Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Harold

Big birthday shout out to Harold, my moms husband, not to mention one of the most solid individuals I know. I always appreciate someone who takes care of business.

Boy Bren has her hands full with all of the Taurus men in her world! Her sons, husband and grandchild. Talk about needing to have some patience.


Aunt Celest said...

Happy Birthday to Harold. He appears to be a nice person also. You always speak so fondly of him and that says alot. What a nice family your mother has. My GOD continue to bless her and your entire family.

QT said...

May is a good month according to the rhyme, it brings flowers...

Happy Birthday Harold!

Guess what?! Yet another two-fer celebration...the Lakers won again Baby!!!!

I like your family bdays/lakers winning thing you got goin, can we keep it pushin through the Laker/Nugget showdown? We need a few more bdays to pop off; one on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday so we can hurry up and get back home and rest before we make Superman take a Dirt Nap...just a lil friendly smack talkin' since we handled the bidness tonight!

Reality said...


Another Taurus? Tell Harold Happy Birthday and he shares my daughter's date! Your Mother's world has to be wonderful with all those sincere and caring people in it.

I'm curious to know Bren's birthdate now? I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait until you post Bren's special day . . .

P.S. Continue to handle your business.

Your fan,
Reality from the ATL:-)