Friday, September 7, 2007

Media Take-Out Website "New Couple Alert" + Zurich Update

I was on the internet and I was sent this link:

It's of one of my bestfriends and current "House Of Pain" tv star Lance Gross who seems to now be dating former "Top Model" Eva Pigford. Talk about an upgrade! I gotta call him and catch up, I guess I've been gone from the house for a long time. Way to go homeboy! It's funny because we use to talk about her while she was on the show all the time at Howard. Who knows it may be true it may be not.

Anyway, I'm running at 8:45 tonight. I drew lane 2 which is fine, I won the Berlin Golden League last season out of lane 2, so I just need another repeat performance. The lanes are

1: Andreas Kundert (SUI)
2: D.O.T.K.
3: Anwar Moore (USA)
4: Dayron Robles (CUB)
5: Terrrence Trammell (USA)
6: David Payne (USA)
7: Allen Johnson (USA)
8: Aries Merritt (USA)
9: Ryan Wilson (USA)

Hot race right? What else is new.