Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aussie Update 2

So, I woke up this morning, and X hit me up asking me if I had seen the paper. I told him no, so he brought me the paper, and your boy was in there, headlining with Tiger Woods' story underneath mine. That's the first and probably the last time I'll be headlining over Tiger! LOL.
The article was just covering some stuff about Beijing and the Olympics. I told them the story of how I ate all my meals at McDonalds after that bout with the food sickness I encountered before competition and they ran with it.

After we ate, Joel, X, our assistant Coach Gary and me took a boat ride over to the Taronga Zoo.
The Sydney skyline from the boat
When we got to the zoo, we took a sky lift up to the entrance, that was pretty hot.
While up in the sky, I caught a quick picture of the elephants down there doing their thing.
We got up close and personal with some kangaroos, they weren't even caged in, they just had free range over their little area, Joel was pretty worried about that.
We caught some Kimono Dragon action too
I don't think I want any trouble with a baby giraffe, they come out the womb towering over your boy!
I don't think I was suppose to be touching the animals, but I couldn't help myself, at least there wasn't an incident.
We saw a whole lot of stuff, Tazmanian Devils, Lions, Tigers, Anacondas, Australia's biggest Python etc, but we had to get back for a lunch/press conference with the Australian Athletics Association.

The lunch was great, they honored the Aussie Olympians and Steven Hooker had a pretty inspirational speech about his journey to the Olympic Gold Medal.

Of course we had to hit a workout today too. I've been so tired at this time of the evening, my body hasn't gotten adjusted yet. Last night Joel said he was asking me if I was going to roll with him to grab some dinner and I was responding "In a minute". I don't even remember that at all! He said I even attempted to stand up, but I just laid back down on the edge of the bed with half my body off the bed! Somebody must have slipped something in my protein shake. I was out of it big time!

I better get it together because we race around this time Saturday night, so I don't need to be falling asleep in the blocks. I keep trying to get Maury to push the race up to about 11am, but I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm sure I will be alright.............I hope


Coach said...

Those pics are really great David. Thank you for sharing them.

ashanti said...

AHHH YOU GOT TO SEE THE ANIMALS! okay, i'm a lil nerdy, but that's okay. mickey d's though? not everyday...

you make me want to go to sydney now.

tme301 said...

That's whassup. Looks like you are having a good time. I would have freaked out over those kangaroos roaming free. I guess you're in their country. They like whateva!!! Deal wit it :) .

LaLa said...

Aren't you glad they used that pic!! Cuz I am. LOL

Glad you're having fun D!

QT said...

Ok, so some of us have heart conditions, you can't be posting pics like that!

Dem manimals (how I used to pronounce animals as a kid) are ka-yoot...I feel you on touching them, I would have too. Especially if I knew I could run as fast as you can, LOL!

So where haven't you been? LATAM or Africa maybe??

I'll pray for you not to be a narcaleptic on race day!

ejheat said...

All of your pictures are awesome again as usual. It is really cool that you were the headline story. A whole in 1 for King David. I think Tiger Woods can be below you in this paper for 1 day. Even though Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world and the most popular and well known man in sports, he is human too, and has bad days on the golf course. He lossed on Thursday and had a bad day on the golf course. Even Tiger has to get back in game shape after surgery and rehabbing from his injury. Now back to your article. I actually wish I had a magnifyne glass to read the article on here. I would love to have a copy of this article from this newspaper. Your are the man. Ii is amazing that you can eat at McDonalds and have 6 pack abs like yours, David. I guess you ordered meal #6, the Big Mac 6 pack abs fun meal. Your 205 lbs. of solid muscle and no body fat is simply amazing considering you said that you really have not done much serious weight lifting so far this year. Absolutely incredible. Tiger Woods might be in good shape, but I doubt he has 6 pack abs as well defined as you, David. I just wish for 1 day I could have 6 pack abs like that. I guess I will have to order meal #6 at McDonalds. My energy level was so low on Thursday, I had a hard time lifting a glass of water. It certainly was not 1 of my better days. My crazy physical and emotional roller coaster ride continues as usual. Hopefully, I will have more energy today, and I guess I could use 1 of your protein shakes. That is so funny how you just tapped out with half your body on your bed and half your body off the bed. I love when you tell stories like this... LOL. Since you are the world track traveler with 6 pack abs of steel, David, your new nickname should be Mr. Universe.

It looked like you had fun at the zoo. You and the baby giraffe picture is so awesome. I love the elephants. Watch out for those kangaroos. Hop, hop, hop. I would like to see 1 of those kangaroos hurdle on the track. Joel would just love this track meet. You are a smart man petting the tame animals and not putting your hands on the lions, tigers, snakes, and dragons.

By the way, I guess you got my e-mail address. Please e-mail me something because my mom tried to forward an e-mail to me and it would not go through for some crazy mystery reason. I just want to make sure I get any e-mail that you might send me. Since you lift my spirits so much when I need it the most, I would love to get any e-mail from you at anytime. Thanks.
I looking forward to the race on Saturday. I am sure you will be wide awake, but if necessary I got some toothpicks for you if you need to keep your eyes open...LOL.
That is the bottom line because me and the funny Coach E said so!!!!


Tia said...

Life is good. I love the newspaper!