Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Post Zurich/ Linz Intersport Gugl-Meeting

Well Zurich didnt go as good as I would have liked it to go. I was doing well until I came off the last hurdle, took my second step and started to stumble from that point thru the finish line. I ran an okay time but Im mainly happy about the fact that I made it thru the race with very few symptoms involving my hamstring. The Weltklasse Zurich meeting was already one of the best meets on the circuit, now with all of the changes they have made, it has elevated to arguably the best.

I have now been in Linz, Austria for a few days now for one of my favorite meets. Its a smaller meet, but the people here treat you like royalty. This meet and Zurich are the two places I have been ever since I turned pro in 2005. The hotel is very nice and the meet is great. We run tonight at 7:45pm, the lane draws areƖ

1: Damian Zlatnar (SLO)
2: Elmar Litnegger (AUT)
3: Dayron Robles (CUB)
4: David Payne (USA)
5: Serghi Demyduk (UKR)
6: D.O.
7: Maurice Wignall (JAM)
8: Ron Bramlett (USA)

This might be the first meet I have been to all season that has had this few Americans in the field. It is raining pretty heavy right now and its pretty cold as well, but I still think it will be a great race.