Friday, March 20, 2009

PreRaceJitters Radio Show Interview

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with PreRaceJitters' Jay Hicks. We covered a variety of topics, we had a great conversation.

Check out the interview at PreRaceJitters.

Jay also revealed my March Madness picks, I'm pretty sure my bracket has been busted by now!


LaLa said...

SIGH...I need not say more.

ejheat said...

Great interview David! I will be listening to it at least 38 million more teams in honor of my 38th birthday tomorrow! Well, at least 12.95 and maybe 12.85, or even better 12.75 million more times in honor of you, David, when you get that world record. The NFL question was very interesting. I am still in the process of reading your old Howard blogs. Sounds like you were the asskicker wide receiver on your flag football team. You got the body to be a wide receiver or tight end. OOM PA PA! Your body is in better shape than many NFL players. I know you are not big on playing in team sports, and you love doing your own thing in individual sports. That is why your are my #1 favorite individual sports athlete alive. The thing I love about you, David, is that you are exactly the same person on an interview as you are in person for everyday life. I really noticed that in Gainesville when we talked. I think that is so awesome! Speaking of Gainesville, how incredible that Penn State will play Gators in the same arena where we first met with my PSU shirt on and Steeler hat in our pictures together. PSU and Florida have only played 2 times in history in basketball and the last time was 1982, the year you were born David. They split the games and both were in Gainesville. Thanks to PSU sports website for this info. The incredible thing and weird thing about this is because that PSU got snubbed from NCAA tournament they will be playing on my birthday tomorrow and the last time they played was the year you were born. Another incredible amazing thing that links you and I together, David, in a way I would have never imagined at the end of January when I saw you. This is all so wild, and the fact that the pathetic politics of college basketball and PSU no basketball tradition got them a 2 seed while Florida recently winning back to back NCAA titles get 1 seed in NIT so they have to play in Gainesville. What a load of crap that is! I am so sick of the Florida Gators! I think you are too, David! I am not expecting PSU to win, but I will still be pissed if they lose to the Gators on my birthday! They might have to roll me away with half my body on and off my birthday rollaway bed if they lose. I would like to reward my PSU Lions a championship NIT rollaway bed back from New York City, but they got to get there first. Their rollaway beds would go right to the jail cell door of my negative 5 star old dorm room in Hamilton Hall at PSU with the whole team receiving their NIT rollaway trophy with half their bodies on and off my old EJHEAT rollaway dorm bed!!!!
It looks like I got Ashley a little upset with my comments. I will be responding to that next and your Disney track meet. So, stay tuned David!!!!
That is the bottom line because me and birthday Coach E said so!!!!