Friday, February 6, 2009

Sparkassen Cup- Stuttgart

So, I'm back in Stuttgart, the city where I shut down the Mercedes Benz Stadium last season with the last win ever on that historic track.

This year will be the first time I have ever competed in Stuttgart indoors. But before competition starts tomorrow, I took part in the "Kids Day" the meeting director put on.
The kids were great and super excited to see us. I took a small group and had them go through a little bit of my warm-up and some of my hurdle drills.
You know it was a massive amount of autographs to sign, but I sign them all for the kids. Most of the time they don't know who you are but they see their friends asking you, so they want one too. I enjoy the kids, they genuinely are happy that you are there.

After passing out awards to the kids, I linked up with Joel for a quick training session that went pretty decent.

My pre-meet is never a good indicator of how I'm going to perform for some odd reason. Sometimes on days when it's not so good, I run fast in the meet, days when I'm hitting it well, I don't do too well.

We have two races here as well. This will be a new set of circumstances for me, I'm in the second heat of the hurdles, I will get done running, head over for the "Presentation of the Stars", then get ready for the final which is about 30 minutes after the prelim round.

Robles was suppose to run here, but in his absence, there will still be a high quality field. Yvgeniy Borisov, (Russia) has the fastest PR in the field at 7.44, he is the World Indoor Bronze Medalist. Greg Sedoc, the national record holder from the Netherlands (7.56), Alan Scott and Andy Turner from Great Britian, Joel and myself. Should be a good one.


ejheat said...

I am super excited about your meet today, David. You shut down the outdoor stadium in your oh so cool D.O. victorious style, and it is time to grace that indoor Stuttgart arena with your D.O. indoor hurdler styling and profiling to victory. Let's DO DO DO DO It!!!!
It sounds like those kids had so much fun with you. I am sure they will remember this moment with you for the rest of their lives and love having your awesome autograph, too. I can tell how much you enjoy being around and teaching kids. This is just so awesome. As a 37 and 11 month year old kid, I am ready to hear the German song Topnothcher again. I told you before that this song is sung by the women and girls of all ages at our German family reunions, and I love it. Remember, my favorite parts are the OOM-PA-PA and the ass kicker...LOL. I am ready for you, King David, to be the ass kicker in this meet today, and that is the bottom line because Coach E said so!!!! I really love how you call me E so I thought I would throw some E action at you, D, today, and get you fired up David. So, go out there and have some fun today OOM-PA-PA EJHEAT Style.
Speaking of music, the Drumline Live Show at the Lakeland Center on Thursday evening was so awesome. I told you music is my #1 passion. Those young men and women did a great job. I did not want the show to end. I got very emotional during the show because I can no longer play my clarinet and saxophone because of my dystonia condition. I am so glad and thankful that I can listen to other people play music on all these beautiful instruments. It was great at the end of the show how the drumline band and dancers had all of us audience members follow them out to the lobby and congregate together with all ages races, and religions. What a beautiful emotional moment that brought tears to my eyes. I just love moments like these. This is what life is really about. I made sure that I took the time to shake hands and meet as many band players as possible after the show, and tell them how great of a job they did. Watching their smiling faces when I told them how great they did was just so awesome. Like I always say, you never know the positive impact you might have on another persons life. I had a nice chat with the Drum Major,too. He and all the young men and women were so polite and respectful to me. Oh, how much I miss playing my instruments and being a part of a band or orchestra. I love music, music, music. This dystonia condition has taken away so much physically from me, but it will NEVER take away anything from my heart and soul and the love I have for all the people I care about in this world!!!! God loves you, David, and so do I!!!! By the way, I loved all the pictures and you look good in your pre-meet practice black attire, and that is the bottom line because Coach E said so!!!!


LaLa said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. You do a great job with kids.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
GOD loves those who take care of his kids. You make a difference in
everyones life that you touch. Giving back and taking time with kids is always a good thing.
Aunt Celest