Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Linz Post-Race

Ran 13.40 and got third. It was pouring down rain on us out there, but Robles was able to put together the most impressive performance I've seen. He ran 13.05 in the rain and cold, into a -1.2 wind!! That would have easily been 12.90 something. He passed Allen's performance from Grand Prix Final last season and moved in to the #1 slot on my list. I was two lanes over from him and saw his back going in to the first hurdle. I got out pretty slow, Demyiduk and Wignall were on my left and right, they floored me out of the blocks. I ran a clean race and closed the gap down all the while trying to keep the wood splinters that were being kicked up from the other runners out of my eyes. It was a pretty tough race out there. The top five results were:

1: Robles 13.05
2: Demyiduk 13.32
3: D.O. 13.40
4: Payne 13.51
5: Wignall 13.54

I don't know where I am off to next, but when I know, you'll know.


Dan said...

This is Dan.. I met you at Disney on the track.. I was training for the Chicago marathon.. by the way sorry you didn't make finals... I know what it is like to not trust a leg, I am dealing with that right now... strained calf and shin splints.. Do you know a good orthopeic to see..

David Oliver said...

Hey Dan, sorry for getting back so late, but I don't know of any good orthopedics in the area. I'm sorry to hear that your legs are putting a strain on your training. I hope you will get better soon and thanks for your support, not making it in the finals was pretty rough for me.