Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deborah Shepherd, Our Angel

Charles Shepherd, one of my best friends, my suite-mate throughout college and just an all around great guy is currently mourning the loss of his mother Deborah Shepherd. She had been sick for a while and battled long and hard, my heart hurts.

He is the father of two amazing children and married to a lovely wife who's beautiful inside and out. I can not imagine the suffering that he is going through right now. I can't think of the
pain that I'd be going through if I lost my mother.

Mrs Shepherd took care of us so well back when we were freshmen in Drew Hall. I use to destroy the care packages she would send, talk about going through boxes of Reeses Peanut butter Cups and all kinds of snacks! I was an adopted son of hers, always having Shep forward my requests for the next package.

Although I had talked to her for years, I finally got to meet her at Charles and Robina's wedding in 2005 and she was all that I expected and more.

Today, make sure you hug your mother extra tight and if you can't do that, just place a call, tell them you love them and make sure they understand how much they mean to you! If you may not be on speaking terms with them, it's time for that to end, life is too short. Without them, we have no life.

I will keep the Shepherd family in my prayers.


Aunt Celest said...

What a true friend you are. I will keep the Shepherd family in my prayers. I know what it feels like to lose a love one. I lost my husband and brother in the same year.

soreloser24 said...

Nice words, bro. Nice words.

Anonymous said...

Keeping their family and all those whose life she touched in my prayers.

eda said...



QT said...

couldn't imagine losing my mom heart and prayers goes out to the whole very sad :(

ejheat said...

It is so nice of you, David, to honor your friend's mom this morning in that cancer walk! This makes me very proud of you! Doing wonderful things like this for other people is a big reason why I am so happy to be your biggest fan and special friend!

I will continue to keep your friend, and all the Shepherd family in my prayers!