with college basketball. I believe that the college basketball system is more stupid than the college football system. At least UNBIASED computers decide the majority of that stupid system. This college basketball system of BIASED humans sitting on a commitee putting teams in brackets is a joke. PSU had no chance to make it even though they should have because of their no baketball tradition. The pathetic politics of this committe left them out, as well as, other deserving teams because of a system that puts Robert Morris and Cornell, etc. for winning their little conferences, and real deserving teams get left out. What a joke! PSU has a great player in Cornley who will have to showcase his skills in The NIT. Another useless tournament. I know PSU beat George Mason tonight in Happy Valley. So, we will have a "mythical"champion of the NIT and some college football bowl games that mean absolutely nothing. The college sports system just does not make sense. We get a "mythical" national champion in college football decided by computers, and if you really think about it we get another "mythical" champion in college basketball because a BIASED committe picking teams and putting them in brackets is just not fair. By the way, PSU beat Michigan St. at their house, beat Purdue at home and beat Illinois at their house and at home. They are all part of this NCAA tournament. What a joke this system is! So, in reality we do not have the best 64 teams in the NCAA tournament and once again we will have a "mythical" national champion in college basketball again and my guess is North Carolina will be this years "mythical" national champion. My family all likes Pitt. They are chokers in all sports. They are the only football team that could go to a meaningless bowl game and get shout out 3-0. Somehow Pitt found a way to pull this one off. Memphis chokes too. Remember last year. So, I guess that Memphis will not be "mythical" champions. This is probably the first time that you and I disagreed about anything on your blogs. But you know that I have love for you my boy D.O., whether we agree or disagree. I guess you and I in a debate over this NCAA basketball tournament would be interesting and must see tv. Let's face it, You are a better athlete,David, than all these college basketball and football players anyway. You are a real champion and my real champion King David. We will leave the "mythical" champions to college football and basketball. That is the bottom line because me and the real Coach E said so!!!!


Ms.Mia said...

Ok, how are we looking bracket wise now? I havent been keeping up since earlier today, have you? I didnt feel as bad when my boss told me that there were 8 other folks that were in the bottom as well, my name was just at the end because of my last name....LOL
I was bout to be mad at you...

P.S. I got the nerve right? When you helped me out...LOL

Ashley Vann said...

Eric are you for real about Memphis. Choked!! Memphis chokes? How can you call a last minute shot that was luckily made, us choking. Are you serious? Do you really know what you are talking about? I doubt it because PITT definitely almost got upset by ETSU. We'll be in Detroit. Memphis isn't new to this. Check our record. Go Tigers!!!!

ejheat said...

Ashley, the fact is that your Memphis team choked last year! It is very obvious to me reading your comments that you see things with rose-colored glasses. Oh, yeah, Derrick Rose was 1 of those chokers last year in that final game. First of all, I do believe that Memphis blew a big lead in that game. To call that a lucky shot is just nonsense. It is called BAD Memphis defense to allow Kansas to get off that shot!!!! Also, the Memphis coaching was a disaster. It seemed like those Memphis players were completely clueless as to what was going on at that time!

I am not Pitt fan!!!! I said that my family are Pitt fans! I also said that Pitt finds ways to choke in all sports! Pitt basketball has never gotten past the Sweet 16 ever! I know Pitt struggled in their 1st 2 games. Memphis had to comeback in their 1st game in the late stages of the game to beat CSU Northride. I like how you just happened to leave that out in you comments. Did you see the powerhouses that CSU Northridge beat this season? I didn't think so! I know Memphis has gotten far in the past, but they choke when it counts! Now, maybe they will be in finals and win and maybe Pitt will be in finals and win. I can only go on what has happened in past history, and it is called CHOKERS!!!!

I am sure you are a great person Ashley. I am glad my comments brought you and I together on this awesome D.O. Blog. I love your passion for your team, but you need to see it the way it is! I am a person who tells it like it is on everything in life!!!! NO SUGERCOATING!!!! We will all see what happens, and who is playing 2 weeks from tonight in the finals. Take care Ahsley!!!!


Ashley Vann said...

Oooookay, Eric.

After the game last night, I am sure you are smiling from ear to ear. In your reply I found a lot of accusations, assumptions, use of stigmas, and etc. So to counter whatever argument you may make in two weeks, I will use this time to grieve and produce the closing argument to this matter. Go TIGERS!!!!!

P.S. Your comment correlating Rose with my vision of not seeing the truth: (1) was not cute; and (2) will not shatter my beliefs for the Tigers success.

For all Tiger fans and aspiring Tiger fans. Don't lose hope, and don't forget we have the #2 and #3 Best High School Players committed to playing for the Tigers. We will definitely be there next year.

ejheat said...

Well, the tournament is over and we got North Carolina as the NCAA basketball champions. I guess I have no idea what I am talking about Ashley! I sure did a great guessing job because everything I typed on this comment section before it happened did happen! I must of got lucky and looked at my EJHEAT crystal ball!

I could not help laughing from your reply because you said I used accusations, assumptions, stigma's. I guess when you said " do really know what your talking about?" wasn't an accusation by you, Ashley. The difference between you and me is that I tell it like it is and you sugarcoat the way you want it to be. I said Pitt and Memphis would choke and NC would win the tournament. You only went on about Pitt and your bias and homer for your Memphis team keep you from seeing reality! I can only imagine what you would say now about Coach Cal taking the money and run to Kentucky. Who knows now about those high school recruits and what they are going to do. I hope they go to Memphis and play Kentucky next season in the tournament and beat them. See Ashley, I am NOT a Memphis hater! I was just telling it like it is about Memphis choking in NCAA tournament and not winning it all based on history that they would do it and choke again. People need to learn that history does repeat itself and learn from it. The problem is that we live in a suger coated society today that doesn't learn from the past and can not see reality properly these days!

Kentucky paying Coach Cal all that money is such a crime! This is sad for all of college sports. It makes me sick how a college could pay this much money to 1 man to coach basketball. They will probably have to raise tuition, room and board, etc, at KU. Somebody will have to pay for this much money going to 1 person.

I have a neurological condition called dystonia and this disease and all the other diseases that need money for research that few people even know exist could use this money! NOT some overrated greedy coach! This is what really makes me sad and upset!

Remember, basketball and all sports is just a game and entertainment for all of us to enjoy! Not life or death!

I am sorry it bothered you about my rose colored glasses comments! I do have a sense of humor! If that really bothers you so much, then I feel sorry for you! You should live with a disease that has no cure and then I will show you something that would really bother you! I hope you do NOT have any serious health conditions to deal with in your life!

I am thankful for what I have and my faith in God and prayer is very important to me. I love being funny and making people laugh. I make fun of myself all the time including making fun of my own dystonia condition so that other people will get a good laugh. Get used to my sense of humor, Ashley, and my sarcasm and wit because I will make other people laugh forever! I hope you can somehow understand this! I am a very kind and caring person, and would do anything for anybody! Everybody that knows me, knows what I do for them. I am the best friend a person can have. I love giving and doing things for other people and supporting people. I am the most loyal person you will ever meet. I bet you would like me if you got to know me! I will be praying for you Ashley!!!!


Ashley Vann said...


After all that has happened during the offseason and our final game, I would hope that sympathy would be taken upon me. I am really distraught. Our recruited players aren't coming anymore. We still don't have a coach. Everyone that we have interest in seems to somehow get a contract extension. So woe to my team.

In reading comments, texts, or anything that is typed it is hard to know which tone is being used. With all of my comments that were made, I was never upset or mad. I am loyal, can't nobody say nothing, and there won't be nothing fan for Memphis. Now, I am not breaking beer bottles or vandalizing property, but I will always support them as long as I live. So, I hope my respones have not struck you or rubbed you the wrong way. I in no means wanted to offend you or anyone, but just offer my support for the Memphis Tigers. Seeing how we are going to have an eventful season next year, you can expect me to keep talking. Until next season, take care.

If you predict the NBA champs this year, I might need to use your crystal ball to start placing bets. Because for any tournament, championship, or bracket, if my team is in it I am picking them to win it. I could never support another team.

Go Tigers!!!!

ejheat said...

Everything is all good between you and me Ashley! You did not offend me, and I look forward to next season when we can do this all over again!

All that has happened to Memphis might be a blessing in disguise. When they do find their new coach, he might bring in a whole new better attitude that gets away from that choke mode, and instead gets in that championship mode mentality of winning it all with complete confidence! It may take some time to get the right talented recruits now that those other recruits are not coming. But in time, a championship might just be in the cards, and my EJHEAT crystal ball for Memphis! Change can be good!

I will have to see what my EJHEAT crystal ball has to say next year. For now I am getting ready for my NBA crystal ball predictions. If I get this right, I might have to start placing bets! Well, maybe not! I do not like to bet money on sports! I just like to do it for the fun of it for free!

You know I will be talking again and telling it like it is! Until next season, take care Ashley!