Thursday, February 19, 2009


After nearly 24 hours of travel from point A to point B, a trip that should have taken no more than 12 hours, I finally made it to the UK. Of course without my luggage. Hopefully I will have some action on the bags in the morning. The rest of my day will consist of a massage, eat, put on the Slingbox and tap out hard! I'm exhausted and my ankles are pretty swollen, all you heavy travelers out there know what I mean. I will update with some info on the meet tomorrow.


ejheat said...

I am so glad that you got to the UK safe. Hopefully, you will end up with all your luggage soon. Get some rest and get your body right with your massage, and your ankles better for your next race. I could use a massage today, I woke up and my back was stiff as a board. I got my massager equipment out for all my body aches and pains. I could not live without them. I look forward to your info on your next race. Coach E say that you need to keep your awesome momentum going from your championship and PB time in Stuttgart. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! I hope you enjoyed and got a good laugh from my bus stories. This is the bottom line because me and Coach E said so!!!!


Coach D said...

Hopefully you packed your uni and spikes on your back. You can buy new clothes, but I do not think you can give me that 7.40 in the new Jordans

Taraneh Christine said...

Yeahhhhhhhhh glad to hear you made it!!!
Good luck with the luggage :)