Thursday, March 12, 2009 Shutting Down???

Man, it seems a devastating day is upon us. One of my favorite websites that I frequent on a daily basis might catch the bullet due to these economic times.

Trackshark was the original place I had a blog. Back in 3003-2004, my senior year at Howard, they contacted me about hosting one, which I said yes to.

I think that you may still be able to google my blog on Trackshark and find out what a young D.O. was up to back in the day. I think it was pretty interesting. People use to ask me all the time when was the new post coming out.

I hope that something will happen to reverse this decision, make sure you hit the website up to enjoy it if you haven't already.


ejheat said...

I hope they do reverse the decision. It is a sad sign of the times with so many things closing and shutting down due to these tough economic times. I can tell how much you love this website. I am so glad you told us about your old blogs on this website from your Howard days. As your most loyal fan, I have already started reading these old blogs of yours and they are so awesome. I will read through them all. Everything single thing about your life, David, from the past, present, and, future fascinates me. This past week I really thought about the positive effects you have on my life. It is just absolutely incredible, amazing, and awesome. I have been commenting on you blog for over 6 months now, and it has just been the best therapy ever for me. Where would I be without you David! Like I told you before, you have really been a lifesaver for me. I hardly ever used to comment on any blogs or anything before, and now I love commenting what I am thinking because I realized how much it has helped me through the emotional distress I get from my dystonia condition and health problems. I have you and your blog to thank for this David. As I started to read your old blogs on this trackshark website, one of the 1st blogs I read was a life changing meet for you at Penn State. I really got emotional because I realized that my connection to PSU being an alum and this meet connected us together in a way that I never imagined. Also, when I was wearing my PSU shirt the first time we met in Gainesville with the pictures of us together made me realize that this was all destiny and in God's plan for our lives. Both these things happened at the end of January 1 week apart from each other 5 years later. Ironically 2004 and 2009 are the same calendar days. I also realized from just starting to read your old journals that you loved to sleep and get those z's. It is interesting that I mentioned this in my last comments about you being my Z connection as part of my X,Y,Z connections of Xavier, Joel, and you ,David, in the Melbourne meets. I have been joking about the rollaway beds with you that has created a life of its own. I am sure back at Howard when you were so exhausted from track practice and classes that you could have used 1 of my rollaway beds because I know you would have had half your body on and off my college D.O. version rollaway beds...LOL All of this and so many more things have become destiny for this special relationship. This is what life is really about. I would have never known about these old blog journals of a young D.O. if you had not blogged about this trackshark website. It is all destiny my friend. Again, there is always something good that can come out of something that is bad. Good always prevails and wins in the end. God is good! That is the bottom line because me and the destiny Coach E said so!!!!


RoyceLyndsay said...

Just stoppin by to say Wassup! Peace out!

Coach said...

Im a trackshark regular also.You find out the inside scoop on alot of things at trackshark. Its NCAA Indoor coverage and interviews were great.