Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Set A New Personal Best..........

And it's not what you are thinking!

Disney hosted a meet yesterday, one that we were initially not suppose to run in. We entered in the meet late in the week, originally just to run the preliminary round. You know me though, if they have two races, you better believe I will run both times!

Anyway, here's were my personal best comes in to play: I spent over seven hours at a track meet. Never before had I spent close to that amount of time at a meet. Even in college, the meets would last for only four or five hours.

I got to the track around 7:30am, the prelim heat was at 9:15am. In the prelim, I ran 13.39. Joel won his heat in 13.61. Both of our times were wind-aided, you would have been hard pressed to find a legal wind out there.

So we just chilled in the weightroom until I final went off at 2:00pm. I ate a protein bar and just chilled and chopped it up with Kenta, Aub, Randy and Moushami.

The finals went off, I won in 13.36, with Joel second in 13.47. That race was aided by a 4 meter per second wind. I nearly lost it over nine and ten, I am definitely not in possession of the type of quickness needed for a race that severely wind aided. I needed June/July quickness, I don't have that grooved in yet.

The main objectives of the race were met: Another chance to get over ten, put on a show for the home fans and come away injury free.

I probably took a hundred pictures and signed twice as many autographs. This meet had a lot of high school teams and they were really excited to see us professionals compete. They had a good time, so I'm happy for them to see us in action as well.

Today will be a lazy Sunday, just post up around the house and hit the grill for some steaks and burgers and watch the Tournament. Surprisingly, I'm sitting in 4th place in our bracket challenge.

Here's the video from our preliminary and final race, enjoy.


LaLa said...

You and Joel left them in the dust! Can't wait to see the pics. Enjoy your Sunday!

Carla Ino said...

I was in Orlando yesterday, wish I had known! Can't watch the video from my phone but I'll check it from work tomorrow. Good luck with the rest of your bracket..mine is all jacked up now. :(

Ms.Mia said...

Ok. So does this mean that WE are both in 4th place? Did you use the exact same one that you gave me...LOL

ejheat said...

It really has been a busy weekend for me. My parents have been here for awhile and will be here through April 2. I went with my dad to hockey game in Tampa Saturday evening. Hockey is the best live team sport to watch in person! Hockey is the worst sport to watch on TV! The Lightning are horrible and found a way to lose in a shootout after tying the game to force a scoreless overtime and then shootout where they sucked! A few weeks ago I saw my hometown Penguins beat Lightning. That was fun. It was like a Pittsburgh Pens homegame. A Let's Go Pens chant started several times in the Paper Forum. Pens won game! On Saturday, I wanted Lightning to win and the Thrashers won with the Pens former goalie. He made the saves in the shootout! He didn't have to do much on those pathetic shots by Lightning! I love hockey live! Baseball with friends and my parents on Friday, and after dinner we got in the middle of a horrible high speed police chase here in Lakeland. There were so many police cars from all over. It was crazy. One of the police cars almost hit my dad as he was trying to pullover. Thank God my dad still has good reflexes or we probably would have been in a bad accident! My angels in heaven and 1 particular person who I am going to tell you about someday was watching over me and my family. I just do not think these police cars should be going this fast in a busy business distict at 6PM in evening. It is a miracle this situation was not any worse than it was. The world has really gone crazy especially down here in Florida and people are at wits end and are just so crazy these days. That guy that the police were chasing finally got boxed in by the police, and he shot and killed himself. He had fired at the police earlier and carjacked a another car after he crashed his car and that is why police were really after him. No police officer got hit thank God. He did shoot 1 person in leg when he robbed a store and that is how this sad and tragic situation got started. It could have been so much more worse!!!!

On Sunday I went to see my Florida Marlins make a rare Spring Training trip to Lakeland to play Tigers. I was rewared with a no hitter by the Marlins. Pretty much unheard of during Spring Training. A 3 pitcher combined no hitter with Ricky "nasty" Nolasco pitching amazing 7 no hit innings. What a great pre-birthday present this was! Some more right-center field Marlin magic. Brett Carroll had RBI into right-center field in 2-0 win. I also got my boy Brett Carroll's autograph and the 2nd pitcher for Marlins autograph on my magic hat after the game. Brett Carroll is same age as you David, and I am really pulling for him to make the big league opening day roster this year!

Now to your race at Disney, D.O. It looks like in the video that you ran away with the prelim race, and after your pb best long waiting time around the track, you beat Joel again to be the King of Disney again! Yes, King David, You are Mickey Mouse of Disney again, and Joel is the Disney Goofy again! What else is new! I will have to get a Mickey Mouse rollaway bed for you, David, and a Goofy rollaway bed for Joel, and of course Mickey and Goofy will have to have half their bodies or whatever you call the bodies of these characters on and off my Disney EJHEAT rollaway beds!

It is great that those high school kids got to see what a pro you are, David, on and off the track. I am so proud of you for being such a great role model for all these kids!!!!

Speaking of Disney, My parents and I will be at Disney tomorrow for my 38th birthday! We will see Mickey and Goofy at the Magic Kingdom! It is free on birthdays to go this year. So you better believe I am taking advantage of that. If I am not to tired by 6PM, then we are going to hit my pathetic 16 consecutive losing season Pittsburgh Pirates as they take on Braves in your world David. It would be hard for me to see my Buccos win baseball game, and PSU basketball win on my birthday. It sure would be cool if they both won, but I am not counting on it. I will be wearing my Pittsburgh Pirate t-shirt as I am a loyal fan. I will be wearing my Pittsburgh Steelers hat. Talk about 2 organizations moving in different directions. Pirates losing 16 consecutive years and Steelers winning Super Bowl in 2 of past 4 seasons! I got to find a way to show my PSU love, too. I think I will go into Disney with my PSU shirt on and then take it off during afternoon and wear my Pirate t-shirt as the day gets warmer. So, I got a busy birthday. I just hope I continue to have good days overall from my dystonia and health conditions. I really was too exhausted the last few days to be on the computer typing comments. I am exhausted now from all this typing. Please say a special prayer for me, David, because I got some bad news when I went to the doctor Saturday morning about my blood pressure being real high. I have never had high blood pressure before in my life and I was jsut stunned by this. Having good blood pressure was something I could always count on! Please pray for me that this was just a 1 day thing for me on that morning. I have so many other health isssues to deal with that I just can not stand to get this thing. The good news is that my ear and the liquid in my ear just seemed to be an ear infection and not the worst case scenario. So hopefully, I do not have Meniere's disease. I just will have to see what happens with this stuation. So, that is good news! I know your prayers and me being able to write on your blog continue to be my big time lifesaver and great therapy for me. Thanks David!!!! That is the bottom line because me and birthday Coach E said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you smoked them all! Speaking of videos, I just got the new Flip. It's small so I can take it everywhere and shoot a video whenever. And you can design it however you want to trick it out. Check it out at And you need to come to Dallas!!

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
Are you sure you and Joel were running against professionals? You left them in the dust! It look like you were running against
kids. Keep up the good work.
Aunt Celest