Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 US Championships On Deck!

This is a competition that I have been looking forward to for quite a while. Many people have asked me why would I be looking forward to running at the US Championships in a year when it's no Olympic or World Championship team to make. The answer is always very easy to for me to answer and it's actually quite simple, I want to be the champion of THE best 110 hurdling country in the world, regardless of what the calendar year is.

I've been the US champion in the biggest of all years, the 2008 Olympic Trials as well as indoor that season with qualification for World Championships on the line. I didn't get the chance to defend my title last year as I was down with a well documented calf injury, so I am going to try to get my title back. I'm just as ready this year as I was in 2008. I'm feeling good, clearly my races leading up to this point have gone well, practice has been going great and more important than anything, I am 100% healthy.

A lot of athletes are choosing to skip out this year due to the perceived "off year" status. I don't subscribe to the "off year" notion at all. I'm a professional athlete, this is my job, so I feel that as long as I'm healthy, I should be celebrating every opportunity I get to compete. This job has afforded myself a great living and the ability to do what I love to do. If athletes are suffering through injuries or setbacks then by all means, sit this one out.

As track and field athletes, we often gripe about the coverage of our sport, so this is an opportunity to get a little TV time on some major networks, so you know I'm all over being in attendance for that!

I'm heading out on Thursday, going up to Des Moines, Iowa. I've never been to the state of Iowa, so it will be a first for me. My family is coming out to the Championship of course, I can't wait to get it going!

Check It Out On TV:
ESPN- June 25 8:00-10:00 pm eastern
ESPN- June 26 1:00-2:30 pm eastern
NBC - June 26 3:00-4:00 pm eastern
ESPN- June 27 1:00-2:30 pm eastern
NBC - June 27 3:00-4:00 pm eastern


M.G.M. said...

Best wishes out there bro!

Anonymous said...

Good luck D.O.!

Cai Ying(from shanghai) said...

my dear david, good luck!

I'm sure, your will be the're the best!

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shanghai Cai Ying,Kathy

LaLa said...

I love reading you blog. You have a good attitude and work ethic. Sending congrats and good thoughts to you D.