Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sub13 Speed Camp Video

McLean put his savvy high tech skills to work and made a video recapping the camp I hosted in Denver. He got all the footage he shot, chopped it up and made a finished product. Thanks a lot!!



LaLa said...

Nice job McLean! Kenta has a knack for presentation, he should look into speaking engagements. I hope you have another successful camp in 2010 David!

ejheat said...

Good job McLean putting this great video together! I love when I see good things being done in this world especially for kids! I kept thinking of the song "Jesus Loves All The Little Children Of The World"! It was great watching the kids faces, and how focused they were listening when you and Kenta spoke! I got a kick out of watching you flipping your football in your hands, David, while you were speaking to the kids! You were the quarterback taking charge of your track camp! Your blog father has spoken!!!!

Coach E really liked how McLean started the video off with the Big E picture on the Gynmasium floor! We all know that Coach E is such an angel! Coach E loved the E picture, video, and camp so much that he did backflips in his diaper all night long while flipping and twirling his track baton! It was a "Fiesta" for Coach E all night long! Coach E gets all fired and pumped up over Lionel Ritchie songs. Then Coach E said that Kenta needs the Coach E initiation because Coach E heard that Kenta didn't help scrape the snow and ice off the car windows. Coach E says Kenta must jump over an EJHEAT long rollaway bed! If Kenta doesn't jump over the EJHEAT long rollaway bed, then he gets the Coach E smack on his OOM-PA-PA with half his body on and off the bed courtesy of Coach E and his track baton! Coach E says the future of the David Oliver track camp is only going to get better and better and expressed how happy he was seeing you, David , give back to the community! But, he would love to see you flipping and twirling a track baton instead of a football next year while you speak to the kids. I told Coach E you are my Hercules Hurdling Hero and look like a natural with a football in your hand ready to throw the football at hurdle 1 and catch the football at hurdle 10 when King David crosses the finish line as the gold winner!LOL

These kids will always remember their Hercules Hurdling Hero, David Oliver, from that October day! I'm real proud of you and everyone involved with this fantastic track camp! That is the bottom line because me and angelic Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

Great stuff! M...C...Lean Back "rocked the mic" on this one...cheers to Mr. President/CEO :) too for successfully contributing to the world of future athletes! You could name your parent company "TALENTED, Inc."! Blessings...