Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Sydney Track Classic Men's 110m Hurdles


ejheat said...

Thanks for posting this great video. I keep watching it over and over again. It looked like you got out of the blocks pretty well in this race. I guess you had to knock over hurdle 6 in this race in honor of your 6 pack abs BIG David Oliver. I like how you and Joel are really pushing each other to the limit in these races. I guess you guys are taking your practice routine,and really executing it properly during your races. Practice makes perfect. Take it to the limit while you enjoy this great journey. This sounds like a great song.

It looked like you were ready to tapp out right there on the track. I think Joel was asking you if you were going to dinner with him, and you said, "Just a minute," and do not even remember saying this as you tapped out right there on the Sydney Track. I got your 110m hurdles championship roll away bed for you right there on the track so that you could have half your body on the bed and half your body off the bed..LOL. Wow, I am on a roll today. Are you laughing yet? I love joking around with you, David, and I always hope I make you laugh because I love laughing and being silly. You have such a great laugh and your personality is so awesome. I love your confidence. Flex those guns Big David Oliver my Hercules Hurdler Hat man. I know you will be shooting for another BIG victory and even better time on that Melbourne Track this Thursday. That is the bottom line because me and the comedian Coach E said so!!!!


Rashad Grigsby said...

Lmao EJ is a true fan to the utmost...keep it rollin D.O.

QT said...

Nice video. I would have fell out too because that track would have looked like a CAL KING Goose Down bed with 1000 count sheets full of fluffy pillows, lol.

As my granpa would say, "son, ya dun good".

Prayers for rest and rejunvenation in between all these flights!

LaLa said...

Love watching you do your thing!