Saturday, February 7, 2009

Champion of Stuttgart Again!

Tonight was clearly one of the toughest races I've ever had to run. At the end of the day, it was my name at the top of the list at 7.45 seconds, beating Borisov from Russian by a few thousands of a second. He also ran 7.45. This establishes a new personal best for me, bettering my 7.47 from last season. Joel came home in third with a new personal best for him as well in 7.48. 4700 Continues to hold it down.

In the prelim race, after three restarts of the race, I won my heat in 7.51. I executed my start very well, although I had a slower reaction time in the prelim compared to the final (.160 to .119), I was efficient in fully extending through my hip flexor on my front leg, maximizing the forces I would put in to the ground in my seven step approach. In the final, although it was a faster time, I basically stepped out of the blocks and didn't maximize the blocks for what they are there for.

That's a lesson to all of you who want to get caught up in the numbers of reaction times. It's basically only a gauge to see who released pressure from the block the fastest, there is no measurable for who actually WAS the most efficient out of the blocks. We have a saying "You try to steal hundreths of a second at the start, you will give back tenths at the finish."

Any way the prelim went according to plan, I had the fastest time and it was also the second fastest time I had ever run to that point. Here's where the fun started. After my prelim, I was hurried back to the dressing room so that I could prepar myself for the "Parade of Stars". Keep in mind I only had 30 minutes between prelim and final. After that finished up, I had to undress, jog underneath the arena, re-check in, throw on my spikes and head to the start line. No time to take another start or get a blowout in, just set the blocks.

I like doing those type of "Parade of the Stars" deals. I remember when I was basically just a lane filler for the meets, now people come to see me and the meeting directors want you to be seen.

Anyway, the final went off, and I saw my usual position at the first hurdle, LAST. I picked up Andy Turner at touch down off of two, but Borisov was ghost. I know he is a great indoor runner, his personal best is 7.44. I picked up everybody else aside from him inbetween hurdles three and four and nipped him in the rundown. Brooks preaches to us that you have to dominate that rundown off of ten (five indoors), that's what I did and I was able to get a hard earned victory, a new personal best and the World Lead again.

I was named Male Athlete of the Meeting, I won a cool trophy (pic above). I'm happy for the win, but even more happy to be heading back to Orlando tomorrow. This was a very successful indoor campiagn. I think I have my start figured out a little more but I have lots of work to do when I get back home.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREN!! Couldn't get that WR, but the win and a new PB is fine I know.

Me and the Berlin World Championship 2009 mascot. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to pick up the win there too.


Illumiscape Productions said...

Congrat's on the new personal best David!! Sounds like things are going extremely well for you, Joel and Aub - I hope for more great things for you all and good luck with training when you get back to Orlando!!

ejheat said...

Congrats on winning the championship on that indoor Stuttgart Track. I am so incredibly proud of you, David. Your mom must be so proud of you, and you did it for your mom on her birthday, and got your personal best time and are the new World Leader,again. I guess Coach E really did get you fired up today to be the ass kicker on that indoor Stuttgart Track over those hurdles. OOM-PA-PA!!!! Also, congrats to Joel,too. Team 4700 is really becoming an ass kicker team. OOM-PA-PA!!!!

All of your reaction time info was really interesting. Another reason that you are a champion is because you understand every aspect you need to make yourself the best hurdler you can be. I bet your great lean at the finish line helped you win as well. Every little detail that you take the time to practice and execute properly, David, is what makes you a champion over your competitors. I do have to say that I was about ready to get out all my Penn State physics books. Then I remembered how much I hated physics class in college and threw all those books in the garbage can or somewhere in garbage bags in my shed. I could tell you some crazy stories about all these physics classes and my physics professors.

You are the man on the "Parade of Stars." David, you are the one everybody should be watching because you are one of the best hurdlers in the world. You have worked so hard to get to where you are today and I believe that you will eventually be the best hurdler in the world and set new world records, and that is the bottom line because Coach E said so!!!! OOM-PA-PA!!!!

I loved the picture of you and that championship trophy, and the picture of you and the Berlin Mascot. From the music of a Tribute to Queen, instead of "We are The Champions" Coach E says and sings "You are the Champion," My Friend, King David!!!!

Have a safe tip back to Orlando, and the "City Beautiful" will get more beautiful with your return, David, and your championship Stuttgart Indoor Track Trophy, and that is the bottom line because Coach E said so!!!! OOM-PA-PA!!!!


Jackie E. said...

Happy Birthday Bren! Hope you are doing well. I'm sure David's win today makes it even better. I told him that I'm not sure, it's a close call but that he might have been a cuter baby than I was:)
Anyway, have a great day and hope to see you somewhere soon again.

magic1luv said...

CONGRATS David!!!!!! Keep up the great work; God bless:~)

Steve Ballmer said...

... well written people, I enjoy a good, interesting blog!

Aunt Celest said...

Congrat's to you and Joel. What a beautiful gift for your mother. I know she's very proud of you. I love how you break down your race
step-by-step. I think you would make a great coach! Please tell
Aub I said "Hello" and thanks for
keeping us up to date on him too.
Aunt Celest

LaLa said...

It's very apparent that you truly love the sport. It helps us to love it more too.

Carla Ino said...

Congrats on the victory! I'm sure your mother appreciated your accompishment, even if it wasn't exactly what she asked for. :)

QT said...

Now watch me yuuuuaaaaaa! Superman...

Congratulations David, you are an amazing man. The win, the kids, your mom, everything, you should be very proud of your hard work. I'm sure your mom knew she was holding a win-nah in that pic, you can see the happiness and positive spirits in both your smiles, just happy to have each other, a true blessing indeed.

BTW, did you peep the letters behind you in your championship pic? WR1, interesting, maybe that was a tribute to your moms from God :) Or a sign from above for what's to come, maybe the 1 is for 1st place and the WR is for WR of the 2012 Olympics? Hey, like BIG said, Sky's the Limit...coined like the lord up above teaches us, ask and you shall receive. Simple as reason why your time can't be the new BLAZIN number to beat!