Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Malmo Pre-Meet

I go off tonight at 9:05pm (3:05pm eastern) in the first round of the hurdles. We have two rounds here which is what I really like. There's only 40 minutes between the qualifying and final rounds, which is also perfect.

I haven't been up to much out here in Malmo, I had a press conference yesterday with Blanka Vlasic and Christian Cantwell, never had I ever been the smallest person in a setting, whether it's a press conference, medal stand, etc. Blanka is over 6'5'' and Cantwell is 6'5'' and 300 plus pounds.

Hopefully we can pull off another 4700 sweep here too. I'm shooting for a new personal best, we will see what happens.


ejheat said...

I am thinking about you, David, while I type this you are in between rounds 1 and 2 of your hurdles. I know you want to get your personal best time and try to get back ahead of Terrence. I am proud of you no matter what time you get today and I know you are doing your best. It is only a matter of time before you get that world leader time back on your side, David. I really thought it was awesome how happy you were to see Terrence come back from his injury and take over your world leader time. Your incredible sportsmanship, David, is just another reason why you are so awesome. I know how competitve you are David, and I know that you will use Terrence's amazing time to motivate you to be the best you can be and hopefully regain the fastest world time over those hurdles in 2009.
By the way, I am really interested to see how Joel does too, now that he is a year older. Tell Joel I said happy belated birthday and I hope he enjoyed spending his birthday in the Sweden snow. Hopefully, team 4700 will get the Sweden sweep, again. I am certainly looking forward to here about your results and I am with you, David, in spirit on that track today as I look at those beautiful pictures of us together!!!! As I finish typing this post you are in the finals race right now being the man, King David!!!!


LaLa said...

What's the food like?