Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birmingham Recap

Well things didn't go very well today in my last indoor race of the season. I got fourth place in 7.57, behind Faulk 7.54, Payne 7.55 and Joel 7.56. I started bad, hit hurdles three, four and five. That a recipe for getting beat and that's what happened. Fourth place is the worst finish I've had since my last indoor race last season, but we all know what happened outdoors (which is the only season that counts anyway).

This indoor was still a success for what we set out to accomplish. I set a new personal best, shaving two-hundredths off my time from last year, I still have the World lead with only a couple more races around the world to go and my start is getting progressively better, not where I want it exactly, but not as uncomfortable as it started out.

I will give my indoor season a grade of A+. We didn't set out and train for indoors in any capacity and to attain what I have this season is great, indoors was a success.

I've already shaken this off, enough with this pre-season running, now off to the big boy season.


ejheat said...

I am so proud of you on a very successful indoor season. You know how loyal I am to you no matter whether you run a good race or a bad race. Your indoor season has been a emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Sounds a lot like my everyday life. It just makes us stronger people. Having a personal best time in Stuttgart, and still the World lead time is awesome. I can tell you this, Stuttgart, Germany is your Topnotcher place to race. That deserves a big OOM-PA-PA. Like you said, you got so much accomplished, and working on your start to get it better was a big goal for you this indoor season.
You can put this pre-season behind you, and get ready for the start of the regular season outside on the beautiful outdoor tracks. Track outdoors to me is so much better than indoors. It is kind of like watching football and baseball outdoors vs. watching football and baseball in domes. The indoor is climate controlled and more comfortable to watch, especially on hot or cold days, but is just so much more of a real feel outdoors in the weather elements. I am so excited about your outdoor season and will be with you every step of the way. It gives me so much to look forward to, and when I am having a tough and bad day I can think about your next race and that can help pick my spirits up and feel so much better. Once again, God Bless You, David, and thank you for this blog. This continues to be a lifesaver and therapy for me, and such a comfort zone I need to keep me going when I just do not want to keep going on all of my bad days. Your impact on my life continues to amaze me, and certainly is a big reason why I do not give up. There is always hope. A woman on the dystonia board asked "why me" for having dystonia. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and God knows best and why. I can tell you this David, I would not be living where I am today, and would not have some of the most wonderful people in my life if I did not have this dystonia condition. I probably would be living somewhere else if I was completely healthy and who knows what people would be in my life. It just goes to show that even from horrible and bad situations that good and great things can happen in and to our lives.
I have the radio on and I told you how I love music, and as I am typing this right now a song that reminds me of you is playing. Absolutely incredible. God is good. I can name this tune in 1 note. By the way, the song is "It's My Life" by Talk Talk. I told you everything happens for a reason, even music on the radio as I type. I love that song by the way. Maybe, my new theme song for you. Well, that's all of my talk talk as I finish to type type. As always, I look foward to your next blog post and thanks for being a friend. Like another song says, "That's What Friends Are For."
This is the bottom line because me and the singing Coach E said so!!!!


LaLa said...

I'm glad you have a positive outlook on the race. We all know you've got mad talent, all these experiences build you up for the "big boy season" as you put it.

Kieran said...

Congratulations on your indoor season David! (may I call you that sir? My name is Kieran Moolchan, I'm a twenty year old hurdler from Canada, by the way)

I'm glad you were able to pull out a good indoor season even though you weren't really trying for it. The 'big boys season' races are always more prestigious, but the indoor races are always fast and fun. Sometimes I finish a 60m hurdle race I don't even realize I ran it!

Your blog and the stories of all the places you see, and the things you do, help inspire me to be a better athlete. Maybe in a couple of years, I'll have the honour of getting destroyed by you in a race haha!

Enjoy your week of weights and rest.

- Kieran

Taraneh Christine said...


I went out for a long run today and wanted to DIE...DIE! It was cold, my body was hurting and all I kept thinking was I need my warm bed and this sucks royally!!!! We all have our bad days... it's expected.
You have talent my man so stay positive and keep your head high :)


Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

I just love how you put a positive
spin on everything. I can't wait until outdoor season starts.
Aunt Celest

QT said...

How deep would that be if you did this on purpose so that others could have a moment in the spotlight?

If you feel me on that comment, read "The Servant: The True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter". Hard to find in a bookstore, suggest ordering online.

God is likely smiling upon you for being humble and realizing that what you've achieved so far is off the richter and that your success will continue to grow with or without this win...a true leader always gives a hand out...consider this your good deed for the day ;)