Monday, February 9, 2009

D.O.'s Product Review

Beats By Dr. Dre headphones

During my travels these past couple of weeks to Europe, I had a great misfortune of breaking the left earpiece in a pair of Bose headphones I owned. I tried everything to salvage the existing Bose headphones, I practically used up Joel's roll of training tape on the flight over trying to get them in working order. All attempts failed unfortunately.

So I was bound and determined to replace them when I got home. Anyone that really knows me, knows that when I'm bound to get something, I will have it within the day. Needless to say, in the airport at one of those Inmotion stores, I copped a pair. Got them on sale too, so that's a big plus.

I can tell a clear difference in the crispness of the music compared to the Bose. Dr. Dre said they pick up music the way the DJ's intended the music to sound. They both cost relatively the same at full price, but the "Dre Beats" are clearly more fashionable. They just came out so they have a little exclusivity factor that I like.

These definitely get the D.O. Stamp of Approval. Drop your Bose's and pick up some Beats By Dre.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your new headphones. Congrats:) I'm the same way. If I want something I go out and get it ASAP. When my old television quit on me, I went out later that day and bought another one. TV is too important to me! lol

LaLa said...

Since you're a jet setter you use the headphones more than enough. I only use mine at the gym...they look sleek though!

islande said...

First of all, I would like to say congratulation and welcome home. On the other hand, I was wondering do you ever get homesick.

Aunt Celest said...

Sounds like a commercial to me.
I could just see on TV with your
headphones on and that big beautiful smile.
Aunt Celest

shanti804 said...

i googled those headphones(dre) and they're like $400! wow. don't lose those.

andre said...

man im sticking to my sony v900s. the only good thing sony makes and possibly the greatest headphones ever made.

ejheat said...

I have had a bad week, David, and I need a good laugh right now. So, let's laugh together. Can you hear me now? So, I was thinking that maybe with your awesome new Dr. Dre headphones you can hear some OOM-PA-PA beats real clear now. I guess these are some ass kicker headphones. D.O. Topnotcher headphones for sure. That is what I learned in my D.O. school.
Unfortunately, I am not putting any headphones with music to my ear this week. My health condition took a real bad turn for the worse Sunday evening, and was just horrible on Monday and Tuesday. Not only was my dystonia problems and spasms bad, but new bad health issues popped up for me. It has been such a nightmare and very scary for what I have been going through the last few days. My strong faith in God and prayer has been getting me through this extremely difficult time. I now have all the symptoms of meniere's disease but do not know if it is meniere's disease, and I can only hope and pray that it is not anything worse than this, and this is so horrible to live with on top of the dystonia stuff, and just way too much to deal with right now. I just pray I do not have a tumor in my ear to my brain area or anything like that. Not knowing all this stuff and why my body functions so up and down on this crazy roller coaster ride is so frustrating and just plain scary anymore. I am now feeling the best I have felt all week. Could you please say a special prayer for me? You David, and your blog continue to be a lifesaver for me and big time therapy for me to get through all this physical and emotional distress. I feel such a comfort zone everytime I comment on your blog that makes me so thankful to God that you are a part of my life, David. You keep me going my friend. Also, I know that you are soon going to Australia to compete in March I think, and please pray for these people in all these devastating wild fires. One of the ladies on the dystonia board who already has all her dystonia problems to deal with, Vettey, lives near these fires, and she has stated that she is safe. Her husband is a firefighter out there in all this devastation. So, please pray for his safety. He is a true Hero. Also, my mom told me that she is concerned about her Australian pen pal friend(the old fashioned way pen pal with pen and paper) and she does not know until she hears back again from her how close she is to these devastating wild fires. Many people have lossed their lives and many fires were arson. Vettey put a link of the Australian news report for us to see, and I can tell you that it is horrific with people actually burned to death in their cars trying to escape the fires. Complete chaos over there. I am saying very special prayers for all our Australian friends. There are several people with dystonia who live in Australia and post on the dystonia board frequently. The dystonia board is my other lifesaver.
Enjoy your headphones, David, and enjoy that OOM-PA-PA beat by Dr. Dre. That is the bottom line because Coach E said so. Oh yes, I have comments about the track info report that you shared with us. Stay tuned for that. Me and Coach E have some interesting comments about that situation.


James Carter said...

OK D.O. you mean to tell me that these headphones get the stamp and you have them but will not go out and get you an Xbox? LOL Just messing with you man. I been waiting for someone to say if those were worth it or not. Guess I have to get a pair as well.

Dyana said...

$400 for ear phones? Holy cow! So the big look is back in now?