Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You've been a loyal reader of the blog for a minute, so as you can imagine, my day to day activities consist of me doing absolutely nothing! Outside of the traveling for the season, I try to do the bare minimum LOL.

Here's a sample day:

Wake up at some time between 10 and 11
Take my morning supplements, hit my protein shake
Watch ESPN First Take, while on the computer
Respond back to emails
Go get my massages or chiropractic depending on the day
Hit practice at 4
Watch more TV and internet
Go to sleep

Typical day, every day, gotta love it!!

Here's a typical day on the road:

Wake up for breakfast depending on the place, some spots it's not even worth trying to make it to breakfast to eat runny eggs.
Watch Slingbox
Go to lunch
Sign autographs for the crowd outside the hotel
Hit the track for practice
Sign autographs for the crowd waiting outside the hotel again
Shower and get a massage
Sit in the lobby and swap lies with people til dinner
Take an ice bath
Watch Slingbox til I go to sleep

Pretty fascinating isn't it...

I don't have much coming up as far as social events. I've got to go to Indianapolis for the USATF convention. I have to do a photoshoot and talk to kids as apart of the Win With Integrity Program. Should be fun! I'll update some pictures and stuff from the events.



LaLa said...

Noooo thank you. LOL @ "Sit in the lobby and swap lies with people til dinner". Had to look up the Slingbox thing...I'm obviously behind with new tech devices.

godamongus said...

God bless you! The Kingdom is coming...

HighLine Image Mgmt said...
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