Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rap Battle

Kenta Bell aka "Killa Kenwood", an aspiring rap artist, has decided to go the 50 Cent route in trying to make a name for himself in the rap game.

Andre Sturvidant aka "Arsonal Productions", a guy who comments on the blog often, is a music producer in the Atlanta area. Kenta, somehow got his hands on a beat or two from his rap manager Aubrey "Young Hearns" Herring that Dre made.

Kenta decided he was going to start by coming in to my room with a few bars he has made dissing me! I told him that I'm going to take the Jay-Z route on this one, I will only give him a few bars:

As far as Kenta/
Who's as black as a kettle/
I aint worried about him/
'Til he can produce an Olympic Medal

He decieded he didn't want any work from me, so he moved on, plus "Killa Kenwood", who is staying the living room of MY house while he's down in Orlando, is about to find himself homeless if he continues to try to sneak diss me. LMAO

Part two of the story goes like this: "Young Hearns" alerted Dre that Kenta got a hold of one of his beats and is going to make a rap song so he can have something to get him crunk for his warm-up at the meets.

Dre's response was this, "If his raps are anything like his shape-ups look, then I don't even want to hear it!"

For those of you that don't know what a shape-up aka line-up is, that is the crisp outline of your hair, this is mainly prevalent in the black community. When you talk about another black mans hair cut, that is a helluva diss.

So we will see what happens, as I type, Kenta is in the living room with a book and pen in hand, this ought to be funny!

So we have "Killa Kenwood" V "Arsonal", I will keep you posted.

We obviously have nothing better to do in between workouts. I guess it's better than out committing crimes against humanity like other people we know.


Lady1082 said...

Ok I need a good laugh, these moments have to be documented for me to see it in action. You need to pull out your video camera and post this on youtube.

That is a big NO NO to talk about a man's shape up especially if it is crooked or its thinning out, that will mess with his self esteem in the worst way LMAO!!

Ya'll need to find hobbies asap lol.

Please keep us posted because this is just too hilarious.

ejheat said...

A rap battle. I was expecting a Lawrence Welk battle playing the accordion and blowing bubbles! My parents would have loved that! Can you imagine Kenta playing the accordion? Cut the Music! Hey D.O. if Kenta keeps dissing you, I can get you 1 of my rap away rollaway beds that will be sure to roll him right out of your house with half his body on and off this bed. Kenta has to shape up or ship out. You just rap him up and roll him out. Rock and roll baby! I am on a rap and roll baby! LOL

I think you guys need this now over the hill gray haired white 38 year old man to be the rap judge. Who could know more about rap music than me!!!! You mean to tell me that "867-5309" is not a rap song. What about "Come on Eileen" or maybe "Electric Ave" I love that Eddy Grant rap! In the 6th grade we used to dance on the desks to "Electric Ave." I could bust a move back in my younger days. Me and a fairly large girl for her age at the time were movin and shakin it back then in the early 80's on those classroom desks! LMAO! OOM PA PA!

Ironically in the free birthday line at Disney yesterday I ran into this sweet 36 year old March 24th birthday gal and University of Florida grad and her boyfriend and all we did was talk about music from the 80's and some from the 70's like music from Queen. We talked about basketball and football, too. Oh yeah, how about those PSU Lions pullin' out that birthday basketball victory in Gainesville for me. That was certainly icing on the cake for me! My Buccos beat the Braves as well 5-2! Unbelievable and so cool for EJHEAT!!!! What a birthday with my parents at Disney. Oh Yeah, Steeler Nation took over Disney. I kept runnin into Steeler fans and March 24 birthdays like me. So many people born on March 24! We got pins to wear and people kept wishing me happy birthday. I felt a little bit like a celebrity for a day. I was ready to sign autographs and take pictures with all my adoring fans! Oh, that's right I have severe writer's cramp and can hardly sign my name. Well, it is not legible like so many athlete's autographs these days! It was back to reality today! I got my picture with a stone Goofy. It was great to see Joel. I got a free R2D2 Star Wars pin. I guess the Darth Maul is part of me now and you, David. I saw my Mickey and Minnie. We parked in Minnie. David, you looked good as Mickey. I think I saw Aub the gorilla in Disney too, and his name was Travis according to you David! LOL

Maybe Kenta can win the Queen of rap. I am sure he can at least rap "We Will Rock You" or "We are the Champions." The judge says Kenta can always be the Minnie of Rap Disney. I think it is time for the EJHEAT rollaway bed rap tune called "Shake, Rattle, Roll Like it Hot" Dre needs to make my tune a big hit. This rap tune will be off the rollaway bed charts. Dre can rap it with half his body on and off my EJHEAT rap rollaway beds. Hit the music! That's a rap for tonight kids. Until tomorrow,that is the bottom line because me and rap Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

Thanks for keepin it supaREAL after a very unREAL day. Now I'm back to reality with a big cheesy grin on my face that will likely carry me through the 10 hours of meetings I have to be in all day Thursday.

Keep us posted, this is some funny ish!

McLean Cromer said...

might have to come film "killa kenwood" diss video....LOL

Andre Rafik said...

Do not bark up that tree, the tree will fall on you!

shantibelle804 said...

LMAO! well uhhh. glad to see that yall have found something productive to do in yall spare time.

D.O. tha kangggg. check tha mixtape coming out 20??