Sunday, February 1, 2009

Championship Sunday

I've got my Slingbox going in high gear today. So far this morning I've been glued to the computer screen watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal going head to head in the Australian Open Final. The matchup between these two men always makes for classic television. I don't even watch tennis all that often, but anytime two greats go head to head, regardless of sport, I have to watch. I believe in order to become great, you have to watch how those who are already great operate. At the Olympic Games, I had the chance to meet Nadal and the way he carries himself it's no surprise that he his at the pinnacle of his sport right now.

I'm calling Nadal in a five set thriller.
Of course the biggest sporting event in our culture is taking over the screen later on this evening (12.30am out here). I have never missed watching a Superbowl since the first one I can remember watching, the Broncos-Giants matchup in '87. I am pretty sure I will not make it to the end of this one, thanks for Slingbox again because I will just record it and watch it Monday at some point and time.

I'm hoping for the Steelers to win the game, I have a couple of friends on the team, plus they have a black head coach, so it will be nice to see them win. I don't know personally know anyone on the Cardinals, but Harold coached one of the guys in high school, so I'm sure he's pulling for him.

I'm calling Steelers 31-21.


Coach said...

Mike Tomlin is too cool! Pitt all the way!

David, thank you for the hurdle pics. You have some really nice legs:)

QT said...

Amazing way to end the season, hats off to the Steelers, they played a great game and the coach led a great team to victory...Go Big Mike Tomlin! You know Barack called him right after the game, now THAT'S what's up!

Shout out to AZ, they played their hearts out, but someone has to win!!! Fitzgerald tried, but 1 incredible player on the offensive, a sometime-ee good defense and a couple well thrown bullets can't win the game!

Congrats David for adding to all the early excitement in 2009. New Year's kicked off with a bang, Barack is fixing Dick Cheney's mess and running the show, you're leaving a blaze behind you and now Big Mike brought it home...what's next in two thousand SHINE!!! I love it, this year is INCREDIBLY BLESSED already!

ejheat said...

Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl Champions!!!! I was in disbelief right when they won the game and very emotional for a variety of reasons. So many memories from my life revolving around the Steelers just hit me all at once and I started to cry. I was here at my house watching the game by myself. I like watching the games by myself. Although, I was hoping my best friend, Brian, and I could enjoy the Super Bowl festivites and game together. I have been friends with Brian since our church youth group days on the North Side of Pittsburgh near the shadows of Three Rivers Stadium when the Steelers and Pirates played there and many other memorable events occurred in that cookie cutter stadium that I have been at in that stadium with my family and friends. Ironically, in 1985, When I was a freshmen in the North Hills Band, we did the halftime show of our Sousa March show and pre-game show and the Steelers were playing the then St. Louis Cardinals. Oh yeah, the Steelers won the game on a cool, rainy and damp day at Three Rivers Stadium.
I know when I go to the Tribute to Queen concert in April at The Lakeland Center that this Steeler Championship will really hit me when I hear the song "We Are The Champions". I am going to see the Drumline show on Thursday. Music is my #1 passion.
I did watch some of the tennis match before I fell asleep. What a great matchup. It is great to here that Nadal handles himself in such a professional and great manner and does things the right way on and off the court. David, many pro athletes could learn a lot from you on how to handle themselves in a professional manner,treat the fans and people so incredibly nice, and just do things the right way on and off the court. You were just amazing how great you were to me in Gainseville. I was at celebrity basketball games on Friday and Saturday nights and everybody that I came into contact with on those nights was nice to me except for one individual who happened to be the guest ref in the Friday night basketball game and is a current player for the Steelers. I know you said you had a couple of friends on the Steelers. I hope this Steeler is not one of the guys you know. I know you hang out and surround yourself with good people that treats all people with respect so I can't imagine this is one of Steelers you know. I am going to contact the Steelers organization about this player because he treated me like a piece of garbage and was so disrespectful to me. He just wanted to blow me off like I was a nobody. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior representing the Steelers. This Steeler player needs to get his attitude in gear because his attitude stinks. We got into a bit of a confrontation. I was so upset at the way he repesents the Steeler organization
and the way I was treated at that moment that I wanted to throw all my Steeler stuff that I had on at the time in the garbage can. I did decide that I would not let one bad apple ruin it for the rest of the team. I will reveal this Steelers player name after I get feedback from the Steelers and get this situation resolved because I want an apology from this player and I am a very forgiving person. So, all I want is an apology from this person and for this person to change his ways and treat all people with respect and do things the right way on and off the field. He is a very talented young player on defense for the Steelers. It is very sad how some of these young pro athletes let success go to their head and get big egos and start treating people with disrespect.
All these pro athletes need to conduct themselves like you, David, on and off the court. I know that you, David, conduct yourself with class,dignity, and honor. I was so impressed with how great you treated me with so much respect in Gainesville and I would do anything for you my awesome special friend,David, and you are my #1 pro athlete on and off the field King David!!!!