Monday, May 21, 2007

adidas Track Classic Recap: Two Thumbs Down!

Not much positive came out of the race in Carson. I ran 13.29 and finished in third place behind the winner Trammell (13.17) and Payne (13.28). I got a terrible start, way worse than normal. I had the slowest reaction time by far out of the field (.196). I made up nice ground towards the end of the race to make it as close as I could. The starter of the race was trash, he was calling us to the set position while the guy on the loud speaker was still announcing the field. I wasn't ready to go because my back foot's block pedal moved and I was trying to re-adjust when he called us to set, plus he should have called the race back when Aries' blocks broke. If you look at all the reaction times from the field, you can obviously tell no one was ready to go. I hope he isn't working USA Championships. But I guess it's on to practice for a good two weeks of workout until I race again on June 2 in New York. Overall the meet was very good, especially with the performances in the 100m men's and women's.