Saturday, September 11, 2010


In the part of the world I am in currently, it means finished.

That's exactly the word to describe my 2010 track season and man it was a hell of a good one!

Out here in Annecy, France, a city not too far from the French Alps, the curtain came down and I went out with another win in 13.11 seconds at the sixth edition of the DecaNation meet. The French guy who finished second at the European Champs finished second in 13.65.

I love this competition, in 2005, it was the first time I got to put on the USA national team colors and represent us in a minor competition. I ended up second to the World Champion at the time, Ladji Doucore from France.

I don't think people understand the feeling you get when you put on a jersey and it has "USA" across the front. I still get the same feeling now, after being on several USA teams, as I did that first time in 2005.

I took this competition very seriously. It's always a meet such as this that you can end up taking a loss or taking the competition lightly and you give your competitors just an inch of hope. I believe that's what happened back in '05. It was my first year on the professional circuit and in the DecaNation competition, I finished just four hundredths of a second behind the world champ, might not have meant much to him, but it meant the world to me.

My race wasn't the best, as I made a few more mistakes than normal, but I was very happy with my performance. I know very well that I don't have to run all out every time to win, but it is very helpful in my development for the future. In '08 I was closing out the season running low to mid 13.20s, but now I'm over a tenth better in '10.

This whole trip was made even better because my family came out with me. Being in Paris with them for three days before coming out here was so cool. Walking the Champs Elleyse, visiting the Arc de Triumph, eating on the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Mona Lisa and the Louvre, it was great! They also got to experience traveling and eating in Europe and my mom gives us major props for being able to last out here for all these months we're over here because the food from the meet was not good at all. I really don't think these European athletes understand how good they have it on the circuit in certain regards.

It's a bitter sweet ending. I love to compete so much and now there are no more competitions, I'm battling a slight bout of depression about that. Now I have to wait for months to compete again. Worse than that, I'll have to train for months with no end in sight once my break is over. It's sweet because I need to take a break, I was running about once a week, so that's not very much, but with the quality of the races I ran, it's time for it to end.

I toed the line to run 19 110m hurdle races (including rounds) and my name came on top of every single race, every single time. Finishing undefeated for a season in this event is big. Never clipped a hurdle and fell or clip a hurdle and knock myself out of a race (which we see often) or false start or DNF, nothing.

Being undefeated is a great accomplishment in and of itself, I will have to check to see the last hurdler to do that, I believe Allen did it in maybe 1996, but I am not sure. I definitely know Colin Jackson did it for a long period of time, 32 races before Allen ended it in 1995. Needless to say, it's been a very long time since we've seen a feat like this.

I will now go back to the house and post up and kick my feet up and probably spend a lot of time sleeping!!

I appreciate you guys going on this ride thru the season with me, checking out the blog and stuff, I really appreciated every last comment I got. But trust, I update this thing year round, so stay tuned


Kimmy said...

Congratulations On Everything You've Accomplished This Season! Go home with a big smile on your face & get some rest because you deserve it. Just think about how you don't have to watch SlingBox anymore 4 awhile because your home in front of your own TV.LOL :)

Terica said...

Yes congratulations!! I’ve been following you since your win in Beijing. Thank you for allowing me and your fans into your life! You seem like a self-effacing person and I admire your distinguished appreciation for not only the sport, but for your success. I’m impressed! Happy sleeping!!!

Aunt Celest said...

Congratulations on a great year. Thanks for a heck of a year. You did great, so go home and get some rest. Thanks for the ride. Don't leave us hanging blog something and now and them until your season starts again.

Caiying (from SH)Kathy said...

Dear D.O.



Have a good sleeping,and have a good dream!

by the way,would you please bring me two magazines of track and fields you covered when you come to Shanghai next year?OK?

one is for me, the other is for another Shanghai girl.

As to we can not buy the magazines your covered which published from overseas.So we sincerely want to got the magazines.

Thank you very much indeed!

Cai Ying (from SH)Kathy

Anonymous said...

Well done!

An amazing feat to say the least..

Just wanted to add that it's great you post a link to your blog on twitter whenever you've updated it :)

It's a true joy reading it!

Best of luck in -11!

Bernard said...

Congratulations on a GREAT season! Though you have accomplished much this season...., please understand that the "best is yet to come"!There is nothing like wearing the USA jersey....,and the manner that you represent in it has been very admirable. You represent your country, the sport, the event, your coach, family, and school extraordinarily well. I believe that we all enjoy the ride you give us throughout your season with the blog. Much success in your athletic endeavors, and even more success in the things you do with the platform your success affords you.
Give Bren, and your stepfather my regards. Was the meal in the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower really good....,wanted to know if I should book a meal there on my next trip to Paris.
Hope to see you at Homecoming.


Anonymous said...

Could you pick up some chocolate for me?


Anonymous said...

Good job David! Godspeed to your 2011 season.

Was Liu Xiang undefeated during his prime years (2006 to 2007)? I'd have to do my research too.

Ty said...

Its been fun getting to know the track world by keeping up w/ U D.O. Cant wait till next season!! Njoy the break ;)

Wendi said...

What A Year!! David you have so much to be proud of and we are so very proud of you!! It is so wonderful to see an athlete who is as talented as you and at the same time a truly nice person. Mamma did a good job!!(LOL) Try to enjoy your downtime you really need time to rejuvenate yourself and relax your mind, body and spirit.
Best Wishes and GOD Bless, Wendi

Ms.Mia said...

Hey. Have you ever thought about doing U-stream for your fans? I think that would be a good look for you. Especially next season when you travel. Gives your fans a chance to ask you questions, and interact with you. Just a thought.
You dont have to post this. I just sent it here cause I know you will read it.LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats on an amazing season. Don't be down. Without a season of rest you wouldn't recharge for next year when you will be D.O. World Champion!!

(Jo in Eugene, OR)

tim schwippel said...

if liu xiang make a comeback next year or 2012,than he should be on place 1.