Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sydney Track Classic Results

Joel was throwing up before the race, I felt like I might have had to after the race! I felt very out of rhythm at the end of the race and I was tired! I know you're probably thinking, "how on earth could he be tired after running a 110 hurdle race?" Anyone out there with any experience knows that the first race outside after racing indoors is a monster! That's why I love outdoors, the 110s are a man's race, everybody who's worth anything can race you well for five hurdles which is indicative of my indoor performances, I won all my races by mere hundredths of a second and on an occasion thousandths of a second.

Anyway, the race went very well, I won with 13.29 seconds (0.0w). I broke Colin Jackson's previous meet record in the process. I felt I should run in this range to open up the season. My previous season openers were 2005: 14.14 (UCF Invite), 2006: 13.62 (Disney Invite), 2007: 13.36 (Disney Relays Prelim, 13.26 final), 2008: 13.42 (Disney Relays Prelim, 13.33 final).

I'm happy with that opener, it definitely sets me up well. I know once I get my race rhythm back that I will be just fine. My breathing was off for the last few hurdles, but that will come with more race modeling as well. I'm excited for the race next Thursday in Melbourne, I think that since I got the first one out of the way, I will have a little more confidence going over the ten and be able to attack it harder and run a little faster.

The fans were great, my left hand and shoulder are pretty sore this morning, must have been all the autographs I signed. I don't mind and I try not to miss one for the kids.

Unfortunately, I have to bid Sydney adieu, off to Melbourne in a couple of hours.

Getting my "Brooks Johnson" on with the hat game

Paul Doyle and Joel talking about what Asafa was about to run in that quarter, Paul called at least a personal best by one second for Asafa.
Bat and Joel
Xavier tapped in an interview after that 400, he ran a good race, just took it out a little too fast.Aussie Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Hooker. He won the competition on this jump


QT said...

You have traveled many time zones in a very short period, I'd be tired too!

I still wonder why birds wings don't get tired since they fly majority of the time and why fish don't get tired of swimming all over the ocean. If they could talk they would probably break it down for us the way you have.

Congratulations on gettin' it str8 out the (outdoor) block for '09. Safe travels...

p.s. Threw The Obama Presidential win shot up in honor of our first black family and in honor of your first outdoor win for '09 on this last day of black history month here in the US...Holla!

ejheat said...

And the winner is: David Oliver. Yes!!!! This is awesome. You are a real man and a real winner, David. Congrats on breaking the previous time for this meet. I am so proud of you, and love you my friend for going out there in the great outdoors of beautiful Sydney and performing through all these time zone changes, and the exhaustion of running the extra hurdles of the outdoor track. David, nobody in this world looks better than you DO going over those hurdles. That picture on here just shows how graceful and amazing you perform jumping over these hurdles. This really is your calling in life, as well as, all the lives you continue to touch. It is all part of God's plan for your life, David. Last night, I woke up at 4AM and the first thing I said to myself was I wonder if D.O. is about ready to run in this meet. Speaking of autographs, I keep your autographs on those posters from Gainesville right next to my bed, and touch your autograph, and hold the pictures of you and I from Gainesville, and say a special prayer for you all the time. It is a part of my daily routine. I know the inspiration you have given to me to keep going on when I was so close to giving up so many times from my dystonia condition and other health problems. I just want to keep giving back to you and supporting you as much as I can for the rest of my life. Only God can do something this wonderful when he brought us into each others life, and all the other great people he continues to bring into your life.

More great pictures. You and that hat is priceless. I will have to call you the Hercules hat man.

I hope Joel feels better. I know way to well what Joel is feeling like from the many bad days I do not feel well. I was feeling pretty well today, and had a wonderful day outdoors at my 1st Spring Training baseball game here on a beautiful, sunny, pleasant day here in Lakeland. The Detroit Tigers beat up on a bunch of mostly minor league players that the New York Mets brought to town. I had a great conversation with the guy next to me from St Pete. He is originally from New York and a Mets fan all the way. We were right next to the Mets dugout, and he got the manager of the Mets attention and started yelling telling him to get rid of the catcher who played terrible and made an awful error that gave up runs. It was so funny. I was laughing, the people around us were laughing, and the manager of the Mets, Manuel, was laughing too. I think everybody nearby in the park heard this because I noticed people from all over the park looking over. A priceless moment.

It seemed liked you loved Syndey, and I am sure you will love Melbourne too. I am super excited about you next meet on Thursday. I know that you will build on the things you need to work on from this race, and execute them even better in this next race. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about your next race. The excitement of your outdoor season is going to be so incredible for me this year. I can not wait to see you perform on the outdoor track live in person. That will be so incredibly awesome.

Also, please tell Xavier that I am proud of him for doing well today, and I know that he will continue to get better as his outdoor season goes on. I am really pulling for Xavier, and I hope to meet him someday. You all are part of Coach E's Team. Of course, David, you will always be the King of my team for sure. That is the bottom line because me and the baseball Coach E said so!!!!


ashanti said...

GON' HEAD BOY! lol good job D.O. you look very southern in the hat. good look on you though. SIKE, I LIKED! =|

magic1luv said...

Congrats on the win David! Like I've said before, you're the best and soon the EVERYONE will know it. Keep up the great work, and know that there are a lot of people praying for you. God Bless:~)

P.S. Go Magic, Go Gators!!!!!!!!