Monday, May 14, 2007

Doha Rundown: Dinner Gala, New PR 13.14, Horrific Travel

The Meet Hotel. This was by far the best hotel I've stayed in. It came complete with two plasma tv's, living area in the room, balcony with a view and a complete marble bathroom.

Thursday: Was doing a lot of sleeping, I didn't getting up until around 1:30pm. Ron, Joel, Andy and myself then headed out to do a few block starts together. We had a Dinner Gala in which everyone dressed in traditional Arab garb (except for Dan Taylor, who couldn't fit in an outfit). It was a pretty good time and the food was great as well.

Friday: Race day! Again got up around 1:30, ate and headed to the track at 4:30pm for our race at 6:30. Woke up feeling pretty good and warm-up went pretty good too. I ended up running a personal best of 13.14, improving on my previous best of 13.20 from last season. I finished second as David Payne went on for the win in a great time of 13.12, improving drastically on his previous pr of 13.31. Terrance Trammell finished third in 13.15, an impressive season opener for him. I won a nice trophy in the process

Saturday: My flight wasn't leaving Doha until well over 24 hours after the meet was over, so I spent the day hanging out on the beach and at the hotel. My flight left at 11:30pm Doha time (3:30 eastern) heading to London Heathrow. We left the hotel at 9pm. It was a cool flight because a few other athletes were on the flight with me as well. I bought a new "exclusive" CK cologne on the British Airways flight, so I have a new scent for the time being.

Sunday: Had a three hour layover between my London and Miami leg, which was suppose to be a 8 1/2 hour flight, but it turned in to a 10 hour flight because the satellite went down and we couldn't fly over the atlantic. Needless to say, that caused me to miss my connection to Orlando in Miami. I finally arrived in my house at 9:00pm (5:00am Monday Doha time), which equals total travel time from doorstep to doorstep= 32 hours. But it was worth it though!


Doha Stadium Backstretch, Darrell Brown and Micheal Frater in the 100, Brown wins in 10.13, Blanca Vlasic reaction after setting a new Croatian HJ record at 2.04